"So…" Giratina drawled, casually poking the piece of cake in front of her with a plastic fork. "What's going on with you and my brother?"

Mesprit stiffened. Silently continuing to stack the plates on the trolley, ears straining to hear the conversation occurring at the table behind her.

"What do you mean?" Cresselia asked innocently, suddenly very interested in the brownie on her plate.

Giratina rolled her eyes. "I mean you guys have been spending a lot of time together and I want to know what's going on."

"We're just friends." Cresselia replied, hoping that would be the end of it.

And of course it wasn't.

"Yeah right," Giratina snorted. "You have one fight with Darkrai and suddenly you two are on a break and Palkia gets to play rebound. Now spill!"

Cresselia sighed, knowing there was no escape once Giratina set her mind to something. "Okay fine, we may be…more than friends…maybe."

"Go on." Giratina urged, leaning forward slightly.

Cresselia puffed a strand of golden locks from her face. "Well I kind of like him...I mean he's funny, and sweet, and cute…cute like a bunny rabbit."

Ha! Mesprit thought. She had so called it!

"But…" Giratina prompted, and suddenly Mesprit was all ears again.

Cresselia sighed heavily. "But he's no Darkrai."

Mesprit had to stop herself from breaking the plate in her hands. What!

"Aha!" Giratina exclaimed, grinning victoriously. "I knew it! So Palkia is just a way to make Darkrai jealous."

Self-control, Mesprit, self-control. Mesprit mentally repeated to herself as her grip on the plate tightened.

Cresselia groaned and looked down. "I don't mean to, I do care about Palkia just…not as much as I care about Darkrai, but I like Palkia and I want to be with him and yet…I can't stop thinking about Darkrai." She placed her head in her hands. "Oh I'm such a horrible person! You won't tell him will you?"

"Who, Palkia or Darkrai?" Giratina question, leaning back in her seat impassively.

"Both," Cresselia replied. "But mainly Palkia. I don't want to hurt him, like I said I do like him, he's really very nice-"

Giratina cut her off, speaking in a strict tone. "Yes he is very nice, and he's also my brother. If you don't tell him I will."

"Please don't do that Gira!" Cresselia pleaded. "I'll do it; I just need to figure it all out first."

"What's there to figure out?" Giratina remarked harshly. "You're in like with one boy and in love with the other. Best friend or not Palkia is family and I won't have you toying with his heart when we both know yours belongs to someone else. So are you going to tell him?"

Mesprit had to give Giratina credit, she was certainly pretty smart when it came to other people's feelings, and the older girl definitely seemed to have a better idea of what to do about the situation than she currently did.

Cresselia sighed sadly, not meeting her friend's eyes. "I'll tell him, just…just give me some time."

Giratina folded her arms. "Fine. But you better do it soon, the last thing I want to do is pick up the pieces of my emotional brother's broken heart, understand?" Cresselia nodded. "Good." Giratina then broke into a smile and began to chat as if nothing had happened. "So did you hear about Registeel and Regirock? I mean what happened there?"

Cresselia seemed to leap at the change of conversation and Mesprit crept away realising she wasn't going to hear any more on Palkia from them.

She stared silently at a set of purple frosted cupcakes in front of her, deep in thought.

So Cresselia was still in love with Darkrai, and was using Palkia to make him jealous despite still caring about the male Creation.

Should she tell him? Palkia was her friend…but then again it wasn't her place, and besides he probably wouldn't believe her… he was head-over-heels for Cresselia after all…

No. She wouldn't tell him.

Mesprit sighed heavily and was about to go back to work when a voice stopped her.

"Thinking about Palkia?"

Mesprit turned to face her sister. "How did you guess?"

"Your eyes were sparkling in that way they only do when you think about him." Uxie explained and Mesprit blushed, looking away. She didn't know she did that.

Uxie remained indifferent. "Anyway you looked rather downtrodden so I thought I'd see what's wrong." Uxie fixed her with a knowing stare. "You're thinking about him, and her, Cresselia, you're upset because he likes her and not you."

At this Mesprit began to splutter. "WHAT! I don't-…I'm not-…" She found herself incapable of finishing the sentences, too startled to form words. "I'm not upset!"

"Yes you are." Uxie stated. "You're always so optimistic Mesprit, it's obvious when you're feeling unhappy. You end up looking like a kicked puppy."

Mesprit tried to protest but couldn't. Eventually she sighed. "Fine maybe your right, but not about the me being upset because Palkia likes Cresselia and not me thing."

"Oh but I am right." Uxie told her. "I am always right, as you know, and whether you believe it or not you like Palkia."

"No I don't!" Mesprit lied. "At least not as anything more than a friend."

Uxie sighed. "I would have hoped considering all your wisdom concerning emotions that you wouldn't be as foolish as to be in denial."

"I'm not in denial!" Mesprit denied.

Uxie just blinked, then continued. "Look I'm not you; I don't understand all these emotions and feelings like you do, I'm barely capable of experiencing them myself, but I am quite knowledgeable and I can recognise the clear signs of when someone is in love."

"What!" Mesprit exclaimed. "First I like Palkia now I love him! You're crazy!"

"I'm not the one who spat on Cresselia's brownie."

Mesprit blushed. She hadn't realised she'd been seen.

"She deserved it," Mesprit defended, "She's just using Palkia to make Darkrai jealous."

Uxie raised an eyebrow. "Well I don't know how well it's working on Darkrai but you are definitely suffering from an extreme case of envy."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Mesprit remarked. "I am not suffering from any cases of envy."

"Your eyes narrow every time you look at Cresselia." Uxie informed her.

Mesprit looked surprised. "They do?" She quickly glanced at Cresselia and felt her eyes narrow. "Huh? What do you know, you're right!"

"Of course I'm right," Uxie muttered impatiently. "I'm always right, I already told you, and I'm right about this. You are in love with Palkia."

"I think in love is a bit strong." Mesprit told her, trying to make a joke out of it.

Uxie stared back plainly. "Why is this so hard to believe?"

"Because maybe it's not true." Mesprit suggested.

"You're the matchmaker Mesprit, you tell me that you honestly don't think I'm right." Uxie ordered, now becoming strict.

Mesprit sighed and twiddled with a loose strand of magenta hair. "Maybe it holds some truth…maybe some…it's just that…I'm the matchmaker, I've always made matches for other people, never myself."

She struggled to find the right words.

"It's so weird how I can talk about and understand these emotions when the truth is I've never really felt them myself. Never! And now suddenly there's this guy who came to me for my help on a match for him and I think I'm falling for him and it's just so…so confusing!"

She scrunched her eyes shut and flicked away a couple of strands. "I've always understood emotions, always been the one who can unravel the puzzle which is the heart, and suddenly the tables have turned and I can't figure out what I'm feeling!"

"But you already have figured it out." Uxie told her softly. "You figured it out a long time ago you just don't want to admit it because to you it doesn't make sense. You don't think it makes sense for the maker of matches to be matched with someone, it confuses you.

"And the truth is you're a little scared too because it's your first time feeling this way and what you're feeling is so strong and so sudden you want to run and hide from it but really you should be running to it because this is what you've been trying to find all this time whether you realised it or not, don't pass it off because you're a little afraid and little unsure. Trust your heart Mesprit and trust yourself."

Mesprit couldn't help but smile at her sister. "Maybe you should take over the love advice business; you're certainly giving me a run for my money."

Uxie shook her head. "No. I'm the brains, you're the heart. All that was just a slightly altered version of a lot of the things I've heard you say to people in similar situations to you over the years. You've helped so many people Mesprit and you don't even realise it, I figured it was time someone helped you."

Mesprit felt warmth when she heard that, maybe her sister was right, after all she always was.

"So what do I do now?" She asked.

Uxie stared at her firmly. "You admit the truth."

Mesprit looked thoughtful and then she spoke slowly.

"The truth is…I'm in love with Palkia."


"I think I'm in love with Cresselia!"

Mesprit inwardly winced at Palkia's exclamation.

And there's that painful heartbreak she's heard so much about. Ouch. They weren't kidding when they said it hurt.

"Oh…" Mesprit muttered trying to feign enthusiasm and force a smile onto her face. "That's…really great, Palkia…I'm ha-…I'm ha-...happ-…ha-…it's great."

Palkia frowned, a little put off by her clear lack of joy. "Really? You don't seem very happy."

Mesprit felt her smile become even more forced as her lips began to twitch. "No, I am…look I'm smiling."

"Yeah, a fake smile." Palkia accused.

Mesprit dropped her smile and sighed. "Must you be so analytical?"

"Must you be so…so…so not happy for me?" Palkia shot back.

Mesprit rolled her eyes. "Does it really matter if I'm happy for you or not? You're in love with Cresselia whoop-ti-do! Can I go now?"

Palkia's eyes narrowed, both annoyed and disappointed by her response to his confession.

"What is wrong with you?" He demanded a little crossly.

"Nothing is wrong with me!" Mesprit replied, getting defensive. Realising this was getting them no where she sighed. "Look I'm sorry, I am happy for you, I'm just…under a lot of stress…from work…and school, and it's just getting to me." She explained thinking of an excuse.

Palkia gave a long hard stare, mind racing as he analysed her. He knew her better than to simply believe she was stressed. Yes, she did do a lot of stressful things and he could understand why she would be stressed but he knew she could handle it and that she always managed to smile even when she was being weighed down, that was one of the things he liked about her. This was something different, there was something else going on.

"You're lying to me." Palkia stated firmly, crossing his arms. "Tell the truth."

Mesprit groaned. She really couldn't deal with this right now. "Can't you just accept my answer and drop it?"

Palkia shook his head. "No, because something is wrong and I want to know what because I care about you."

Mesprit stared at him hopelessly. "Please don't say things like that."

"Like what? That I care about you?" Palkia snapped.

He stepped closer to her and leant his face in nearer to hers. Mesprit gasped, feeling her heartbeat speed up and took a step back, only to hit the wall.

Palkia continued moving forward, trapping her. "Well I'm sorry Mesprit but I do care about you and I'm going to whether you like it or not."

Mesprit looked around, desperate for an escape. Her heart was doing somersaults and she wasn't sure she'd be able to keep herself under control. Admitting you're in love with someone is hard; stopping yourself from expressing that love is even harder.

"So tell me the truth Mesprit." Palkia pressed. "Tell me what's wrong?"

Mesprit hung her head, refusing to meet his hard gaze. "Nothing is wrong, okay."

Okay now he was getting seriously annoyed.

"You're my best friend Mesprit, why can't you tell me." Palkia queried, starting to beg.

"Because I can't." She told him; avoiding looking at him so he couldn't see the tears that were forming in her eyes.

Palkia sighed and moved away from her, frustrated at her response. Mesprit felt a rush of relief and disappointment as he stepped away.

"Fine then." Palkia muttered. "Fine, don't tell me. I should be meeting with Cresselia soon away."

He turned to leave and Mesprit struggled with herself, not sure whether to let him go or to tell him the truth.

And then her mind filled with a choir of voices.

Everything she'd ever been told about love, everything she had ever said, it was all there racing through her mind.

And there was that one phrase that kept whispering to her…

'Take a chance.'

And so she did.

She practically tackled Palkia and spun him around to face her.

"You want to know the truth!" She yelled breathlessly and then, before he could answer, she kissed him.




There's this thing called magic…

…It's debatable whether it exists or not…

…But for those who believe, you can find it in the tiniest seed which grows into a mighty tree, you can find it in a new-born baby's first laugh when it first comes to life, you can find it in the twinkle of a star or the warmth of the sun...

…and you can find it in a kiss…that type of magic is called love…

…Mesprit and Palkia found that magic.

The warmth, the sparks, it was all there. The butterflies and the tingles, and the oh so need for more.

They kissed and kissed, their lips melting against the others. There was barely a moment for them to catch their breath before their mouths collided once again. Hands were now roaming and Mesprit had tangled hers into Palkia's hair whilst he cupped her cheek with one, the other securely around her waist.

There were no thoughts of the surrounding world, no Cresselia or Lake Café; it was just the two of them…together, like they were meant to be.

And then the spelt broke, and Palkia pulled away.

"This isn't right!" Palkia exclaimed, breaking from her.

"And yet my heart disagrees." Mesprit commented, smiling playfully, but respecting his wishes enough to take a step back.

"I mean it's not fair on Cresselia." Palkia elaborated.

Mesprit scrunched up her nose, miffed at this. "All's fair in love…and war."

She knew she was being bitter but she couldn't help it; she loved this guy and she couldn't have him because it wasn't fair on a girl that wasn't treating him fairly.

"You know it's not right." Palkia said gently.

Mesprit sighed sulkily and looked away. "I know but you can't blame me? I like you and if that kiss is anything to go by I'd say that you like me back."

Palkia blushed, ignoring the sly smile she was giving him. "I do like you but…I care about Cresselia and I don't want to hurt her."

Mesprit stomped her foot in annoyance and then her mouth worked faster than her brain. "But she's only using you to get at Darkrai!"

Palkia froze and Mesprit clasped her hands over her mouth.

"Oh, no, I didn't mean that…" Mesprit exclaimed, trying to backtrack but it was too late, realisation had dawned in Palkia's eyes and he turned way. "Palkia, I'm sorry!"

"I thought…" He began then stopped, he brought a hand to his face. "I'm so stupid! A girl like her could never like a guy like me!"

"But you're not stupid!" Mesprit told him desperately. "You're smart and wonderful and amazing! I shouldn't have said that! It's not true!"

Palkia sighed and fixed her with a look which was so forlorn she felt crying. "But it is isn't it? I know it is. I knew from the start I just fooled myself into believing it wasn't. I'm such an idiot."

"You're not an idiot!" Mesprit yelled. "She is for not seeing how truly amazing you are! And…and I really like you! Please, I'm sorry!"

Palkia turned away. "I need some time to myself…just…just leave me alone."

And with those words he walked off leaving Mesprit staring after him, vision glazed with tears and heart shattered like glass.


He liked Cresselia…

…Cresselia didn't like him.

Mesprit liked him...

…Mesprit really liked him.

Cresselia liked Darkrai…

…Darkrai probably still liked Cresselia.

Mesprit liked him…

…He liked Mesprit.


He liked Cresselia…no he liked Mespirt, no he liked Cresselia! Didn't he?

Urg, he was getting a headache.


Palkia looked up, resurfacing from the sea of thoughts that swam around his head.

Cresselia was rushing towards him. "Palkia!"

Palkia stared at her bewilderedly before snapping back into reality. "Cresselia-" He began but was cut off by her lips pressing against him.

(Okay that was the second time today a girl had tackled him into a kiss, where was all this went he was single?)

Somewhere in the back of his mind he realised that this was probably the first time Cresselia had actually kissed him but right now all he could really think about was Mesprit, and how this kiss could not compare to the one he had shared with her.

When Mesprit had kissed him he had felt fireworks, like he was walking on air; his heart had done backflips and he felt like doing one too. With this kiss he felt…nothing.

He didn't love Cresselia. Heck! He might not even like Cresselia…at least not in that way…not anymore.

But he might love Mesprit…his best friend…the one who laughed at his goofy behaviour and didn't think any less of him because of it, the one who actually saw him as intelligent, the one who thought he was wonderful, the one who thought he was amazing…Mesprit…

He was being kissed by his dream girl and all he could think about was his best friend!

Huh, love really did work in mysterious ways.

Cresselia frowned and pulled back when she realised he wasn't responding. "What's wrong?"

Palkia shook his head and stepped back. "You don't like me…"

"What! Of course I do-" Cresselia denied, shocked by the accusation.

Palkia continued stoically. "…and I don't like you…at least not like that. We're friends but I don't think we're meant to be more."

Cresselia looked puzzled. "What are you talking about? I like you!"

"Yes but you love Darkrai." Palkia stated firmly.

Cresselia's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, then opened it again, and closed it. "I…" She tried, only to be cut off by Palkia.

"Don't lie Cresselia." Palkia ordered, exhausted by the emotional rollercoaster he had been riding for the last hour. "I know in the past I tried to get in the way of you guys, and that was wrong, and I was being selfish. But I realise now that despite your differences, and despite your arguments you still love each other, whether you are willing to admit it or not. And I'm not going to come between a love like that."

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I really did like you Cresselia, and I think you might have felt the same way but the truth is you love Darkrai, and I'm not going to be a tool for you to use in order to make him jealous." Cresselia looked down guiltily but Palkia just continued. "Maybe in another life we could have been something, but in this life we belong with different people. I'm sorry, but it's over…if there was really anything in the first place. Darkrai is the one for you, not me."

Cresselia stared at him in awe, completely blown away by the maturity of his words. She knew now that she had been wrong about him and suddenly she felt like she was the child and he the adult.

"Palkia…I'm sorry…" Cresselia said and Palkia could see she was being sincere. "I do really care about you but…"

"I know," Palkia interrupted with a soft smile. "But you love Darkrai, I understand and it's okay. So friends?"

Cresselia smiled weakly, happy that he wasn't mad at her and nodded. "Friends." She agreed.

And then they hugged, as a way of expressing how much they cared about the other, like good friends do.

They broke apart and Palkia looked to Cresselia. "You should probably find Darkrai and make up; you guys really are good together."

Cresselia nodded and smiled. "Yes, I will. And what about you?"

Palkia grinned his childish grin and Cresselia felt relieved at seeing it. It meant he was going to be alright.

"Well first I think I'm going to take a nap, all this emotion has tired me out." He told her, eyes alight with amusement. "But then there's a certain magenta haired waitress I need to have a word with."

At first Cresselia eyebrows furrowed in confusion but then she realised what he was implying and a sly smile spread across her lips.

Oh, he was definitely going to be alright.


"Holy Fairy Cakes! Is that Cresselia and Darkrai on a date!"

Mesprit spat out her strawberry milkshake all over Mew upon hearing her shout.

A now dripping Mew stared at the spluttering girl with an unamused expression.

"What!" Mesprit cried, looking over to booth Mew had been staring at. Low and behold there was Cresselia sitting opposite Darkrai, the two of them holding hands over the table. Mesprit rubbed her eyes in disbelief. "When did that happen!"

Mew shrugged as she wiped her face dry with a tea towel. "Why don't you go over there and ask them."

"That is exactly what I shall do." Mesprit remarked, storming over to the couple's table. "What the biscuit is going on here!"

The happy couple looked up at Mesprit in surprise.

"I believe it's called a date." Darkrai deadpanned.

Mesprit just stared at them incredulously. She pointed at them, moving her finger back and forth. "But you-…and he-…and break-…and PALKIA!"

Cresselia smiled softly at the younger girl's confusion. "Palkia and I decided to be friends, we both realised there was someone we loved more."

As she said this she sent Darkrai a loving look who simply rolled his eyes and looked away in response, but he did squeeze her hand all the same.

"Wha-?" Mesprit still didn't understand.

Palkia and Cresselia broke up? (If they were even together in the first place.) Was this because of her? Did she dare hope?

Cresselia gave her a reassuring smile. "Maybe you should ask him yourself." She winked then turned back to Darkrai.

Mesprit walked away from them in a daze. Did Palkia really break up with Cresselia because of her? Maybe…there was one way to find out for sure.

She pulled out the walkie-talkie hidden in her apron. "Palkia?" She said tentatively. "Palkia, come in, Palkia?"

No reply.

She sighed and lowered the device. She knew it had been a longshot but she thought she might as well try.

Suddenly the sound of static spluttered through the walkie-talkie and Palkia's voice spoke to her.

"This is Palkia-is-so-awesomely-amazing may I ask why you are calling?" He sounded a lot happier and carefree than when they had last met and she could hear the playful arrogance in his tone.

"Palkia, we need to talk." Mesprit told him quickly, not bothering to use the walkie-talkie terminology she had come up with.

"Why don't we talk in person I'm right outside the café?" Palkia replied.

Mesprit raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Really? Wow good timing." She commented, forgetting her role as manager and simply walking out.

She looked around the grassy area that surrounded the café, expecting Palkia to be in plain view and disappointed that she wasn't able to see him.

"Palkia, where are you?" Mesprit enquired, taking a further step into the woodland and glancing around.

"Outside the café." Palkia repeated, and Mesprit could hear the smirk on his face.

"You do mean the Lake Café right?" Mesprit demanded, she would kill him if it wasn't.

"Of course." Came his response.

She gritted her teeth. "Then where are you?"

"You have to find me." Palkia informed, teasingly. "Just follow the sound of my voice."

Mesprit lowered her walkie-talkie and listened, walking forward, still searching for any signs of Palkia.

"Palkia, is it true that you and Cresselia broke up? I saw her in the café with Darkrai." Mesprit queried aloud, hoping he could hear her.

Palkia's voice came back through the walkie-talkie. "Yeah we did." There was an echo to his voice, one that was not coming from the walkie-talkie, and she followed it.

"Why? I thought you loved her." Mesprit said as she crept quietly down the path.

"So did I," The echo was getting louder now and she was certain he was close. "But then I realised that I was in love with somebody else."

Mesprit's breath caught and her heartbeat increased. "Oh, and who's that?"

She stopped by a large tree and slowly glanced up. Topaz gold locked with ruby red and Palkia smiled down at her.

"You." He said softly, offering her his hand, which she accepted, and pulling her up onto the branch that he was sat on.

Once she was safely positioned he placed a hand on her cheek and smiled at her. "I love you Mesprit, I'm sorry I didn't realise it before."

Mesprit beamed. "It's okay…oh and for the record, I love you too."

Palkia grinned and pulled her in for a kiss.

Fireworks, explosions, and all those sparky KABOOM things went off in their minds as their lips touched.

This was how it was meant to be, this was how it should be. The two of them together, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Mesprit moved to deepen the kiss…and that's when they fell off the branch and out of the tree.

There was only a split-second for them to stare at each other with wide frightened eyes before they landed in the bush below, which thankfully softened the fall, leaving them with only a few bumps and bruises.

Palkia stared up at Mesprit who was now on top of him, feeling a little shaky. "Whoa…I guess you really did fall for me."

Mesprit smiled weakly and shook her head; even a sudden fall couldn't stop him from making cheesy jokes.

Palkia saw her look and smiled innocently. "What?"

Mesprit was about to reply but was cut off by a cough from behind.

The couple looked over and their cheeks flared red.

Dialga and Azelf gazed back at them.

The two couples stared at each other in silence, blinking in bewilderment.

Finally Dialga spoke. "And I suppose this isn't what it looks like either."

A Cheshire smile spread across Palkia's lips, he wrapped his arms around Mesprit's waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Nope," He placed a kiss on her nose. "This is exactly what it looks like."

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