Catherine Pomfrey was quite glad she was a Catherine (after all, with a father called Piers Pomfrey there were much worse names available.) She supposed her name was one of the few things chosen by her mother Mina, her father too busy having a tantrum about the fact that he had a daughter, not the son and heir he'd craved. (Not to mention the fact that he was a misogynist and it was in fact a wonder he'd married in the first place, never mind found someone willing to marry him.)

She wasn't as much of a dormouse either (read as at all). She was just very good at pretending that she was. It was a side effect of having an ex-St. Trinians girl as her nanny (after all she was still a Pomfrey and therefore they kept to the old traditions. Catherine had been handed straight to a nanny for care.)

It turned out Tania liked causing mischief so much she decided to teach others to follow her example.

Aged 31 and well equipped with both the education of a respectable young lady and St. Trinians life skills, Catherin proved her father very, very wrong.

She became the best Prime Minister England had seen in almost fifty years.

(Again, Piers Pomfrey, karma sucks.)