W-Where am i?
What happened?
Why is it so dark here?

Darkness. It was all he could see. Not a trace of light. Not a sound. Just darkness and his thoughts.
He wasn't moving. He couldn't. He couldn't even open his eyes. He focused, concetrated a huge amount of his energy into the muscles of his eyes. He tired so hard, pushed himself, but it was useless. His eyes wouldn't open. Darkness was now all he had.

What in the hell is going on?! Why can't i move at all?! This is so.. ugh! I need to do something dattebayo! There is no way i will just be here and do nothing! Alright, keep it together. There must be something i can do. Gaaah! This is so annoying!

The door opened. He could hear footsteps. They got louder and louder, and he could tell that, who ever walked in, was now standing by him. He heard some papers shuffling, and a vibrations was felt. He didn't know what it was, but he assumed it was a contact with something metal.

He felt a cold hand on his forehead, which gave his chills. He began gaining sense of touch. He could now easily feel a mattress underneath him. It was rather soft, but curvy. It felt flat underneath his back, but it got lower underneath his tighs. Then, it came back up, and was flat until his feet. It was comfortable, unlike the pillow under his head. It was too curvy, and it was slightly wet below his neck.

Sweat. Oh, just great!

The door opened once again, but was closed roughly. He could notice the difference in the noise it made. A couple of footsteps were heard, but they were different the the ones he heard before. They echoed, which could only mean one thing- who ever it was, was wearing high heels.

'' How is he? '' A familiar female voice asked. But he couldn't recognize it, he kept thinking and trying to figure out who it was, but he couldn't.

'' Still no changes Tsunade-sama. '' An unfamiliar voice said quietly. The was was soft, and very silent.

'' Even with the new treatment? ''

'' Nothing. I'm sorry. '' The female said, as she placed her hands on the edge of the bed. He could feel the pressure on the mattress changed.

'' Sorry?! This isn't just any patient! It's been sixteen days already, four different treatments! He has to wake up! '' Tsunade yelled out. The noise hurt his ears, it was making his head hurt.

He felt the female tighten her hand, he felt her pull the sheets underneat him slightly.

'' Keep me posted! I want reports on every three hours! '' Tsunade yelled out. Once again, footsteps were heard, and the door slammed loudly.

She left the room.

Tsunade? Who is she? And why does it seem that she cares about me a lot?

Soon after, the door closed again, and the room was, once again, empty. It was surprising to him that he didn't even hear the footsteps this time. Who ever it was moved with grace, lightly, not wanting to upset the patients.

He was alone with his thoughts again. The silence was irritating, it was becoming unbearable. For a loud person like him, it was too much to take.
Time passed, but he had no idea how much. He couldn't tell if it was minutes or hours. Which ever it was, it lasted too long. It was painful.

So, sixteen days.. I've been lying here for sixteen days.. I must have been unconscious.. But, how did i ever get here? I'm at the hospital.. Am i hurt? Nothing feels odd, nor painful.. Then, i'm fine. Why can't i wake up then? Alright, alright! Something had to happen, because i got here. But what? Was i in a fight? I can't remember anything..

He was feeling hopeless. That feeling was eating him up. If there was something he hated, then it was this. Being unable to do anything. He felt sick to his stomach. That feeling moved up, all the way to his throat. But he knew it was just his imagination, he wasn't feeling sick at all.
He knew one thing- he had to move. As much as he tried, he couldn't move one muscle. All of his effort was for nothing. It was unacceptable to him. He didn't give up, as usual. His will was stronger then anything and he believed that he would eventually make it. He tried with everything he had. He pushed beyond his limits, like he always did. He kept pushing himself, until his body lost all of its energy. He fell asleep.