She placed the hand on the doorknob, moving it down slowly, opening the door. She walked in, closing the door behind her silently. She was standing in a darkish office, the light was coming in from the windows but it wasn't much. The office still seemed gloomy. No one was there, just as she thought. Being the Hokage's pupil had it's advantages, and one of them was knowing the Hokage's schedule. She knew the woman wouldn't be in her office, due to the meeting she had the whole afternoon. But, many shinobi were still in the building, so she had to be careful.

She walked to the dark brown desk, and began opening the drawers. There were large amounts of papers inside of them, different ones. As she was searching for the one she needed, she noticed the list of missions done the week before, progress of every team, the list of new employees at the hospital and also, Tsunade's list of personal things she needed. She went trough all four drawers, and didn't find the one paper she needed. She was becoming angry. She knew she didn't have much time. Someone could walk inside and catch her going trough the Hokage's desk. She would in a lot of trouble, and that was, in a way, against the law. She placed her hands on her hips as she let out a sigh. Her emerald green eyes went over the desk. With the corner of her right eyes, she noticed a piece of paper sticking out, underneath a large black note-book. She lift the notebook, picking up the paper, and she placed the note-book back down. Her eyes lid up as she realized she had found the right paper.


The patient was received with multiple injuries.

His fourth and fifth right ribs were broken, his left shoulder bone popped out and his left femur was indented.

He had severe internal bleeding's, but no large damage to his vital organs.

His scull was cracked, which caused some brain damage.

The patient is healed, his injuries have been taken care off.

There is no brain activity due to the injury on his scull.

The patient hadn't awaken since the day he was brought in.

Four different treatments were used, which included different combinations of medication and herbs trough an IV.

There is still no reaction to either one.

Her hands began to shake, as her eyes widen greatly. She managed to place the paper back, under the note-book. She slowly walked out of the office, and returned the same way she got in.

She was now walking trough the streets of Konohagakure. Her muscles worked mechanically, she wasn't paying attention to anything. She passed by many unfamiliar and also familiar faces, but didn't bother greeting anyone. Her skin was pale, and people could tell that she hasn't been getting enough sleep, by the bags under her eyes. Within the crowd, she looked as a ghost. She turned right, and began to run. She knew exactly what she was going to do, and nothing or no one was going to stop her. As she ran, she remembered how much trouble she could get in because of what she was about to do. But she didn't care.

Images flashed trough her mind, as she remembered the ban she was given.

It was the fifth day. She was standing in Tsunade's office. She had just been told the worse thing ever, and her whole body went numb. She was standing there like frozen, her eyes were widen and her jaw dropped slightly, making her mouth opened a couple of millimeters.

'' You understand why i'm telling you this? Why you received this ban? I understand he is your teammate, and that you want to do everything you can to help him, but i can't let you heal him. You are emotionally attached to him, and it's well known, that emotional attachments can lead to critical mistakes, and we don't want that. You may visit him, when visiting hours are open, but you can not heal him, or do anything medically relative. Understand? ''
Tsunade's words echoed inside her head. Her was trying to understand, but her brain went blank. It was quite unusual for her, since she would always quickly process the information she was given and she would always try or come up with a solution. This time, all she could do, all she did, was walk out the door.

She snapped back to the present as she noticed the hospital. She stopped in front of it and began looking around. She knew the number of his room, 148, and she could easily locate it's window. Working at the hospital for all that time payed out in more ways then one. The window was next to a large tree, which provided her a good hiding spot. She made sure that no one saw her before she jumped. She was standing on the tree branch, and once again, made sure she was not seen. It didn't matter if a hospital employees sees her, or just a visitor, the information would get to Tsunade and she would be in a lot of trouble. Once she was sure no one had seen her, she turned her head towards the window.

Her eyes went over the dirty white walls, the large dark wooden closet which was in need of a painting job, to the light brown door that led into the bathroom. She then looked across the scratched tile floor, to the light green changing curtain. Then, after a couple of minutes she looked at the bed. At him. His skin was slightly pale, and his eyes were closed. It looked like he was sleeping, he seemed so peaceful. His headband was gone, so his usually spiky blonde hair was falling down on his forehead.

She slowly entered the room trough the window. She felt her chest hurt from seeing him like that. She couldn't believe he was in such state. Usually, with her healing and the chakra of the Nine-tails, he would be alright. But not this time. He was laying in the hospital which he hated. She knew how much he hated being forced to lay there, when he felt fine. Her eyes were full of pain as she watched him like that. Every part of her body was hurting just from seeing him that way. She looked at his head, and noticed the pillow being too curvy around his neck. She bit her lower lip and moved closer to the bed. She slowly moved her left hand under his head, lifting ip up a little. He was holding his head as she moved her right hand and lifted the pillow. She fixed it so it wasn't as curvy as it was, when she noticed the sweat mark. Her facial expression changed to a slightly disqusted one, but she turned the pillow to the other side, laying him down slowly.

She placed her hands on his chest lightly, as she closed her eyes. She focused her chakra into her hands, and a light green chakra became visible around her hands. She opened her eyes as she began transferring her chakra into him. She knew his wounds were healed, and that there was no reason for her to heal him. But, she also knew they haven't tried this kind of treatment.

A couple of months ago, she read that transferring chakra had a huge impact in states of unconsciousness. It stated that by adding extra amounts of chakra, and mixing it with the chakra of that person, it stimulates the muscles of the body, along with the organs to work at normal speed and regenerate faster. There was proof of it helping in comatose states.

About twenty minutes passed, when she stopped transferring her chakra. She wasn't expecting it to work immediately, but she had high hopes, that if she continues doing this each day, it might work. She walked back to the window, taking one last glance at him before she jumped out.