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Chapter 1:

"Janet, what were you playing at yesterday going out to the community centre?"

"No-one else was about it, it sounded important"

"Well you should've cleared it with me"

"I made a judgment call it sounded urgent"

"So I would have cleared it"

"Well maybe I didn't ask because I thought you'd let the enquiry suffer to make a point"

"You didn't fill me in afterwards"

"By the time I got back, everyone had gone"

"You didn't book off"

"I forgot. I went home, I rang Gill"

"You should have rung me, chain of command"

"You would have only rung Gill I had to write it all up!"

"You didn't give me the heads up before the briefing, I looked like an idiot"

"Everything I did, was operationally practical"

"I think you're ignoring me because it suits you Janet, because you know you did wrong and you feel guilty that you did not keep me in the loop which you are supposed to do"

"Well given that I got some important information I'm not even on disclosure anymore it all seems a bit by-the-by"

"It is not fucking by-the-by!"

"Yes it is"

"You have to do as I say!"

"No I don't I tell you what you have to do you have to BACK OFF! I'm SICK OF IT!"


"Andy, Janet, in here. Now!"

"They've got to recover from that. They've got to take orders from you tomorrow. Have on earth have you let things so out of hand?"

"I don't know. I know it's a mess, I know that I've disappointed, but things have gone wrong on an inexplicably huge scale and I can't fathom it."

"Can you let me have a minute with Andy please?"

Janet nodded and hurried out of the door, sitting back down at her desk. "Are you ok?" Rachel asked, reaching across the desk for her best friend's hand. Janet just shook her head, closing her eyes so the tears wouldn't fall.

Back in the office, Gill was sat on the edge of the desk, twiddling her thumbs. "We need to tell her Andy, it's not good for your relationship. What happened between us was a mistake, it seemed good at the time, but back then it was different. When Janet joined this syndicate, there was no way it would work. You and Janet work so much better than we ever would have. I regret it every day, but I couldn't keep to soul mates from each other. I loved you Andy, so much. More than I have ever loved anyone since Dave, I'm sorry it didn't work, but we couldn't have gone through with it." "Gill, don't please. She doesn't need to know, my feelings for you were so different to my feelings for her. I loved you Gill, really loved you, and it wasn't that I loved Janet more, it was the fact I have spent most of my life thinking about her, and when she walked through that door, my automatic reaction was to love her. It sounds stupid I know, and doesn't make much sense but… I don't want to push her away Gill" Andy was trembling as he glanced out at Janet. "I'm sure she will understand… she loves you as well, I'm sure of it… I'll go and get her." Gill stood up and placed her hand on Andy's arm.

"Janet?" Gill called, walking up towards her. Janet stood up and slid past her Boss, not wanting to make any eye contact with anyone. She pulled the office shut behind her and sat on the edge of the desk, what was going on?

"A few years ago I was in a relationship, I was married in fact." Andy began, not knowing where to look. "Married? You never said" Janet couldn't believe it, he was married? "Yeah, well it broke down, disastrously. I'll tell you one day, when we've more time. I'd like to. Anyway, after it broke down, I did to" Andy sighed, he didn't want to hurt Janet anymore. "You had a breakdown?" Janet's eyes were welling up, she didn't know what to say or do anymore. Andy just nodded; he couldn't find the right words. "Andy! All of this, you never said!" "When you walked through that door three years ago, twelve years after I'd last seen you, I thought everything happened for a reason. I'm sorry if I've been intense, I'm so sorry if I scared you, I couldn't tell you some of it, without telling you all of it and I didn't want you to think of me as damaged goods" "I understand" Janet smiled and reached out for his hand. That made what Andy was about to say ten time's bigger, and ten time's worse. He took a deep breath and looked out of the office window, to catch Gill's eye. She nodded at him and began walking towards the office.

Andy turned back to Janet. "What's going on?" Janet asked, tenderly. "When I said I was married, it's a bit more complicated than that. I, was married, yes, but not to just anyone." Andy took a deep breath and looked at Gill. Gill then looked at Janet and she twigged. Her hand shot across her mouth. "No way. Oh my god not you two. How could I not know? How could you have kept this from me?" "It's not that big a deal" "OF COURSE IT'S A BIG DEAL" Janet screamed standing up. She had never felt so betrayed. "Gill, you're one of my oldest friends, how could you have kept it from me? How could I have not known? Andy, I have loved you ever since training. Yes I met Ade and my feelings were buried, but that doesn't mean I didn't love you deep down" Janet trailed off as she saw everyone staring at her. Rachel has stood up, unsure whether to walk over to her friend or not. "Jan, are you okay?" she whispered. "No I'm not fucking ok Rach! As I have just found out my oldest, closest friend and my…acquaintance were bloody married!" there was a gasp come from Rachel's side of the room, as she clasped her hand across her mouth.

Andy was looking at the floor and Gill was staring at Janet, speechless for the first time since Dave left. "SO? Want to explain? Do you love each other? Did you love each other? Were you dating? What? Come on, you wanted to explain. Now is your chance!" Janet shouted. "I think we should go somewhere quieter" Gill said, calmly looking at Andy. "No way missy! I'm doing this right here, right now!" Janet said. "I'm waiting!" Gill coughed and looked at Andy, who stood up straight. "Basically, me and Gill - ma'am - Boss, were working late into the night on a case, one thing lead to another and…" "WHAT? YOU GOT MARRIED? I'VE HEARD OF IMPULSIVE BUT COME ON" Janet shouted. "No, let me finish. One thing lead to another and we found ourselves attracted to each other. We began seeing each other secretly, and well, no-one's getting any younger so we decided to get married. When you came to this MIT, we both found it really difficult to keep it from you, and I loved Gill, very much, but you were my soul mate and always will be. We decided to call it a day and remain friends and that's how it's stuck. You didn't need to know, I hadn't seen you in 12 years, and you hadn't spoken to Gill in a while, careers took over" Andy finished and looked at Gill. Tears were forming in her eyes. She didn't want to lose her best friend, and she didn't want to make a horrible situation at work. She had never seen Janet like this; it was like someone had changed her battery. Andy felt his heart tug. Surely he still didn't have feelings for Gill? Janet now had tears streaming down her face. "So you two married…and you loved each other? Do you still love each other now?" Gill looked at Andy then back to Janet and shrugged. "Ok, so if I hadn't have joined this MIT, would you be happy families with kids?" her voice was as hard as stone. "I don't know, you can't change what has happened, who knows?" Gill was staring at the floor; tears had started forming in her eyes as well, as she tried to blink them away one escaped. No-one at work had EVER seen her cry, and only Julie, Dave, Janet and Rachel had seen her cry in her personal life.

"Do you still love her?" Janet asked Andy, flicking her hand at Gill. Andy looked at the floor and shook his head. "I don't know" "Well do you still love me?" she probed. "I don't know" his feelings were so mixed, he had always wanted Janet, but now he saw her differently and saw Gill differently, and began to wonder if he had made a mistake. "So, the other day, when we were at yours, Andy. In your bed. Under your covers. You had done that with her as well?" Gill looked shocked, Janet was being so bitter.

Even Rachel and Kevin didn't know what to say, they kept glancing at each other…any normal day, this conversation about bedspreads would have caused an uproar in the office, but this was too intense. No one knew what to say, Kevin had once again put down his interstitial cheese and pickle sandwich, partly because he dropped half of it down his shirt when it fell from his goldfish impression when they began the argument. "Do you think I should do something?" Rachel whispered to Kevin, as he came and stood next to her. "Are you kidding? Wait for the bitch fight to start! Top pulling, hair ripping you know!" Kevin said gleefully. "Kevin. It's not funny. They are all so close. I don't want Gill and Janet to fall out. They've been friends for years." Kevin just glared at Rachel, and continued to look at Janet and Gill, who were staring at each other.

"I can't believe it. You asked me to leave my family for you, bring the girls, uproot from my 25 years of marriage" Janet spat out. "I kicked my husband out, dropped everything because I loved you and from what you told me you loved me too. That I was your one and only. Well fuck you, both of you. Why did you end it for me, if you were never going to tell me? It would have hurt a lot less if I had have come to this syndicate knowing you two were married. I could've buried my head in the sands, focused on my marriage. Yes, Ade has one or two faults, but compared to you pair, he's a God" "Jan, don't you think you're being a bit harsh? So we didn't tell you, surely we can move past it and leave what happened three years ago, in the past?" Gill said. "Come on Jan; let's go get a drink and some fresh air yeah?" Rachel said, taking hold of Janet's arm. "NO. I'm staying right here thank you. We need to get everything out in the open. So you've slept with her?" Janet said, turning back to Andy. He looked confused, but didn't say anything, he just nodded. What did she expect? "Well I know more than anything that you can't just turn your feeling on and off, so last Christmas, you still loved each other deep down? This Christmas you still loved each other, and now, you still love each other. Where does that leave me?" "You know, it was such a big mistake, me and you Andy. I just wanted a relationship where someone wants me. Makes me feel wanted. I thought you were different. I always looked on at you as someone who would never hurt me, now I don't know what to think. As for you" Janet said, pointing at Gill. "You were supposed to be my best friend" "And I still am Janet. Nothing's changed there" Gill said, she was getting annoyed now at the fact Janet was taking this so seriously. "Nothing's changed? You think nothing's changed?! What a load of bollocks. How, how could you have kept it from me, all these years? Were you just never going to tell me? Hide it forever?" Janet walked over to her desk and picked up her bag. "Where are you going Jan?" Rachel asked, stepping forward. "Pub. Are you coming?"

Rachel looked in between her Boss, sergeant and friend, and gave a small nod. "It is only half three though Jan, even I don't drink this early." "Sod it. I'm going to get smashed, and no-one can say otherwise" she glared at Gill, who was staring out the window. "You're welcome to each other" she spat, storming out of the office.

Gill looked at Andy, tears getting bigger in her eyes. Pete looked at Mitch, who looked at Lee, who looked at Kevin. Try and lighten the mood. Kevin thought, as he shuffled over to his desk. "Um, does anybody want any cheese and pickle?"

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