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Chapter 3:

Rachel sighed and looked into her mirror, reversing into a parking space outside Janet's house. "Janet. You're being ridiculous now. Can't you just let it go? That's in the past. You can't get mad about the past" Rachel said, turning off the engine. "I can't just let go of it." Janet spat. "Where's all this "You can't be mad about the past" crap come from as well? You can't be mad about the past. Alright then, are you still mad about your mum abandoning you? Leaving you with a depressed alcoholic?" Rachel stopped what she was doing and sank back into the driver's seat. "I'm sorry, Rachel, I didn't mean that, I know you're trying to help and I am very grateful, but I saw them kissing. They clearly aren't over each other, and are probably having sex right now" Janet said, punching the dashboard. "Janet. You need to stop. What has come over you? They want to make it up to you for lying, ok they kissed, maybe making the situation worse but if they're happy, then shouldn't they be together?!" Rachel said, quietly. "I suppose you're right. I'm sorry; I've over reacted so much. I need to talk to them" Janet said, opening the car door. "I'll text her, ask her to come here now, thanks Rachel. Do you want to come in, make sure there's no hair pulling?" Janet said getting out of the car "Yeah I can do. I'll stay in the kitchen though" Rachel said as they walked to Janet's front door.

A couple of minutes later, Gill and Andy arrived outside the house. They walked up to the door slowly, unsure of how Janet was going to be with them, but to their surprise she opened the door with a smile and lead them into the living room, placing cups of tea down on the table. "Jan, I want to start by saying I'm sorry, I know us kissing isn't something you wanted to see, but I swear nothing else happened, and we felt so bad. It was an accident that went too far. Janet, we don't want to ruin our friendships with you. I'm going to be straight with you, I think I do still have feelings for Andy, they've resurfaced after that kiss, but we won't do ANYTHING, if you're not comfortable with it. I don't want to lose you Janet" Gill said, babbling. "Look Gill, Andy. I'm sorry for my reaction, I guess I was just shocked, and then when I saw you kissing it added to the problems. I don't want to lose you, either of you. I'm sorry. Look, I don't want to stand in the way of two people. Andy there's no way we would've worked, I have Ade, I have the girls to think about. Gill, I know about all the shit you and Dave had, and I would want nothing better than for you to be happy. Just next time, try and contain your dirty little sexual games to yourself, and your personal life" Janet said, smiling. "Thank Jan, we really appreciate it. So are we ok?" Andy said, standing up. "Course we are." Janet said, hugging him. She then hugged Gill; "Thank you, for trying to protect me, I know now you didn't want to hurt me, and I can't say it didn't, but I understand now"

Janet turned around to hear a crash come from the kitchen. Rachel emerged sheepishly, covered in curry. "Sorry guys, I was trying to make tea" she said, wiping her face. Gill and Andy just looked at each other, unsure of what to say. "We had better be going, thank you Janet, so much" Gill said, squeezing her arm. Janet just nodded, moving out of the door so Gill and Andy could get past. "Bye Jan, see you at work" Andy said, pulling the front door shut.

"Well done Jan, I know it couldn't have been easy, but you did it" Rachel said, rubbing her arm. "Yeah, well it's behind us now. Come on, let's make the tea, you can stay if you want" Janet said, stumbling into the kitchen. "I see the alcohol hasn't worn off yet" Rachel said, gleefully. "Shut it Rach" she said, grabbing some pots out of the cupboard.

"That went ok then" Andy said, stopping outside Gill's house. "Yeah, I'm glad we've sorted it out" Gill said, stepping out of the car. "Bye, thanks for the lift" she said, nodding. She shut the door and walked up her drive. She heard car door slam as she stepped inside, but didn't turn around until a hand was on her wrists. She turned around to see Andy, clutching her. "What's up?" she asked, leaning against the door. "Did…did you mean what you said? At Janet's, about your feelings coming back?" Andy asked, gasping. "I..." Gill looked around. Why, WHY did he have to ask such awkward questions at awkward times? "Yes, fine I do. I have feelings for you. I was so happy when Janet said we could see each other, I wanted the old Andy back" Gill said, looking at her shoes. "Do you still feel the same way about me?" she asked after a couple of minutes silence.

The next thing she knew his lips were upon hers, pushing her inside. He shut the door and began to remove her jacket. "So that's a yes then?" she asked, grabbing him. "Of course" he gasped, pushing her up against the wall. Gill began to giggle; she remembered what it was like all those years ago. That chemistry was back; it was familiar, comforting and safe.

They broke apart, looking into each other's eyes. "Feels good to be back" Andy said, kissing the smaller woman again. Gill didn't say anything; she just nodded, kissing him back…