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Chapter 1

In a little forest inside of a park, a 12 year old boy sits on a tree, in thought. He wore a blue Hoody, light grey pants, with Orange Armbands. His name, as far as everyone else knew, was Takato Matsuki.

As to what he calls himself in his mind, it would be Naruto Uzumaki. 'I still don't think things are going right. I mean, I still have my chakra, but with this body, I can't use all of it. I mean, I've managed to retrain my body, but something isn't exactly okay. Blending in was actually pretty hard at first. At least the Digimon Card Game is a good retreat.' Yes, he started playing the card game. Not exactly an easy thing to learn, but once he learned how it was played, thanks to 2 others named Kazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa.

As the sky started to turn orange, his thoughts continued. 'Still... I can't help but feel like something is about to happen. What's worse is, when I feel like something's going to happen, odds are, it will. I still thank Kami for the chance of a new life. Seriously, being reborn, and going under a different name? I gotta hand it to ya, Kami. You did a pretty good job with this one. I guess I should also thank you for convincing Shinigami for removing the Kyuubi when you did, but left my own Chakra as a reward for bringing him 4 people that have eluded him for too long, in addition to me being reborn when I died, saying that I deserve the chance.' He chuckled at that thought. 'And everyone thought I was a demon as a kid. Still... Kazu's a good friend, but an amateur prankster. I was pulling things much more unique and elaborate than he does when I was 8 in my past life.'

He sighed as he remembered his old pranks. 'At least I could find some Orange. Digimon remind me of Summons, and without a way back to Mount Myobokuzan or the elemental Nations, I wouldn't be able to summon anymore. I guess, you win some, you lose some.' He noticed the sun was about to set over the horizon, and jumped down to the ground, before running off at a brisk pace. 'As much as the bad things that came of my rebirth, there was also good things. This time, I have a family that cares for me.'

It took Takato a good 5 minutes to get home from Shinjuku Park, which was about half the time as anyone would walking. Kyuubi or not, he still had massive stamina. "Mom, I'm home!" He said, as he walked in the door.

"Hey, Takato. Could you help your father in the kitchen?"

"Sure thing. Just let me wash up first. I just came from the Park. I was training." Takato/Naruto replied.

"Honestly, why do you call it training? Why not just play?"

Naruto did not answer, as he had already gotten into the bathroom to wash up. He came out 5 minutes later, and entered the kitchen. "Sorry I took so long. Let's get cracking!"

"Sure thing, Takato." His father, Takehiro Matsuki replied, as they got to work. Naruto smirked a bit, as he channeled Chakra into the metal spoon, putting it in the center, spinning the liquified dough as if it were a Rasengan, while his father worked on shaping it correctly, before putting it in the Bread oven. They got 50 Loaves in there within 20 minutes. They looked at each other after the 20 minutes were over. "Good teamwork, son."

"It's one of my good points." Naruto replied with a smile.

Takehiro then whispered. "You ever gonna tell your mother about your training?"

"I may sound like a fool sometimes, but I'm not stupid. She'd freak if I told her half of it, while sugarcoating it all." Naruto whispered back.

"What about your past life?"

"The way I see it, that's better off not known to anyone. " Naruto admitted. "I told you last month, because I could tell you could keep quiet about it."

Takehiro nodded. "It's your choice, son. Remember, one thing. I'll always support you. Still, what you've been doing is not exactly easy, you know?"

"Heh. I've just got the knowledge of what I need. I just act on the knowledge. It's one of the reasons Kazu hasn't gotten into any real trouble with authorities. I manage to distract them before Kazu get's busted. I still have at least a hundred criminals I could put on wanted lists if the situation arose."

"Yeah. You always say he's a dunce, but you play a bit of the fool yourself, you know?"

"Underestimation is a way to beat nearly anyone. One of the reasons I beat you that day." Naruto smirked. "You didn't take me seriously, and then you drew the line at when I stuck to the wall, after a mistimed punch."

"I remember that one." Takehiro admitted. "Although, I am surprised you're into Digimon. Did they have them there, too?"

"Nah, I didn't know of Digimon, but they're the closest I can get to a lot of friends of mine, not to mention Summons." Naruto replied. "I still miss Gamakichi, but he'd yell me into oblivion if I didn't make the most of my time."

"I'm also surprised at your comments of Kazu's pranks. I mean, how could they be the work of an amateur."

"When you're called the Demon King of Pranks at 8 years old, in a village filled with Shinobi and Kunoichi that claim to be the best... well, I guess you can get the idea from that."

"Demon King of Pranks?"

"I never pulled what Kazu does, because they're not worth it. They're below my skill level." Naruto then had a fox-like grin on his face. "I also hear there's a new bread store in town."

"I'll give you a week. Show me what you can do then." Takehiro replied.


"No physical harm to the store or people there."

Naruto snapped. "Oh well. Any other restrictions?"

Takehiro raised an eyebrow. "Such as?"

"You want their pride damaged? Reputation? Ran out of town? Scared gutless?" Naruto asked.

Takehiro smirked a bit. "Pride and reputation are a go. The other two? Your choice."

Naruto nodded with a small smirk. "Alright. One week."

As Naruto went to bed that night, he went into his mindscape. Yami had not told Kami or Shinigami about this, but the god took Kurama's memories and knowledge in his mindscape to study while he slept. Being as Kurama was there long before the Demon Wars, he actually had the knowledge of technology and programming. That's what he'd been going through these days, aside from Chakra and Elemental Manipulation. The programming sections were intense, and, while he was in school, the only lessons he actually paid attention to were History, Geography, and Science. The others, he just passed, feigning being distracted. Math was a constant. It didn't matter where you are, it never changes, and Naruto was a whiz at Math and Physics, mainly from figuring out over years of practice what does what, when you do something.

However, tonight was another story. What Naruto was studying, was something he came across that night, that piqued his interest.

He had found information on creating a Pocket Dimension. He may have been far from his old skill level, but that's mainly because he couldn't do much other than work on control, Elemental Manipulation, and Fuuinjutsu.

And among them all, Fuuinjutsu was his favorite. Sure, his ability with the wind was unrivaled, even with his own past life.

All in all, this new life he has is a chance to learn things he never could. He could already make a good 300 Shadow Clones, and train for a few hours. He limits it to 3 hours, because there are times he hangs around with Kazu and Kenta. After learning how to play the game, he had taken to beating Kenta and Kazu, somehow finding that his "Luck of the Draw" was as good as ever. He always drew what he needed.

Just like when he played his father in poker a few times, saying he knew how to play. He always won in gambling games. Naruto smirked at the memory of his father's face. He was also a lot quieter, and more reserved than he was in his last life. He figured if he was living a new life, he'd live it slightly different.

He then turned his head in the field, realizing that one of the traps he set went off. He smiled a bit, knowing that he wasn't going to lose his parents to some thugs while they were sleeping. It was when the door to his room opened, that he left his mindscape, and woke up.

Finding his mother at the door, he got up. "Mom?"

"Takato... You're okay." she whispered.

"Mom... I told you, no matter what happens, I'll be fine."

"But... there was a burglar downstairs."

Naruto nodded. "It's okay mom. Dad and I redid the security around here. I think that he'd be in the park."

"What makes you think that, Takato?"

"You think I wouldn't notice the flaws in Kazu's pranks?" Naruto asked, with a smile. "I improved on some of his pranks, and used them as a security system. Hmm... I wonder which point he triggered."

"You and I are going to talk tomorrow morning, Takato. About the security you and father placed."

"Well, he placed it. I improved it. There's no need to call the cops, mom. It'll all be taken care of by then. No one will know what happened, unless they're awake right now." Takato laid back down. "I think some more sleep would do us some good. Don't worry so much."

"Takato, how can you be so laid back with this? Don't you care?"

Naruto closed his eyes. "Of course I care. I wouldn't be saying this if I were worried in the slightest. What do you think I train for? Cooking? Being a scientist? A brute?"

"You're not going to be a brute!" She retorted.

"Of course not, mom. All of those were wrong, anyway. I train... to protect that which is precious to me. You and dad included. If I were worried about something happening to you two, then I wouldn't be this calm. Good night." He then went back to sleep.

"Takato, I'm not done here."

There was a yawn behind her. "Takehiro..."

"Leave him be, honey. I know his reasons for training himself like he does, just not how. He's got a warrior's spirit, and a Lion's heart. He also has the mind of a fox, so I'm not worried. Whatever he did, I doubt he'd get caught, or harm us. No matter what."

They both caught a soft snore after that. "He can't possibly sleep when I was just talking to him."

"Somehow, I don't doubt he is asleep." Takehiro yawns. "I'm going back to bed. Coming honey?"

"Fine... but I'll be talking to him in the morning."

The next morning, there was no evidence that a break-in occurred at the Matsuki Bakery. Business went about as usual, but Naruto was already gone by the time his parents woke up.

"I thought he'd be asleep still." Yoshie Matsuki mused, as the customers came in.

"I'm not surprised he's already out, Honey." Takehiro said from the kitchen. "After all, he's got a few friends, and training. He can't spend all his time here, you know?"

"You said you know what he's training to be. What is it?"

"I know why he's training. He trains, so he can protect everything he has, with both arms. No matter what stares him in the face. Remember when I rented a movie? It was Saw 2. He didn't even flinch at it. His courage is admirable. He didn't even lose any sleep over it."

-with Naruto-

Naruto and someone else was in Shinjuku park. Inside of a dinosaur... thing on a playground. "DarkTyrannomon Digivolves to MetalTyrannomon. Game over, Kazu." Naruto said, completely calm.

"Aw! How do you always win, Takato?"

"Luck of the draw, Kazu. It's all luck of the draw." Naruto replied with a smile. "Anyway, we should get going." He started putting up his cards. "After all, school starts soon."

"Alright. Let's get going." kazu had finished packing his cards in a box before running to the exit of the playground. "Come on, Ms. Asagi is gonna make us wait in the hall if we're late again!"

"Go on without me. I can cover the distance faster without you."

"Whatever, man." Kazu then ran off. As Naruto put his cards up, he nearly forgot that his box was on a ledge, when it fell. He caught the box, but the cards fell out. 'Damn. I guess no matter what happens, I'll always have a few Blonde Moments. Whether I'm still blonde or not.'

He jumped down and picked up the cards, before coming across one he knew he didn't have. It was a Blue metallic card, with the Digimon Symbol on one side. That's not what caught his attention, though.

It was the fact that the card had it's own energy flowing through it. That confused him, so he ran it through the card scanner he had, before it got stuck, and lightning sparked out from it. He dropped the scanner purely out of reflex. The card fell, and his scanner started smoking. He then noticed the screen was putting in code after code. He ignored the codes, and picked up all the other cards, and putting them back in the box. He then decided to seal the box in his arm. He then looked around, before making the Dog Handsign, and leaving in a quick whirlwind.

During School, Naruto had actually been thinking on a few things. For some reason, thinking on making a Digimon. He had done so during class. It was then, his teacher, Ms. Asaji asked about a question on the board. It was math.

"Takato?" She called.

Naruto looked up. "The answer is 18, Ms. Asaji."

"Correct, Takato. I swear, you're probably the only in this class that pays attention."

'I don't really pay much attention. Math has no changes from my last life to this one. I may not have been a bookworm like Sakura, but at least I knew how I was doing what I was. It's Social Studies that I have a few problems with. Mainly the history and Geography, but I get those easily.'

Naruto then went back to making the Digimon. He finished its stats, and everything else by the time school was out. Half paying attention to the class, and answering questions when he was called.

When school ended, he had just come up with a random name. "Guilmon... It'll work." 'Still, something didn't feel right about that Blue Card. It was not a part of the Card Game. It has a purpose. I'll head to my training grounds, and check it out then.' He thought.

"Arf!" A sock puppet made him turn his head. "Oh, hey Jeri."

"Hey, Takato. What's up?"

"Nothing much. Just making a Digimon."

"You boys and your Digimon." The girl with a sock puppet giggled. "Is that all you think about?"

"It helps when I'm bored." Naruto replied with a smile. Jeri was a happy go lucky girl. However, he was the only one who knew something was wrong. He knew she lost someone close to her, and she was hiding behind a smile.

He talked with her because of that trait in her eyes. "Anyway, I should get going, Jeri. I have a few things to do."

"Takato, is something wrong?" Jeri asked.

"Not really. Just got to set something up. Check out a few things."

"One of Kazu's pranks?" Jeri asked.

"Nah. It's training."

"Training? What do you train for?"

Naruto knew that look in her eyes. "Look Jeri. It's best if no one know where I'm training. Just know that you're a friend of mine, and I'd rather not let my friends get hurt if I can help it." He got up, and put the sketchpad in his pocket, before walking towards the door. "See ya, Jeri! Hope you have a good day!" He ran off the moment he reached the hallway, and jumped out the window, before disappearing.

The moment Jeri had reached the hallway to tell him to stop running, she paused, not sure where he went.


Naruto was sitting in his newly made Pocket Dimension. He quite literally made an entire forest spanning over 100 miles to train in, with a 5:1 time Ratio. He'd be in here for 10 hours, before heading back. The first thing he did, was dispel the Shadow Clone hidden by the new Bakery.

After processing the information, he wrote down ideas for it, before making 200 Shadow Clones. "Alright, work on the Jutsu We haven't mastered yet! 10 of you come here, first."

Those 10 came up to him, as he unsealed the box of cards. "The 10 of you are to work on Sage Mode. I can't have too many working on it at once, especially since this is a new body. I'll be trying to figure out what I can about that blue Card that got mixed in with my cards earlier. You stay here, though." 9 of them walked off, and began to meditate.


"I want you to work on the planning. Cremata's Bakery has be hit hard, but remember the limitations. We're using Ao, for this one."

"Oh yeah. I got lucky."

Naruto nodded, as the Clone began to plan. The Original, on the other hand, opened the box, and found his scanner missing. However, there was a Red and grey device in there. He then noticed something. The new device had the same energy coming from it as the Blue Card did.

And the Blue Card was missing. "So, that card transferred whatever data it had into my scanner transforming it." he then paused for a second. "How come I'm reminded of a Digivice with this thing? Eh, it probably is."

'I can't say it's the weirdest thing to ever happen to me. After a life like I had as Naruto, Logic just doesn't apply, and Insanity just doesn't bother me. I may be Takato now, but those memories will always be there.' Naruto thought, before going through the rest of his cards, making a complete deck out of cards, to use for later. After going through everything he could with the Digivice, he pulled out his drawings of Guilmon. 'I wonder...' He tried to put the thing through the scanner he found, before realizing it wouldn't fit. 'too big.' He then put them down together, before turning around to face his clones. He then heard the tell tale signs of paper ripping and turned to look at the Digivice, which was taking the pages from the Notepad. He then watched it carefully from a distance, as it scanned each page.

When the last page was scanned, he saw the red glow on the screen. When the glow faded, an egg appeared on it. 'Oh shit. I think I just made Guilmon a real Digimon... and those energy fluxes I've been feeling every few nights... maybe Guilmon will come through one of them when this egg hatches.'

He then took the liberty of putting it in a seal beneath his wristbands. "Alright, time to work on Agility. Doton: Pillar obstacles!" He slammed his hands on the ground, and a bunch of Stone spires about 8 inches in diameter grew. He then jumped to the top of one, before jumping from one pillar to the next, trying out his old moves, as if fighting several opponents in mid air, going from one pillar to another, never landing on the same pillar he jumped from.

He did all this for hours, before making a spire with a point. What he did with that one was stand on one finger, and perform a wide variety of moves, while keeping himself balanced, switching fingers every 3 minutes. He did this for 30 minutes total each day for the last year. Falling from the height he was at, meaning 10 feet, doesn't hurt him much anymore, but he still tried to avoid it. He may have known how Kurama used Chakra to heal his wounds, and was able to do so himself, he would rather not do so. After he was done with that, he went towards the Shadow Clones working on Sage Mode, noticing that 3 out of the 9 had already achieved it. "Alright, that's enough for you guys. One with Sage Mode dispel. Those without it, also dispel." he then turned to the other Clones. "Those of you working on the Fuuton: Rasenshuriken drop what you're doing and dispel!" After the influx of 50 Shadow Clone settled down, the first clone with Sage mode dispelled, causing him to go Sage Mode himself.

He then made another Shadow Clone. "Alright, let's go for the Rasenshuriken."

He had long since mastered usage of the Rasengan in one hand, but he still needed a Clone for the Rasenshuriken. After it was fully formed, he smirked at the buzzing noise it made, glad he was in a Pocket Dimension. "Fuuton! Rasenshuriken!" He brought it behind him before throwing it. After it got far enough away, it expanded like it should. "Perfect." He said, admiring the handiwork. He then gave a high five to the Clone that helped, before it dispelled. Another Sage Clone dispelled, restarting the timeframe. The other one opened its eyes, and stood up. "Let's go." They then fought using the Kawazu Kumite, the Toad Sage's Fighting Style. The clone lasted long enough to lose Sage Mode, before it dispelled on its own. Naruto then blinked out of Sage mode himself.

He then turned to the others. "Dispel! We'll continue things later! It's been 2 hours, so it should have only been 24 minutes since we came in. We need to make sure the Time Flux point actually works like it should."

The Clones looked at each other, and then dispelled in groups of 10, until only the last Clone working on the prank was left. Naruto had a slight headache, but he shrugged it off like it was nothing.

In a way, it was. He then looked at the plans made, as the clone looked up. He then whistled. "That's some good shit right there."

"Of course it is. I designed it, and I'm you." The clone retorted.

Naruto smirked. "Still, we'll need to make sure it will work properly. And with the Digivice, I'm not exactly fond of what it means."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it. In the show, whenever a Digivice appears in someone's hands, it usually means that something big and bad is coming, and if whatever it is succeeds, then it could cause world destruction, or worse." The Digivice appeared attached to his left wristband. "If this really is a Digivice, then that means my feeling that something big is going to happen isn't completely unfounded. As a Shinobi, we must question every possibility. This thing being a Digivice is one such possibility."

They both nodded, before the clone dispelled, and Naruto flashed out of there.

-that night-

Naruto was in bed, the Digivice in his hand, knowing that it wouldn't get destroyed while he slept, before he actually fell asleep. Only to find himself not in his mindscape.

No, he found himself standing over a newly created burst of fog. He then noticed a girl in there.

He could sense her Chakra levels, before sensing a similar energy to what was on the card before he saw a Lynxmon. 'Oh shit. Is this an actual Battle?'

"So, it's Lynxmon vs Renamon." The girl walked to the side, and a Renamon walked up. The Lynxmon had the Renamon pinned. "Renamon, Digimodify." The girl spun a card in her hand, ignoring the other 2 cards, before slashing it through the scanner of her Digivice. "Speed Activate."

'This does not bode well for Shinjuku. The girl has a Digivice as well.' Naruto thought. Now that he caught a good look at the girl, he noticed that she had a white shirt with a Broken heart on the front, a trench coat, and pants. 'The girl's a Tomboy. Still... She does look familiar.' Her hair was Red orange, and tied in a ponytail. It was after he took in her appearance, nearly burning it into his memory in case he found her later, he noticed that it was also raining.

It was at that point, Renamon had gotten out of the pin, and behind the Lynxmon. Naruto had one thought. 'Sorry, Lynxmon. Game over.' He also noticed that the Renamon looked at him, and he winked back. "Diamond Storm!" several clear crystals appeared, and struck the Lynxmon, deleting it, before Renamon had started to absorb the Red Data Particles. Naruto shook his head, before looking at the girl, and Renamon. "So, that's a Renamon in action. Wouldn't be my choice of a Digimon, though. Renamon, if you can hear me, the name is Naruto Uzumaki, former Jinchuuriki of a Kyuubimon that was never a Digimon in the first place. Tell your tamer that there's another one on the block. If she wants to find me, look for a Digimon with no Data next to a human that looks like me." The Renamon looked at Naruto, drawing the girl's attention.

"Another one?" The girl asked.

"No." Renamon replied. "I hear you, Uzumaki. But whether we search for you or not, is her decision."

"Someone saw us?"

Naruto shook his head. "Just let her know. And if she threatens my Digimon, I'll be stepping in until I know he can fight. And just because I'm human, doesn't mean I can't stand up to a Digimon. And know that I know the difference between a Dream, a vision, and an Out-of-body experience. This is the Third one." Naruto then faded from view of the Renamon.


"I will explain it later, Rika. Do not worry. No one was truly here."

"Fine. Let's go." They both walked out, Renamon vanishing.

-Matsuki residence-

Naruto woke up much like he always does. He looked at the Digivice in his hand, before remembering the events of last night. He then walked to the window and opened it. "Well, I was wondering when you'd get up." A voice called from below.

"Oh, hey dad."

"So, what's up with you sleeping in this late? You never do."

"Weird dream. That's about it." Naruto replied.

"By your standards?"

"Not really by my standards, but if I told anyone else I'd probably be slammed in a mental hospital." Naruto shrugged.

"Alright. I'll drop it. As long as it doesn't affect you, I won't mind."

Naruto nodded, before closing the window, and looking at his Digivice, before attaching it to a belt loop on his pants. 'I'll need to know when the Digiegg hatches.'

It wasn't long before Naruto met Kazu and Kenta at their usual hangout. "Hey guys, what would you say if Digimon were real?"

"Why do you ask, chumley? Surely you're not thinking about trying to create your own digimon, right?" Kazu joked.

"Nah, I already did that. It's just an idea I passed over last night. The thought wouldn't leave me, thinking that, maybe, they were real. I mean, if they were real, wouldn't they, I don't know, fight their way here, or something?"

"Eh, probably. But you don't really think they are, do you?" Kenta asked.

"I believe its possible they do. Whether they really do or not, I couldn't say for sure until I saw the truth either way, I guess." Naruto shrugged. His Digivice was hidden by a small Genjutsu, which he managed to learn from Kurama. It would've been impossible to detect at that point. After a while, Kazu and Kenta were leaving, and Naruto felt a pulse from his Digivice. "Sorry guys, I gotta get going early today."

"You ain't trying to get out of the prank, are ya?"

"Wait, you're planning a prank today?" Naruto asked.

"Of course."

"Leave me out of it. I'm working on my own anyway. Just... stay away from the Bakery on 10th street for the next week. Trust me, you'd be safer if you weren't." Naruto jumped down and ran off, jumping the fence, before taking out his Digivice, and bringing up a compass. 'Alright. Let's go find Guilmon.'

He followed the Digivice, and, surprisingly, didn't look up once. He still never hit anyone, side stepping when someone came rushing towards him, jumping over a Saw horse to a Construction site, before, he found the right area. When he looked up, he sighed. 'I think I got that from Kakashi-sensei.'

It wasn't long until a beam of light appeared, and right in front of Naruto. He then looked at the now forming Digimon. Being as he was at the top of a pit in what seemed to be the Industrial District, he jumped down, right next to the bio-emerging Digimon. As a fog exploded from right next to him, he stood his ground, only his clothes being affected by the gust of wind.

"Guilmon... Is that you?" Upon closer inspection, he nodded with a smile. "It is... My name is Takato Matsuki."

The Guilmon was sniffing, and Naruto knew it. Guilmon then charged fire in his mouth, and fired it at a nearby pipe, where Naruto knew there was a couple rats. Direct hit.

He whistled. "Not bad, Guilmon." He sniffed a bit more, and turned towards him. "You gonna shoot a Pyro Sphere at me too?"

The Guilmon sniffed at Naruto, before cocking its head to the side. "Hi."

Naruto smiled. "Hey, Guilmon."

-back at the Matsuki residence-

Naruto walked up the stairs, saying hi to his parents.

"You're home late. What's up?"

"Nothing much, dad. Just extended training." Naruto replied.

"You shouldn't push yourself, Takato. It's not healthy."

"Don't worry, Mom. I'm fine, really. If it makes you feel any better I'll let you check me out before I go to sleep tonight." Naruto replied.

"There's no need for that, Takato." Takehiro said. "Remember, no matter what you do, I'll be behind you all the way. As long as you're walking, I know you'll be fine."

"Just tell mom what happened the last time we went camping, and how I was after that." Naruto said. "That is, if you didn't tell her. But try to make it so she understands that nothing was truly wrong." Naruto motioned for Guilmon to go up the stairs since he was under a Genjutsu, knowing that his mom wouldn't like having a Digimon in the house.

Up in his room, Guilmon walked around, sniffing things. "Guilmon, stop." Naruto said in a stern but calm voice. Guilmon stopped where he was, and slowly turned to Naruto, who was walking toward him. "Hold still. I'll be able to let you know a few things, but I won't be able to show you much. Just enough to know languages, and the like." Naruto put his right hand on Guilmon's forehead, the fingers between the Wing-like ears. 'Now that I think about it, what possessed me to create something like this?'

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he focused on sending information that should be known. Namely: the area, what they can do, possibilities, the differences he knew of between Humans and Digimon, along with the fact that the two were partners. When he was done, he nodded, and removed his hand. "Guilmon?"

"Yes, Takato?" Guilmon asked, in a childish dinosaur voice.

"Good. How much information did you get from that?"

"Uh... Naruto is Takato, a lot of images of Jutsu..." looking at Naruto, he nodded. "And where I am."

Naruto nodded. "Alright, you know that I hid you in a Genjutsu, right?" Guilmon bobbed his head. "Well, I'll have to keep you in my Training Ground for now. My mom would throw a fit, you know?"

"Aw... Why?"

"She doesn't know much about who I really am, meaning my life as Naruto, or anything that I showed you I can do." Naruto looked at the door, before looking back at Guilmon. "My mom would freak, and try to delete you, or just kick you out, but this way, we don't have to worry about that. My dad may know who I was then, but he has no idea how much I went through. Just that I'm regaining my skill so I protect that which is precious to me." He then sighed. "Dad, I know you're on the other side of the door, trying to listen in."

Takehiro went through the door and closed it behind him. "So, who is this?"

"Well... since you know about me being Naruto in a past life..."

"We'll talk about that when you're ready to do so, Takato. No matter how you look at it, you're not Naruto anymore. You're Takato Matsuki. You're my son, now, whether you were reincarnated or not."

Naruto scratched the back of his neck. "Well, this is Guilmon. I didn't think it was a good idea to let anyone know about him unless there was no other choice. Digimon aren't known to be real except to a select few."

"I can only imagine. You're going to hide him tomorrow, right? You know your mother would freak if she saw him."

"I know, and I'm 2 steps ahead of you. I'm a former Shinobi, I know just where to hide him and how to hide him in plain sight during the day. He's only going to be here for tonight. Still, my training will have to be changed to accommodate Guilmon here." Naruto admitted. "And I've been working on on the way back. It's the real reason I came back so late. "

Takehiro nodded. "You used Training as an excuse, knowing that we'd buy it."

"It's a valid reason for me to be back late. After all, I do train and I have lost track of time while training before."

"I know that... but your mother doesn't. How long do you plan on hiding it from her?"

Naruto looked at the door, before walking to Guilmon, putting the Genjutsu back up. "I don't think I can anymore." He said, looking at the door again.

"She followed me up here, didn't she?" Takehiro sighed.

"You're damn right I did." Yoshie said, with an angry undertone. "Now, why were you keeping things from me?"

Naruto sighed. "First off, how much did you hear? I'll need to know that before I say anything, and before you say anything, the only reason I didn't say so before is because I know how you'd react if I said anything on it."

"You're going to tell me everything, young man."

Naruto sighed. 'I knew she'd be like this when she found out. I was just hoping it wasn't so soon.'

"Alright... I'll tell you what dad already knows." Naruto went into his life as a Shinobi, as Naruto Uzumaki, what kind of world he came from, what went on there, the government, economy, technology, and the like. "Dad... he doesn't know much about my childhood. And I died at 52, only to be reborn as your son. That's what my training is for. To get back to my level back then. I can prove it if you want me to."

"And how do you plan to do that?" Yoshie questioned with a raised eyebrow. Naruto walked to the wall, before putting his foot on it, and walking up the wall, causing both of his parents to widen their eyes.

He took it further and went onto the ceiling, before looking at them in concern. "This is a basic thing I could do back then. I could do it on pure reflex, or even sleep on the ceiling if I wanted to. Seriously, I can. I did it before. Surprised the heck out of Sakura when she found me the next morning. And if that's not enough..." He held out a hand and made a Rasengan in milliseconds. "Would this do it?" Takehiro nodded dumbly.

Yoshie on the other hand was torn. Her son was a Shinobi. An Assassin in a past life. She didn't know what to think.

And he was showing proof right in front of her eyes. "And you didn't say this because you thought that... That I..."

"I thought that you wouldn't count me as your son." Naruto said, sadly. He then let go and landed on his feet. "If you knew how much danger I've been in before, I knew you'd freak. I may have played the fool back then, but I was never truly stupid. I knew by the time I was five that people would never believe me if I told them. The only reason dad knew is because of what happened on the last Camping trip. He found me trapped under a few trees, and I was healing my wounds at that point already. They were almost gone by the time he got there. All that was left was a few bruises, and even they were gone by the time we got to you."

Takehiro sighed before looking at his wife. "Honey I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but..." He didn't finish as she gave Naruto a hug.

"You thought... we wouldn't accept you if we knew? That we never had a son?" She asked, sadly.

"Y-yeah... I... I didn't want to ruin your lives by telling you... Or have you abandon me." Naruto whispered.

She pulled back a bit, tears welling in her eyes. "You may have been Naruto then... but you're Takato Matsuki now. You're my son. You want to be like you were then but you're Takato, not Naruto."

"I'm not planning on going back to who I was. Just get my skills back up to then." Naruto whispered. "If there's one thing that never changed, and doesn't have to... it's that I still care for everyone that I consider precious to me. It's why I'm trying to get back to my old skill level. So I can help protect you both. You're my family now. You're already precious to me."

Takehiro joined in on the hug. "Hey, Naruto? Guilmon?"

"I was going to tell her afterwards... if she didn't faint because of it." Naruto said, as he stood back. His parents looked at him, as he held up his left hand in the Half-ram sign. The Genjutsu around Guilmon broke, and revealed him. "Say hi, Guilmon."

"Hi." Guilmon raised his left hand... claw? "I'm Guilmon."

"What... what is this?"

Instead of speaking, Naruto took out a few pages of paper. "This is Guilmon's stats, and everything else about him. I kind of created him when I was bored yesterday. It was during school, and I still answered questions when I was called on."

"You should have been studying, Takato." Yoshie stated.

"It's not worth studying for Math tests. The only times I ever really pay attention in class is during Social Studies and Science. Language Arts is simple, as I use it too much not to. Math is math. It doesn't matter where you are. Math never changes. On that, I can promise. Parts of Science haven't changed, but with my extensive variety of injuries in the past, mainly as Naruto, I think I've got Human Anatomy down pat. You don't heal yourself as often as I do, and not learn anything about the human body. Not to mention I had grandkids when I... died."

"Naruto had the grandkids. Not Takato... right?"

Naruto nodded. "I could have had a kid by now, if I actually wanted to."

"You're not old enough for that. You couldn't..."

"Fertilize an egg? Having 7 Children of my own with one person, I know how sex works. I don't really need "The Talk" because I've seen it firsthand. And as to it actually happening?" Naruto transformed into his Naruko form. "This is my Naruko form... and it is completely possible for me to get pregnant if I left it on 24/7." He then transformed back to his usual Takato form. "Having a child is extremely easy. Not to mention, distractions for Kazu. Seriously, I've been using people I've fought against... one of which was..." he looked at his mother as if asking for permission.

"What? You want to curse him out?" Naruto nodded. "How long?" He shrugged. "Alright, just tell me how bad he is, without cursing him out."

"Let's just say tearing him apart on the Cellular level is not enough of a punishment for everything he's done to me alone. Add on to that, he was a gay pedophile, after someone I considered a brother, brainwashed said brother, killed the one I considered a Grandfather, started 2 wars, and killed countless others, experimenting on helpless civilians, and even Shinobi and Kunoichi all to further his goals. In other words, he could be split into 9 pieces, and go into all 9 circles of hell, sorry about the language, and it still wouldn't be enough of a punishment in my opinion. And that's just what I do know of. There's bound to be more that I never found out about."

"You're kidding me." Takehiro said, not bothering to hide his shock.

"I wish I were. There's only one person that tops him on my "Shit List" as people call it. Basically, it's people that should have died, and I would do nearly anything to kill them myself." Naruto noticed the tensed forms of his current parents. "Don't worry, no one is on that list right now... But I have a feeling someone or something is going to make it there soon. But... do you want to know what this person did that was so bad?"

"I think that can wait." Takehiro said.

"No... I need to say this... He caused an entire World War by himself... and killed my parents. Not you, my other parents. He killed off his own family, committed mass genocide in another country, and led a group of the most dangerous Shinobi that were alive at the time. They were after me, and those like me. Jinchuuriki. I managed to finally destroy him, sure. But what he did cannot be forgiven. Even in death."

They were officially scared. "If you want to see my training, I'll be going through it again tomorrow, since there's no school. I'll even show you a few things. Aside from my own Jutsu, namely Rasengan, Rasenshuriken, and Shadow Clone Jutsu, I haven't gone for anything above a Low B-rank in any element. Believe it or not, the Shadow Clone Jutsu is my favorite, followed closely by Rasengan. It's the creation of my father. Rasenshuriken, I created from the Rasengan." Seeing their faces. "No, I will not use it here, nor will I use it unless I have no other choice. I've got it ready in case I need it, but I don't want to use it. I had it marked as a forbidden for a good reason." He shook his head. "Anything else, you'll have to come to my training because I'll be showing you what I've been doing, before getting to my training with Guilmon."

"Why train him?"

"I created him. I don't know why, but I did. And look." He pulled out his Digivice. "This, if I'm not mistaken, is a Digivice. If I'm right, and it is, then that means that something big and dangerous is coming. Aside from that, I was chosen to do this." he looked at it with a sad, yet hopeful look. "I've been trying to regain my skills for the last few years, ever since I was 8. When I was 7... I had a feeling something was going to happen. And I wouldn't like it one bit. Something that would trigger my anger to levels beyond recognition. I did what I could to get back to who I was, figuring that it could help. When I get those kinds of feelings, something bad happens. And it's never wrong. This..." He gestured to the Digivice. "This is just fuel to the flame. Something to add to my bad feeling all those years ago. If this means anything like the show does, it means something on the level of Worldwide Cataclysm is going to happen soon. How soon, I'm not sure. But Digimon are somehow involved. This may be speculation, and you may not like it, but I don't think we have much of a choice."

"Is there anything to convince you not to do this?" Yoshie asked, tears still drawing from her eyes.

Naruto shook his head. "The last time someone tried to keep me from a war because I was a target of the opponent, no one could stop me from getting to the battlefield. I doubt there's anything you could say or do to make me change my mind."

"But you're..." Yoshie started.

"Honey... it wouldn't do any good. He's got a point. He's as stubborn as a bull, cunning as a fox, courageous as a lion, and loyal as a wolf. Not to mention he saved his own world. It's what he does. We can't stop him, so we should support him wherever we can." Takehiro said. "Takato, no matter what happens, I'll be happy as long as you're happy. I may not like what you choose but... It's your decision." He then got down to eye level with him. "I may not be the voice of reason in this family, but that doesn't mean I can't figure out when something is futile. Arguing with you when you make up your mind, from what you said, is futile. You'd do it, whether we so yes or no."

"You can't be serious!"

"Actually... he's right. The only one that ever changed my mind on something like that was my wife at the time. After she came out of her shell... well, she was far too stubborn for me to say no. Not even my children, and grandchildren could do that. Children could compromise, Grandchildren, not so much. I doubt that you could find anything to make me change my mind. It's getting late, though. We'll need the rest. You two more than me. This is a huge load on the mind, after all. You'll need to absorb what I said. I'll wait for you in the morning. Can we have the store closed tomorrow?"

Yoshie nodded. "Tomorrow is a day off anyway."

"If you're going to be doing this... how do you plan to attend school?"

Naruto smirked. "Shadow Clones have a few good advantages. Particularly, the Memory Transfer Ability. I could send a reinforced Shadow Clone and have it go for me if I have to do something. It's a simple matter for me to switch with it if something comes up and I'm in school. I'd be using my old Naruto form. More specifically, what I wore in Sage Mode." (A/N: Sage Mode Naruto outfit, minus Sage Mode) "If you see anything like this" He transformed into his Sage Mode outfit. "Basically, it's me doing what I have to, and keeping my cover as Takato Matsuki. I just know that some government official would be going after me if they ever found out a kid, of all people was getting into situations as dangerous as this. This isn't the Elemental Nations. One of the reasons why I'm accepting this so easily. I have far too many covers. People that no one would bother to question." He then released the Transformation. "It won't dispel if I get hit either. Trust me, it took me getting my arm bitten off, before I was forced to revert back. As for when I changed back, my arm was completely unharmed and in one piece. Just... make sure that anyone of your friends don't come over with snakes. I have a justified hatred of snakes of all kinds."

"How so?"

"Remember the Pedophile I told you about?" Naruto asked. "He's why. He used them, and even emulated them to a point. Needless to say I have a justified hatred of Snakes. I might try to kill it if it even looks at me. I could bear them when a friend of mine named Anko summoned them, because she didn't try to kill me. She only tried to seduce me. She failed epically. I'm immune to Seduction. Always have been. Unless I'm already taken with them, it won't work. Besides, she wasn't my type anyway."

"Too much..." Takehiro said, as he walked out, holding his head.

"What is your type?"

"Feisty, and stubborn." Naruto said. "Red head is a bonus. Hinata may not have fallen under any of them, but she was fond of me, even when I didn't realize it. She was worth it. It's the reason I had a crush on Sakura, which later turned into a Brother-sister relationship." He then walked Guilmon over to the bunk-bed. "No, if only I had my old Sword: Brother Blood. I'd be using that against whatever threat comes." He then took out some goggles. They were cosplay replicas of Tai Kamiya's from the show. "If I'm gonna be doing the Digimon thing, it's a good thing I hid these from you, mom. You'd have thrown them out the moment you found them. The leader always has goggles... I just wish I had my old pair. They were orange."

Yoshie nodded. "Alright... if you can get me a good picture of it tomorrow, I'll special order them if you want. You deserve a family. You didn't have one in your last life. I guess whatever childhood you have now has been ruined by this."

Naruto shrugged. "Eh, I'm used to it." he then looked at his mother, with a pained look. One someone his age shouldn't have. His eyes, though, showed fierce determination. The same determination that gave him the title: "Bearer of the Will of Fire". "I'm not going to let any harm come to those close to me. Nothing will stop me from protecting them when I have even the smallest chance of doing so. I will act on that chance, if it means they will be protected. That is my Nindo. It always has been, and always will be. Whether I'm a Shinobi or not doesn't matter. And I never go back on my word. Believe it." He smiled a bit, remembering how he always said that, before going to take a shower. "I'm gonna take a shower, and hit the sack. Guilmon, we'll be sleeping on the floor tonight. Both of us."

Guilmon nodded. "Okay. That was a good talk. When do I start?"

"You don't really know anything that I don't know, and haven't said." Naruto admitted. "There's really nothing left to say."

"Oh... Okay." Guilmon nodded. Naruto then went to the bathroom, and came back, to sleep.

And with sleep came another weird dream.

One he wasn't sure what to make of.


Naruto found himself in darkness. Nothing in any direction to see. Finding it useless to see, he closed his eyes trying to find wind currents. He then turned himself around. "What do you want?"

"I did not expect you here." A voice said, before a path of sewers that Naruto was all too familiar with appeared. "Find me, if you dare."

Naruto sighed. "And here I thought Kurama was gone." He then started to walk a well known path, to a gate, but there was no seal, and the gate was open. "Alright, Kurama, you can come out now."

What he saw, wasn't what he expected. No, what he saw was a giant dragon. "I do not know of this Kurama. I am Megidramon."

"Okay, and I can tell by your form that you're not Kurama. Kurama is like a giant Red Orange furred version of Kyuubimon, only more like a Virus type because of the ingrained hatred in him." Naruto shrugged. "So, what are you doing in my mind?"

"It is because of the Digimon you created. You see this symbol on my chest?" Naruto nodded. "It is the symbol a great power. One that is too powerful for any Digimon aside from myself to control. And I was deleted. It took all 13 Royal Knights, the 7 Demon Lords, the other 3 of the Great Dragons, and the 5 Sovereigns to take me down, and I still almost won."

Naruto didn't flinch at the angry tone. Instead, he whistled. "That's got to be a lot of power in you. So, that doesn't explain why you're in my mind... Although, I think it has something to do with Guilmon."

"You are quick. Yes, your Guilmon took my data upon his creation. A Tamer is what helps Digimon Digivolve in the Southern Quadrant. That is the quadrant you'd go to if you went to the Digital World. Digivolution from rage will trigger it. Especially if you go into a Mega form. If it happens through Rage, and you go from Ultimate to Mega, your Guilmon will turn into a Mindless version of me. Be mindful of your rage, tamer."

Naruto nodded, knowing what Rage did to him. Then an idea came to mind. "You said you have complete control over it, right?"

"No human, special or not, can handle the kind of power I hold. The Digital Hazard, cannot be tamed."

"People said the same thing about Kurama's power, and yet I tamed that. Kurama had enough power in one of his tails to crush mountains and cause Tsunamis... and I proved it to work in one swipe. Mountain first." Naruto pointed out. "The power was not mine, either. With the right instruction, I can teach him to control it. Nothing is impossible, and I've experienced that firsthand. Hell, my own existence defined the impossible."

"Please, you are a human."

"Tell me. Have you ever heard of the Term Jinchuuriki?"

"Highly well. There was only one that I have ever respected, Takato Matsuki."

"If it was a male, would it be one named Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze in the Elemental Nations?"

"How do you know of him?"

Naruto looked directly into the eyes of the Megidramon. "Because he's staring you down in the face as I speak. I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, reborn as Takato Matsuki."


"I said before, I have the living definition of the impossible." Naruto retorted. "I can help Guilmon control it. Believe it."

Megidramon was silent for a few seconds. "I will give you the power of the Hazard yourself. Along with the knowledge of what it can do. Train yourself to control it, before you train your partner in its usage. And make sure no one knows of what it is. The less that know, the better."

"Yeah. My parents might freak if they found I held that kind of power... again. I had just come clean about my past life as a Jinchuuriki. Now I'm a bearer of another power that is as strong, if not stronger. They wouldn't be able to handle it." Naruto paused. "Can you tie it into my Chakra? Kind of like a second element?"

"That is doable. However, I would have to reinstate the Shiki Fuujin."

"No need for that. Just make a ball of the energy required, and I'll close the gate. This place is proof of the seal still being intact, there's just nothing to seal, so there's no reason for it to show. I can hold it back with the Shiki Fuujin, until I can completely control it myself. When that happens, I'd be able to hold back Guilmon if he goes berserk because of me. Kurama's power raged out of control with my rage. I know how to keep my cool until someone kills a very close friend. And by that, I mean an actual death, not unconsciousness, or severely injured. With My Shadow Clones, I should be able to get it down within a few weeks, if not months. By the time anything big enough for me to use it in a fight or strong enough to kill someone close to me would come along, I would most likely already have complete control over it."

"I will watch over you and your partner, Uzumaki. Hopefully you do not fail. I have given you the benefit of a doubt. Don't mess it up."

Naruto simply gave Megidramon a thumbs up. "Don't worry. I surpass people's expectations all the time. I'll be fine. I guess setting up a Pocket Dimension was a good idea." Megidramon then turned into a small red ball, and Naruto willed the gate closed, and locked it. "I won't let you down, Megidramon. We will control it."

Naruto soon found himself in his grassland mindscape, finding a new book in his hands. "Digital Hazard... Time to get cracking." Naruto then opened up the book, and read it intently.


Chapter complete.