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Chapter 17: The Next ride, and stories

It had been 3 days since Naruto woke up, and the entire group of Tamers, minus Obito and Lucemon, and their parents, minus Ai and Mako whose Grandmother was there, were at a playground in Shinjuku Park.

Naruto was looking at all of them. Yamaki was there too, as was Riley.

"So, I've kept you all waiting for a while since it was first mentioned, so I believe I should tell you about my encounter with Matt's MetalGarurumon."


"I only ask that you don't interrupt while I tell you all." Calumon flew in as well and landed in Rumiko's arms.

The Digimon were by their partners in Rookie form. Everyone, Digimon and Human, nodded.

"Okay, it started while I was exploring the Digital World with the Hazard...

-Here it comes!-

Naruto was floating past what seemed to be a chapel, which he would later find Shibumi in alongside Henry. He took a random tube, and followed it, before ending up in a bay, that had a beach and forests nearby. He swam to the beach, and got out, before shaking himself off. "Damn... I wonder what Sector I'm in." He opened the map he had been making, and he found that most of it was gone. All there was on the map was the immediate area. "Something's wrong here..." he looked around, on alert. Guilmon wasn't there, so he was effectively on his own at the moment.

After a bit of walking around, and checking out the sights, he felt an incoming presence, and then moved to the side, dodging a single missile by an inch. He looked at the offender, and saw it was a MetalGarurumon. "A MetalGarurumon... Maybe he can help me out." he mused.

"Who are you?! The gate to the Real World was closed 2 full years ago!" MetalGarurumon questioned.

"Uh... I was wondering where I ended up. My map doesn't have this area, and I've been to 80% of the Digital World."

"No human could map out 80% of the Digital World!" He retorted, before firing 3 more missiles. He managed to dodge the Missiles which sailed past his head. "You are also not human, as no human can dodge those missiles!"

"Actually..." He jumped to avoid another barrage of missiles. Only one of them came close this time, which he was slightly glad he jumped over it. Considering the fact that it went right past his groin. "Hey! I need those for my girlfriend!" Naruto shouted.

"Cocytus Breath!" He let loose a torrent of White Flames, which Naruto also dodged.

"Damn it! Why won't you listen to me?!" Naruto shouted.

"Because a Human Cannot be in the Digital World, and no human has your abilities!"


"THAT'S BULLSHIT!" MetalGarurumon roared, before letting loose and entire Barrage, which Naruto prompted to put his hands up. "Fuck this! Hazard Shield!" A Red barrier appeared, and made every missile that touched it disappear as if it were deleted. "No Digimon can handle the power of the Digital hazard! If I wanted to kill you, all I'd need is one punch!"

"I'm a Mega Level Digimon! I dealt a powerful blow to Piemon! You are nothing compared to me!"

"Is that Arrogance I hear? Or stupidity?" Naruto countered.

"You little... Cocytus Breath!"

Naruto sidestepped the blast, and went through handsigns. "Doton: Flowing Mud River!" the ground turned into Mud, which trapped MetalGarurumon. "Doton: Earth Dragon Bullet!" More handsigns. "Katon: Fire Dragon Bombs!" He blew flames into the projectiles heading for the MetalGarurumon.

The Damage was made. "Earth and Fire... No Digimon can use both!"

"And No Digimon can use 5 Elements! Raiton: Electromagnetic Murder!" Tendrils of Lightning coursed through MetalGarurumon. "Fuuton: Drilling Air Bullet!" He blew out a ball of compressed air, which sent the MetalGarurumon flying. "Suiton: Water Dragon Projectile!" A Chinese style Dragon rose from the nearby bay and hit the MetalGarurumon, who groaned, before glowing and reverting back to a rookie. The Combo was too much, and he never saw it coming. Naruto walked up to the Gabumon, and sat next to him, as he woke up.

"Gabumon, if I wanted to delete you I would have while you were asleep. All I wanted was to know where that tube took me. I was in a Wasteland, found a tube, and went in. Found a major intersection, and went through. Found myself in the nearby bay. Think you can help?"

Gabumon groaned. "Who are you?"

"For now, call me Saurian. I have a Digimon Partner myself, so you know."

"You have a Digimon Partner? How come?"

"The Real world is probably going for shit soon. I take it you have one too?"

"Yes. His name is Yamato, but everyone calls him Matt."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Yamato? As in Yamato Ishida?"

Gabumon nodded. "The very same. You know him?"

Naruto just stared. "I think... I'm not in my Digital World anymore."

"Huh? Isn't the Digital World the same?"

Naruto shook his head. "Not really. This is Server, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

"Then that explains why my map didn't have the area." He said. "I'm from the Southern Quadrant of the Digital World. The Show happened in the East Quadrant. Unreal... I Changed quadrants... OH, people are gonna flip if I told them I met Matt's Partner!" He looked at the Gabumon. "Hey, Gabumon? I've got a question."

"I should have an answer. If I don't I can tell you where to go. But what's this about Quadrants?"

"I'll answer your question first." Naruto explained about the four Quadrants, and the Sovereigns. "Zhuqiaomon is the Sovereign of the South Quadrant. Basically, the one that rules that area. His policy is survival of the fittest. You fight, you win, you absorb the data of your opponent, AKA the loser. There, there are several ways to get to the Real World, which I think is different than the one you were in. Azulongmon is the Sovereign of the East. From what I can piece together, if anyone has to choose any Digidestined, it would either Azulongmon for this Quadrant, or Fanglongmon, the Supreme Sovereign."

"I see. That's some helpful information. And your question?"

"Have you faced off with a Digimon known as Diaboromon and stopped him from launching a nuclear warhead?"

"Yes. That happened just a few months ago. Wargreymon and I combined somehow, and became Omnimon. WE managed to beat him, just in the nick of time, too. Why?"

"Because I know what you two did was called. The fusing of two Digimon without absorbing their data is called DNA Digivolution. The D-Powers aren't exactly equipped for it, though."

"But if that's the case, then how come we pulled it off?"

"My guess is Taichi and Yamato worked together to make it happen."

"Wait, I never told you about Taichi!" Gabumon told him.

"Didn't have to. In the Southern Quadrant, Your adventures is actually a show that airs in the Real World there. I'm a pretty big fan."

"That's impossible."

"It's how I knew about Diaboromon. Digimon there is basically a franchise. There's not a lot of people in the world that doesn't know about Digimon. I'm actually quite big on knowledge Regarding Digimon. The show, the card game, movies, I can pretty much name them off by heart. Apparently, Season 2 of the show hasn't started yet, though, so any questions you may have won't be answered."

"Then, would you tell me what happened in the First Season?"

Naruto went on to explain the events, in great detail. When he finished with Season 1, he saw that Gabumon was holding his head. "All this talk is making my head hurt."

"You sure it's not a result of all those blasts I hit you with?"

"No, I didn't have a headache from that. My body is made of Chrome Digizoit when I'm MetalGarurumon. You should probably get back home, though. I don't know how long you can stay here, but it shouldn't be this long."

"Probably a good idea." Naruto agreed. "Maybe I'll see you again."

"We can only hope."

"And by the way, when I leave, you won't remember anything about this conversation, aside from that I'm Saurian."

"Wait, what..."

"Ciao!" Naruto went through a portal made from the Hazard, and ended up in Area 4, where Guilmon was looking at him.


"I just had the meeting of a lifetime." Naruto replied.

-back to the park-

Everyone just looked at him. "Seriously? You did all that?" Ryou asked.

"Yeah. Crazy huh?" Naruto replied.

"No... that pretty much fits the description of you." Ryou admitted.

Naruto sweatdropped. "Thanks a lot..."

"Ah, don't be glum." Rika slapped the back of his head. "He didn't kill you, so be glad for that. Besides, we might be called in to help them out. After all, our D-Arks are a lot more powerful than the D-3s they have in Season 2."

"I know they are." Naruto retorted. "but if I'm not here to coordinate the group someone else has to lead them."

"What about Ryou?" Rika asked. "Idiot or not, he's still got Haku in him."

"Can't. I'm going to try and apologize to my friend in a month. I'll be back sometime, but I can't really hold on to that factor." Ryou replied. "What about Henry?"

"Why me?" Henry asked, surprised.

Everyone else looked at him. "You, with Shikamaru's brain, he would be a good candidate."

Henry sighed. "What a drag..."

"All in favor?" Naruto asked.

All Tamers raised their hands, except for Henry, who sighed. "Troublesome... Fine, I'll lead if something happens to you... but I won't like it."

"Didn't think you would-ttebayo." Naruto instantly covered his mouth. "That just had to come out now, didn't it?" He sighed. "I was really hoping I had gotten over that verbal tick."

Rika pecked his cheek, which caused a slight blush. "I think it's good."

Naruto just scratched his other cheek with a finger. "Rika..."

"What? You expect me to hit you for a tick you had for 20 years?" She raised an eyebrow.

"... No comment." Was his reply. "Well, that's the story of how it happened. This was a month before Mihiramon came into play."

"Seriously? That far back?" Yoshie asked.

"Yeah." Naruto replied. "I haven't been to the Eastern Quadrant since then, either, so I don't know if they're okay. I haven't even checked on our own Quadrant. I can only hope the Laser did as I intended."

"That reminds me." Yamaki started. "Why did you make such a thing in the first place?"

"I was hoping I'd never have to use it." Naruto admitted. "The fact that it came in handy means its a good thing I made it. You saw the effects. And that should tell you everything you need to know about why I didn't like making it. I just had it in case it was needed. Never wanted to use the damn thing."

"Well, now that you have, do you regret it?"

"No. Because it came in handy. Much more so than I was expecting. But now, the systems for it are completely offline. It would take a month to get everything back in running order, and that's not counting in time for school, and relaxation... or dates with Rika." He winked at her. "But I'll take my time with it. It's better that way. It took 3 months to make everything and program it properly... I never even tested it. You guys did that against D-Reaper."

Janyu looked at Naruto. "Well, it surprised Shibumi, that's for sure."

"All things considered, I'm not surprised. I'm not giving the designs out, either. They wouldn't be able to make 3 of the Resonators because of the nature of them. If they manage to harness Nature Chakra successfully, then they may be able to build them, but it's combining Technology and Nature with no discrepancies whatsoever that they can't handle. Then there's Converting the Nature Chakra into the Negatively charged Ions for the exact power and kick... If they managed to get that far in Technology in the next 30 years, I'd be seriously surprised. That reminds me... How is Alice doing with her father?"

"She's doing well, actually. They've bonded quite a bit, though Dobermon is having a field day scaring off anyone that goes after her family. He's part of their family now, just like Terriermon and Lopmon are in ours."

"Right-o!" Terriermon replied happily.



"You take it easy." Henry told him, causing everyone to laugh at the normal interaction.

"So, the ceremony is in a week. Anyone have any plans until then?" Sasuke (Impmon) asked.

"Yeah... And I'm not gonna say anything regarding them with the kids around."

"You're all kids." Rumiko pointed out.

Naruto pointed at Ai, Mako, and Suzie. "Those are the kids I'm talking about. Suzie and Yamaki may know what I mean when I say Nibi got boom in the back, and that's what I plan for."

No one but Suzie got the message, and her eyes widened. "You mean..."

"Yes, and don't tell anyone." she nodded.

"Suzie... what does he mean?"

"Uh... Let's just put it at Rated R stuff, and leave it at that."

"Does it involve Rika?"

"If she wants it to." Naruto replied smoothly.

Yamaki looked at him. "And that has a double meaning. Even with Rated R content, the Double Meaning stands."

"Exactly." Naruto replied. "And by the way, Boss is already taking care of it."

"Then let him know that he should've been here himself to tell us."

"He did." Rika then landed a Chakra Enhanced Punch on him, and he disappeared in a puff of smoke. "Friggin Smart ass..." She grumbled.

"Rika!" Rumiko scolded.

-with Naruto-

"I knew she'd do that." Naruto mused.

"And you did it anyway, why?"

'Because I'm crazy. Next question?'

Naruto pulled out a Kunai with a Paper Tag on the handle.

"You know she's going to pummel you for it, right?"

'I know that... But I still got a promise to uphold. This is also the last one.' Naruto said, as he came up to a man in dark clothing. 'Target acquired.'

He got behind the man. "Target Engaged. Sennin Goroshi!" He shoved the Kunai up the man's ass. And vanished, as he screamed in pain. Once at a safe distance, he made a handsign. "Katsu." The Kunai exploded, and it killed him. He then vanished into the wind, after cutting off his balls, and sealing them away.

"How you managed to cut the balls off after putting explosives in their ass is beyond me."

Naruto, who was on top of the Hypnos Towers, just looked out at the city. "Because, my furry little friend..." He smirked. "I'm Captain Naruto Uzumaki."

"... The hell did you get that line?"

"Pirates of the Caribbean is a good movie. Captain Jack Sparrow is awesome. I can relate to him, too. Partially Insane, and able to defy logic. Extremely lucky, at that."

"...I see your point."

Naruto just jumped off and Rika disappeared from the group she was in, though no one knew where she went.

They both then ended up in the campsite for his family. "So..."

She punched him in the face sending him through a few trees. He didn't even get up, but raised a hand with a single finger. "I had that coming!"

"You're damn right you did!" Rika shouted at him.

"For the record, I took care of one of the double meanings." Naruto got up, surprisingly unscathed. "You want some boom in your back?"

Rika blinked, before looking around. "We're at the campsite..." Naruto nodded. "Does anyone know you would come here?"

"If anyone would come here, it's my parents. It would take them a few hours to get here from the city, though."

Rika then thought about it. "I don't want boom in the back." She stared into his eyes. "I want it in the front."


Next chapter: The next threat!

Rika: Seriously, what is up with the crazy shit happening to us?

Naruto: You should get used to it, Rika.