All my life I spent with guys…, with special skills. My mum was an ex-Army. Her brother was a retired mercenary and still helping his old mercenary group. My dad…, he was a no show. He left my mum after two years of their marriage while she was pregnant with me. Then, she moved in with her brother, my dear Uncle Tool.

Uncle Tool owned a shop house where the ground level was his tattoo parlour and the two top floors is his apartment, where he shared with his mercenary group. I was raised with those men and my mum. They were called 'The Expendables'. There's Barney Ross, the leader, Lee Christmas, the knife expert, a short Chinese guy who he called himself Yin Yang, a hand-to-hand combat expert, Hale Ceaser, the heavy duty weapon expert and Toll Road, the demolition expert. They had this other guy, Gunner Jensen; he's great mercenary and was closed to my mum. She died during a mission and ever since, he was down and started to use drugs.

I look up to everyone as father figures and guardians in my life, especially Uncle Tool, Barney and Gunner, but Gunner was having trouble coping my mother's death and years of combat stress and alcohol addiction. That's the self-destruct Gunner. The Gunner that I knew he was kind. He often took me to the park and used to swing me higher and higher. Everyone looked at us weirdly as to why a guy who looked like he had been using drugs was safe with a little girl, playing the swing, but we all knew that Gunner would never hurt me or used drugs whenever he's around me. Before we went home, it was either ice cream or hot dogs.

As I grew older, my mum and the guys started to teach me a few things about their jobs. Other teenagers, they'd probably asked their dads to buy them some dresses, shoes, fancy cars and so on. I, on the other hand, prefer knives like the one Lee has or a Harley bike or a gun for my birthday present. Mum seemly doesn't mind about that. Like mother like daughter.

At school, I was kinda a loner. The people around me were too…, normal for me. Once, there's a group of cheerleaders trying to intimidate me because I don't have a boyfriend and thought I was a lesbian. I ignored them and they continued to intimidate me. Then, one day when they wanted to get tattoos, they went to Uncle Tool's tattoo parlour, where at that time, Lee, Gunner, Barney and I were playing a round of knife throwing. I had this collection of knives given by Lee when I was 14 and I was throwing in front of those cheerleaders. Ever since, they never bothered me, afraid I might stab them with my knives.

My mother died when I was 16. When school finished for the summer, I was picked up by Trench; he's Barney's rival but sometimes a reliable ally. He told me that Barney had asked him to get me from school and brought me to the hospital. When we arrived, we headed for the morgue and found the guys, still in their uniforms and vests and next to where they stood were my mother, who doctor pronounced dead due to a gunshot to the chest and massive blood lost. I cried and locked myself in my room for days.

Uncle Tool and the guys tried to talk me out but I ignored them. Until one day, the guys each took turn to sit outside my room and told me the memories that they had with my mum. Gunner even confessed, "I love your mother once, Hanna, but I never told her and lost her to a douche bag that treat her like she was lower than dirt. He thinks that since he had money, he can just do whatever he wants to at her. The day Tool and I found out, we hunt him down like wild predators and beat the shit out of him. He ran like a chicken and we never saw him again. Your mum was half mad and half relieved at me. Next thing we knew, he sent the divorce papers. Your mum and I continued on where we left off, but once again I lost her to death. I love her Hanna and if I had given a chance to tell her properly, I would".

I stepped out and hugged him. I cried in his arms for quite a while until I realised I was hungry. I hadn't eaten in days and lost all my energy to grief. Gunner carried me down and the guys were waiting for me with boxes of pizzas. I started to feel better when I know I had them as family. When my 16th birthday arrived, Uncle Tool had given me mum's Harley and he let me choose a tattoo. I told him I wanted the Expendables tattoo and said, "I wanted to be like you guys. You'll say no but we all knew that there's no denying the fact that I'm as good as anyone in here". Barney told me to go serve in the army then after the service maybe I can join them as a young protégé.

I did as I was told and served in the army after graduating in college. In the army I meet this guy, Billy Timmons. We served in different teams but at times, we crossed path. "Maybe we are fated somehow", he once told me. After I've done my end of the service, I left to join The Expendables and there, I met Billy again. He said he wanted to join in when I told him about the guys when we were serving in the army.

So that's the summary of my life so far. Oh, I almost forgot! My name is Hannah Rose Tool and I'm a member of The Expendables, expert in knife, heavy duty artillery and fist fighting.