Chp 4

Our next mission is to retrieve something for Church. He had a past connection with us in the past. I stayed away from Billy just to annoy him. "Hannah, we need to talk", he said to me, as I was polishing my bike. I continued to ignore him. "I have ways to make you talk", he whispered. "And I can scream and dad can break you in half", I said and smiled with triumph.

When we arrived at our mission destination and Barney ordered us to watch over at the vantage point. I got paired up with Billy. Just great, thanks so much, Barney.

(Billy's POV)

Yes! Thank you, Barney for letting me and Hannah alone. We set up our weapon and waited for any possibility of an attack. "Hannah…", I said, breaking the silence. "If you don't shut up, I'll shoot you and leave you here", she said. I chuckled. "We really need to talk. This is driving me crazy", I said. "You don't think all this time when I didn't confessed, it doesn't drive me crazy?", she retorted back.

"I know that, but don't you think we should talk?", I said. "No! Now shut up!", she said, angrily. I smiled at her and suddenly, I had this tingling sense. Is this a new found feeling for Hannah? Before I could continue, my world suddenly turned black. When I woke up, I was half dragged by some guys in black. They dragged me and Hannah till we faced the rest of the Expendables.

"Drop the weapon!", the leader yelled. "Not a chance!", Lee argued. Then, there was silence. "Do you want to watch your daughter die, Mr Jensen?", the leader asked. Gunner's face turned horrific. "Who the hell are you?!", said Gunner. Then, a man in a ridiculous fur jacket came out. "Do you remember me, Gunner?", the man asked.

"Giovanni Polinski", said Gunner. "The drug king who you took his wife away from him…, and this must be your bastard daughter that you and Helena had", said Giovanni, "My partners, Jean Vilain and Hector here have a very interesting way to use Hannah if you don't drop your weapons". He gave an evil smirk and I think I know what he plans to do.

At the end to what it seems an endless argument, Hector dragged me to the front and he used his knife to slash my chest. Hannah screamed my name she had tears in her eyes. After a while, Jean held out Barney's knife that he confiscated from Barney and ordered them to lie down. He gave it to Hector and Hector pointed it to my heart. Death will be inevitable.

I thought I was going to die. Then, Hannah decided to be the 'hero' of the day, where she head butt one of her captor and kicked the other one at his groin. She ran up to me as Vilain was about to roundhouse kick the knife and pushed him aside with a flying kick. Before she could try anything else, Hector grabbed her first. "Tsk, tsk. Not a good move", said Hector as he ran his thumb down to her cheek. "Don't you touch her!", I yelled. I was burning with rage from the inside.

Hector handed Hannah to Giovanni and as Hannah tried to escape, Giovanni punched her in the stomach and Hannah fell to the ground, coughing up. Hector came to me and said, "Don't talk", and he too punched me in the gut. Hannah looked over me. 'I'll get us out', I mouthed at her. "Let's make this simpler. You give us the blueprint and we'll give you the boy, but we'll keep the girl just in case you decide to follow us. We'll let her go once we get what we want", said Vilain.

"How should we know you're telling the truth?", Barney asked, head faced to the ground. "You know how", said Giovanni. They kept me bound but left me on the ground as they dragged a half conscience Hannah to a helicopter that just landed. I got up, trying to get her, but Hector held out his knife and said, "If you want her home in pieces, please feel free to chase us. I like to see how she looks like when I chop her like a piece of meat".

I growled, but could not do anything. They took off and Lee ran up to me, cutting me lose. I saw Hannah through the window and I yelled out her name. The rest came to me, asking me whether I'm ok or not, but not Gunner. He grabbed me by the neck and said angrily, "You were supposed to watch her!". "It's not the Kid's fault", said Barney. "We'll get her, one ways or another", Lee promised.

We ran back to the plane and followed up. It was a silent ride. 'Don't worry, Hannah. I'll come and get you', I promised to myself.

(Hannah's POV)

I was taken far up north. "Your mother was a bitch. I enjoyed every second of her, every hit that I gave her and now I'm gonna enjoy do the same to you", Giovanni said and gave an evil grin. I growled under the gag. I wonder where we will go. Dad, where are you? You better not be blaming Billy, dad. I looked out and I could see small towns and what looks like a cave and there were people coming in and out of there. Will the guys find me?