Target:Micheal Myers. The long Halloween.

I have seen a lifetime of death. There have been things I've done that some people would condemn. My trade was that of an assassin. I was hired to kill and that's exactly what I did. There comes a time in your life when you are forced to reflect on the things you have done, with me the bad out weighed the good. I needed to change. My last mission opened my eyes. It made me a better man. I saw the monster I had become and realized that the bad was starting to outweigh the good in the world. So I quit cold turkey. No more assassinations. None.

"Seth!" My loyal friend yelled running into the room. "Seth! I've got something! You are never going to believe it!" he said almost out of breath. "Calm down Charles. Take a breath." His excitement was due to the fact that I had decided to go into buisness for myself. No more assassinations. Who was I kidding. It's all I knew. However, this time was different. I was hunting bad things. I wanted to help good people and Charles had apparently found a good one. "Okay, out with it. What's the target?" "I was contacted by a person who was in fear of their life. Every member of his family has already been killed and he is the next on the killers list." "Why doesn't he just go to the police?" I say looking at Charles with look of impatience on my face. Charles smiles. "They don't believe him." "You are telling me every member of his family has been killed and the police don't care." "It's not that at all. They are just afraid. This killer has killed some of the police as well. You see once James, that's our client, is dead. The police hope to never see the killer again because after all he only kills his own family members...oh and anyone else that is in the way of that goal." "Charles, that's crazy! You mean the police are that scared of a man." "Not just any man Seth. No one has ever survived an encouter with him. His legend is told only after he has killed and dissappeared again." Who the hell is this guy anyway?" "That's the best part. We are dealing with a real urban legend here! Micheal Myers!"

I had to take this one. We researched everything we could about Micheal Myers and found out about all the death he had left in his wake. Not only would we be helping James, but we would be helping the familys of those who lost loved ones to this monster. One problem though was he was usually only active on Halloween. It was still months away. So I traveled to James's house and started getting it ready for that day. Much to his dismay I made James stay there with me despite his insistance on being moved to a possible safe house.

"Tell me again why I can't just leave." James said frustrated. "He's going to come for you whever you are. If you are with me you will be safer. Don't worry I'm going to stop him." "How can you be so sure?" "I've never failed to kill anything I'm after. One of my jobs had me take out a mutated soldier. You would shoot him and he would just keep coming. Nothing would stop him or so it would seem." James looks scared. "How did you kill him?" "I did it the old fashioned way. I beheaded him with my sword." "You carry a sword too?" "I am always prepared."

The next morning a cop car showed up. A deputy knocked on James's door. It wasn't James that answered. "Who are you?" the deputy asked. "A friend of James. What can I do for you?" "I've come to ask James to be out of the county by October." "Why?" I asked. "The mayor wants no chance of any disturbances that month." "You mean deaths because of Micheal Myers!" The deputy tenses up. "Look here! I don't know who you are but, you got no business interfereing with the law. You just tell your friend James that if he's not gone by October first, then the police department will make him leave!" "Tell the mayor, James isn't leaving. Things are well in hand here. As long as your people stay away from here there will not be an incident involving Micheal Myers." The deuty thinks about it for a moment. "I guess we will be seeing each other on the first then." "I guess we will." I say staring coldly at him. He then gets in his patrol car and departs. Just great October first we have to face the police and somehow get them to let us stay. Then beyond that I have to take down Micheal Myers. It's going to be a long Halloween.