It wasn't until the funeral that it really hit her. Until then, she had been able to pretend that he had just gone out for a while. Gone to work to cut up meat all day, or gone to kill some vamps. Or gone somewhere. But here, with the whole town - or at least what was left of it - packed into the little chapel, she couldn't escape it. Of course, the funeral wasn't actually held until weeks after it happened. What with the draug killing off a vast majority of the vampire race and such. But someone had had a brainwave, realised that some kind of chemical was lethal to draug. The draug were gone, leaving behind a half destroyed town and a completely destroyed Claire. The weeks in which the draug had been fought against and defeated, she had spent balled up in a room somewhere. The days passed in a blur. A numbing and miserable blur. People offered her comforting words. She ignored them. She didn't want them. She wanted Shane. Eventually they stopped trying. It wasn't until yesterday, when Eve had come in to tell her that they were having a funeral, that Claire finally payed enough attention to realise who was talking to her and to make sense of the words. She had gotten up for the first time in days. She took a shower - a real shower, no more draug to worry about now - and had a look in the mirror at the mess staring back at her. Now that she had showered and cleaned her hair, she looked vaguely normal, but there was no disguising the dark rings under her eyes, caused by sleepless nights. Her skin was sallow, and she had a beaten and defeated look about her. She looked like a dead person. She half wished she was. She left the bathroom and went back to her corner so she could curl up in a ball and cry again.

Now, back at the chapel, there was no escaping it. She had been in denial for weeks, but seeing everyone here made it real. She didn't think there was a person in town who hadn't turned up. Theo was here. Claire's parents, of course. Even Monica Morrell, who was still mourning the death of her own brother. She too had the same blank look that Claire was sure we was wearing too. Most surprising, though, was Amelie. And Oliver. Amelie, she could kind of get. Shane had sacrificed himself to save her town. She had to have some respect for that. Maybe Oliver felt the same. To be honest, Claire didn't care. She really didn't care. She just wanted this over.