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She couldn't believe it. She was absolutely mortified as it was. Of course, she'd expected Michael to tell Eve but she was still pretty damn pissed off when he had the nerve to do it right in front of her.

However, she was still too distressed about the whole situation to string up even a couple of words. It was an incredibly awkward ride home. Claire could just imagine the smirks on Michael and Eve's faces, but she was too embarrassed to look. She felt like a child, caught by her parents. Come to think of it, she probably would have rather have been here with her parents than with her two older housemates.

It was an agonisingly long drive home. It felt like it for Claire, anyway. She couldn't hear Eve or Michael talk, but when she finally raised her head she was sure she saw both their eyes dart away from the rear view mirror, and their mouths twitch, struggling to hide their smirks.

Alone in the back seat, smothered by the uncomfortable silence, she was left to think. It was just like the months before today, when she would sit there and think. Today had been the first time in a very, very long time that Claire had not spent every waking moment thinking of Shane. She had gotten out, escaped her mind, and had almost enjoyed herself. It had been nice while it lasted.

But now, enveloped in the quiet of the car, she remembered all the things she had been thinking about for the past half a year. All the guilt and sadness and pain returned, but now with an intensified guiltiness and the new addition of shame.

Grieving over Shane was one thing. She was allowed to talk about it, but she didn't. What she wasn't meant to do was kiss another person... Especially not a vampire, half the reason Shane died. Especially not the one who he had hated so very much. Especially not the one who was probably happy about Shane's passing, glad to have Claire all to himself. Those things most certainly were not okay.

At the time, Claire hadn't even thought about it, she hadn't even considered Shane. The intimacy of her and Myrnin working together, his attractiveness and sweet-talk, had messed up her head. She had acted spontaneously and without thinking. In Claire's defence, Myrnin was the one who started the kiss. But she most certainly was not the one to end it; that was Michael.

They had been working over a bench, Claire looking through some of Myrnin's plugs and wires, trying to make sense of the rubbish, while he watched her. He had reached forward to grab something, leaning his body towards Claire, and she found his face inches from hers. She could smell his sweet breath, and it was intoxicating. The intimacy, however, had made her uncomfortable. "Myrnin..."

He put a finger to her lips to silence her, before moving the finger away to caress her cheek. He gently took hold of her face and guided it towards his own, before bringing their lips together.

Claire had felt like every nerve ending in her body was on fire, but not in a painful way. In a way that felt like pure ecstasy as Myrnin's lips moved against hers, and her own lips returned the favour. Now, when she thought back to it, Claire realised how incredibly selfish she had been. She hadn't spared a single thought for Shane, how he would have felt if he knew this was happening, that Claire was forgetting him.

But, lost in the bliss of Myrnin's kiss, such worries hadn't troubled Claire. The incredible feeling soaring through her body had intensified dramatically as Myrnin moved his hand from Claire's face to the back of her neck, grabbing a hold of her hair, and his free hand to the small of her back, pulling her right up against him so that their bodies were pressed together.

That was when Michael had burst in. Claire wondered to herself if he had known before he saw, because of his enhanced vampire senses or whatever. She also wondered why Myrnin hadn't heard or sensed Michael's presence, and if he had why hadn't he responded?

But these thoughts only lasted a brief second, before returning to her previous thoughts of Shane and her disloyalty. She was immediately consumed by guilt and horror, and she felt an incredible sadness, much like the one she had been feeling for the past six months. Only it was worse this time. Before today, the sadness had been numbing. Though it was there, it was strong enough that it dulled her senses and she kind of forgot about it. But now, the numb feeling was gone. Claire was not in denial anymore. She was not in shock. She was just enveloped in an indescribable sadness.

"Oi, Claire, wanna open my present before or after dinner? I made chilli dogs." It was Eve. Claire looked up and realised they were at the house. She had been so consumed by her thoughts that she hadn't even realised. But Claire was so, so sad. Upon opening her mouth to respond to Eve, she burst into tears. It was the first time she had cried since the funeral, and she could not control it. She just could not control the sadness that had overtaken her.