The Diary of Tetsuya Kuroko

7:03 am:
Woke up to Nigou's tongue in my mouth. Brushed teeth twice and made mental note to shut him out of my room when going to bed in the future.

7:30 am:
Had breakfast with my parents. Mother asked if I was still dating Momoi-san. Face hit the table and got a bruise on my forehead. Hopefully will be able to cover it with bangs. Corrected Mother on the misunderstanding.

7:53 am:
Was running a little late. Unlikely that anyone will take notice if I'm not at school on time, so wasn't worried and walked to school at a leisurely pace with Nigou. Nigou got his butt sniffed by a dog that looked oddly like Kise-kun. Disturbed.

8:27 am:
Arrived at school late. No one noticed. Not sure if I should be happy to not be in trouble or sad to not be missed. Went to class while Nigou went to hang out at the Gym.

9:00 am:
Had pop quiz on the things we've learned in history. Teacher forgot to hand me paper. Effectively scared everyone by announcing that I didn't recieve one.

9:45 am:
Quiz over. Probably did okay. Saw that Kagami-kun's paper was only half done. Suggested remedial classes. Got yelled at and plucked hard on the bruise from this morning. Painful.

10:00 am:
Lecture on mathmatical equations. Caught up on missed sleep from last night's Potato Chip Incident. Had dream about Kise-kun dog from this morning being dry humped by a dog that looked like Aomine-kun. Filed under Things to Forget.

10:50 am:
Used break between classes to use the bathroom. Overheard Captain practicing a confession to Coach. Wished him luck. Scared the crap out of him. Somewhat amusing.

11:05 am:
Tried to stay awake in class. Stared at the tag sticking out of the back of Kagami-kun's shirt to have something to focus on. Boring, but better than nothing.

12:15 pm:
Lunch time. Normal rush for the sandwiches. Kagami-kun started going on about something in English. Was pushed down by seniors who didn't see me. Not too painful, but kind of annoying.

1:00 pm:
Had classes for a few more hours. Noticed that outside the window the girls were having Gym. Didn't stare for too long so not pegged as pervert.

3:00 pm:
Time for practice. Was pushed hard by Coach. Was pushed equally hard by Kagami-kun who was faster than usual. Asked if he was energized because he slept all through class. Recieved another pluck on the forehead.

Wrapping up practice. Saw Coach blush and push Captain. Not sure if rejecting or being tsundere.

5:00 pm:
Hot shower. Soothing and relaxing.

5:30 pm:
Went to Maji Burger with Kagami-kun. Wasn't noticed until I said something. Overheard rumors of being "the gay couple that comes here every day after school". Not sure if offended or pleased.

6:02 pm:
Streetball practice with Kagami-kun. Fun.

7:17 pm:
Started heading back home. Kagami-kun was chased by small red dog with two different colored eyes. Thought of Akashi-kun today.

7:49: pm:
Home. Fed Nigou and did homework. Boring but slightly productive.

8:51 pm:
Current time. About to go to sleep. Will right again tomorrow. Good night.