It was a fact of nature that you could not mix magic and technology.

Things that required the precise timing and split-second precision could not function around the environmental disturbances that magic created. It was like oil and water; order and chaos.

When people did insist on mixing the two, the results were either spectacular failures, which usually resulted in enormous explosions, or ended with the technology becoming some sort of strange amalgam of the two that never did quite what was expected of it. (Alarm clocks that could tell you the weather in a Brooklyn accent and psychic toasters were just the beginning.)

One of the reasons for the restriction on underage magic was because young muggle-born witches and wizards, as well as young witches and wizards that spent a great deal of time in the muggle world tended to either not know, or forget about that fact, and try to enchant various pieces of technology. It always ended up being a huge headache to sort out, so the restriction was placed, and the headaches went down.

They didn't, however, stop the seriously determined.

Adam MacIntire has only one role in this story. He is fully unimportant in every single aspect of his life, lives in America, and has studied magic for three years. He is neither handsome or ugly, fat nor thin, and is of middling intelligence (something that will be called in to question shortly.).

Adam is going to ruin everything.

Fourteen year old Adam MacIntire peered down at the DS in his lap, using his one hand to manipulate the stylus and buttons, and the other to hold his wand. If everything went the way he thought it should he'd soon have the best pet in the whole world; one that no one else would ever be able to say they had.

"All right..." he muttered, glancing over at a thick book that lay next to him, "Image, check. Offering," he glanced over at a small bowl of fruit salad on his bedside table, "check."

The boy took a deep breath and blew it out slowly, nerving himself up before pressing the tip of his wand against the image on the DS's screen and beginning to read from the book.

He stumbled a couple of times over the unfamiliar words, but the soft blue glow coming from the tip of his wand heartened him and he continued; his voice growing with excitement until he was almost shouting as he finished reading the ancient spell and lifted his wand from the DS screen.

Nothing happened, and Adam slumped back against his pillows, slapping the DS shut and tossing it onto his bedside table as he grabbed at the book and shoved his wand underneath his pillow.

"What did I do wrong?" He whined, paging through the description of the spell and skimming it to see if he'd missed anything.

He didn't notice the DS start to smoke until the scent of melting plastic reached his nose and he gagged, looking wildly around the room to find the source of the smell.

"Oh shite!" he cried, scrambling to grab the DS and unplug it from the wall, only to yelp and drop it as it scorched his fingers.

"Oh craaaap." He moaned as smoke began to rise from the bedside table as well, grabbing at his wand and pointing it haphazardly at the smouldering game system. "Glacius!"

Ice formed, swiftly growing to cover the whole system, and Adam sighed with relief, reaching for the book again and starting to re-read the spell's description, idly twiddling his wand as he read.

He never noticed the ice melting, or the water from the melted ice evaporating, or even the tiny licks of flame that rose from his bedside table.

He did, however, notice when the DS exploded with far more force than should have been possible.

He didn't, however, notice it for long, since the force of the explosion physically flung him the short distance into the wall that his bed was against and slammed his head into it with enough force that he lost consciousness.

Little bits of burning DS flung themselves around the room, catching other things in the teenager's bedroom alight until the whole thing was blazing.

Smoke detectors shrieked, and a tall woman with curly blond hair darted into the room, crying out for her son.

Adam shifted, groaning as he held his head and gazed blearily around.

"Whass goin' on?" he slurred, and the blond woman darted over to his bed, trying to avoid stepping in any of the burning patches of carpet.

"Get up! What were you doing! We have to get out of here!" she tugged on his arm, pulling him off the bed and halfway across the floor before he woke up enough to understand what his eyes were telling him.

"My wand!" he yelped, and tore himself out of his mother's grasp, darting back across the room, grabbing the wand and running back to the bedroom door.

The woman raced after him, and the two ran out of their apartment, gasping and shivering as the cool night air chilled their previously hot bodies.

"Stay here!"

Adam tried to protest as his mother darted back into the apartment, her own wand clenched in one white knuckled hand.

Loud hisses, like water being poured on a hot pan, filled the air, and nasty scented steam wafted out of the open door. Other hisses reached his ears, and Adam recognized the sounds of the kitchen fire extinguisher from all the times he'd had to use it to put out his attempts at cooking.

Slowly the smoke billowing from the open doors and windows ceased, and his mother reappeared in the doorway, her arms and nightgown smudged with soot and her hair dishevelled.

"Get in here and explain."

Gulping at the deadly look on his mother's face Adam followed her back into the house, the slamming of the front door sounding like a death knell.

Unseen, unheard, and unfelt by any human, (and most creatures,) a wave of magic spread from the point of the explosion, gaining strength with every magical core it encountered. It drew from all of them, be the source human, creature, or even inanimate object, taking a small part of their magic into itself and warping it as it spread across the globe. When it got back to where it had started, the wave settled into place, wrapping everything on the planet within itself and getting to work.


All right guys, here's the deal; I've gotten stuck on Hide and Seek, so, in the interest of similar yet different, here's something that I started a long time ago.

HOWEVER! This story will only be worked on when I'm stuck on Hide and Seek, which means that there will not be a set update schedule, and it may be fairly erratic. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

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