The heavy looking wooden door at the top of the moving staircase stood open, revealing Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore, and Madame Pomfrey.

"Are you three all right?" The pink and cream matron demanded, the antennae-like feelers that extended from the base of each ear curling and uncurling convulsively. "What was that noise?"

Harry blushed, the colour just visible underneath the fine coating of fur he had. {I ah... may have lost my temper... Just a little.}

Dumbledore gazed over his half moon glasses at the floating boy, but let it drop, focusing instead on the visibly nervous Hermione and the stack of books she held.

"Miss Granger, is that the reference material young Mr Potter mentioned?"

Hermione nodded, levitating the stack of books up onto the desk.

"Can you give us a brief rundown on what you know?" Professor McGonagall asked, and Hermione focused gratefully on her head of house before launching into a explanation that covered the basics of Pokemon, (creatures from a muggle game and cartoon that had special abilities and were trained to battle each other,) what parts seemed to have carried over, (increased physical durability, access to the abilities of the pokemon the individual was blended with and the ability to evolve.)

Here Ron interrupted.

"We've got more energy, too, sir." He said, glancing apologetically at Hermione, "A lot more. It builds up and builds up, and the more it builds up, the more... snappish? I guess, we get."

Dumbledore leaned forward, resting his elbows on his desk. "I see..." he said thoughtfully.

"Miss Granger, may the staff borrow these?" He gestured to the books sitting on the desk, and Hermione nodded.

"Excellent. Now I wouldn't dream of keeping you three from your beds any longer. Off you trot!"

And almost before they could blink, the three found themselves out the door, down the spiral staircase, and once again in front of the gargoyle.

Harry blinked. {That went... much faster than I expected.}

"I know," Ron replied, starting to walk.

Hermione and Harry fell in step with him, one on either side.

"I didn't expect them to take our word for this, honestly." Hermione admitted, and Harry shrugged.

{The teachers have to know by now that you know everything,} he projected to them matter-of-factly, {And besides, they've got the books now. They don't have to take our word when doing the research is just going to prove that we know what we're talking about.}

Hermione hmmed thoughtfully, nodding at that line of logic.

"What d'you think McGonagall was turned into?" Ron's tone was idle, and Harry and Hermione shrugged.

"Something psychic, maybe?" Hermione suggested, "She could be projecting a psychic image of her human form... Or maybe something that uses illusions, like a Zoroark."

Harry shook his head. {I didn't get enough of a psychic 'impression' for her to be a psychic type. Besides, she's the transfiguration teacher; couldn't she have just transfigured herself into a human?}

Hermione shook her head, frowning thoughtfully. "Nothing I can think of suggests she couldn't have done that... but wouldn't that be really dangerous?"

Ron shrugged. "I dunno. Still, I wonder if she'd be willing to do it for anyone else... It'd be nice not to have to worry about setting people on fire if I sneeze."

Harry flipped over onto his back in midair, thinking. {I dunno... I really like being able to float. It'd kinda suck to be stuck on the ground again.}

Hermione rolled her eyes. "I'm sure you'd find some way to deal with it. Besides, I'm sure the Ministry of Magic is working on a cure for this as we speak. It's only a matter of time before everyone goes back to normal."

Harry frowned as Ron gave the Fat Lady the password and the painting swung open.

{What about people who don't want to go back to normal?} he asked quietly, and Hermione scoffed.

"Honestly Harry, who wouldn't want to go back to being normal? I for one, can't wait to be human again."

{But...} Harry's protest was even quieter, and Hermione breezed right over it.

"Anyway, I'll see you both in the morning. Good night!"

Ron waved the girl off and started up the stairs to the boy's dorm.

"You coming?" He asked, pausing to look back at Harry, who shook his head.

{I'll be up in a bit. You go ahead.}

Ron nodded, and disappeared up the stairwell as Harry bobbed over to an empty seat next to the fireplace and sat; staring into the flickering flames as though sure they could reveal the secrets of the universe.

"He's so cute!"

"Mew was always my favourite..."

"Do you think I could get his autograph?"

"Ask him! I can't believe an actual legendary is going to school with us!"

Harry groaned, doing his best to curl even tighter as his tail flipped to let the tuft cover his eyes.

"Eeeee! He's waking up!"

"Hang on, hang on! I'm going to get a pen!"

Blessed silence fell, and Harry was in the process of falling back asleep when something poked him in the ribs. He batted sleepily at it, shoving away the implement of torture that was doing it's best to pull him from the sweet embrace of sleep.

"Excuse me..."

Harry grunted.

"Mister Mew?"

One bleary, sleep encrusted eye cracked open, looked at the three blurry figures that were standing at the edge of the couch he'd fallen asleep on, and closed again.

"Nooooo..." one of the voices whined, "Don't go back to sleeeeep..."

"Mister Mew... please wake up? I mean, you don't have to, but ma-"
"Whaddaya mean he doesn't have to! Yes he does! Get up! Wake up and sign my face!"

Green eyes glared at the blurry figures for a moment, and Harry sighed when none of them budged, shoving himself into a sitting position and blinking in surprise as a blanket slid off the couch.


"Here's your glasses, Mister Mew." one of the shapes held a black blurr out towards him, and Harry gratefully took the glasses and slid them into place, watching the blurry figures resolve into a trio of younger girls.

{Thanks.} Harry said, glad that yawning out loud didn't keep him from talking mentally.

"You're welcome, Mister Mew."

"Okay good! You're awake! Now here! Take this and sign me on my face!" The girl in the middle thrust a black permanent pen at him and pulled her bangs off her forehead, revealing a small horn.

Harry stared at her. {What?}

"Sign me on my face!" the girl repeated, moving her face closer.

Harry backed away.

{What? No! Who are you, anyway?}

"I'm Amy, this is Jessa, and that's Kassie. There, you know us, now sign my faaaace!"

Jessa wrung her hands, glancing worriedly at her friend, "Amy, wait... maybe we should let him wake up some..."

Amy scoffed, "Don't be stupid. He is awake. Look, his eyes are open and everything!"

Jessa shrank in on herself as the third girl rolled her eyes and pulled Amy back.

"Hi." She said, "I'm Kassie. Sorry for this idiot," she shook Amy a little, who glared at her, "It's just, you're the first Legendary we've met, and Amy is a bit of a Mew nut. If you could just sign her face, I'll do my best to make her leave you alone."

Amy nodded enthusiastically. "But you have to sign my face! Not my knee, and not my arm, face! I want everyone to see that I have Mew's autograph on my face!"

Completely out of his depth, Harry decided that discretion was the better part of valor and swiftly wrote 'Mew' on the girl's cheek.

"Thank you!" Amy chirped, and bounded away.

"Sorry about her," Kassie said again, "She's an idiot."

{That's okay,} Harry said bemusedly, {Just, you know, keep her away from me, okay?}

"Can do!" Kassie saluted, taking the pen back and dragging Jessa away after their hyperactive friend.

{That was... different...}

Familiar laughter drew Harry's attention to the stairwell leading to the boy's dorm, and he winced. Apparently the twins had seen the entire exchange.

"Harry-kins! Can we have your autograph too?" one of the twins, harry thought it was George, caroled, and Harry grimaced.

{No.} He said flatly.

"But Harrrryyyyy..." the other twin, known for ease of mind as Fred, drawled, "We've never met another legendary either!"

{I'm sure you will eventually.} Harry kept his voice as dry as possible. {What time is it?}

George shrugged, "Early enough that you haven't missed breakfast, late enough that they're serving breakfast."

Harry nodded, lifting farther into the air and heading for the second year dorm. {See you at breakfast, then.}

Grinning evilly, Harry made plenty of noise as he went through his morning ablutions, ignoring the sleepy protests that came from behind the curtains of the four posters.

"Harry..." Ron grumbled, dragging himself into the bathroom and glaring sleepily at his beaming friend, "You are absolutely evil. I swear, budding Dark Lord, right there."

{Aww...} Harry cooed, {You say the nicest things!}

Neville was just forcing himself out of bed as Harry came out of the bathroom to dig through his trunk, and the low growl he shot at the floating boy made Harry flinch, then grin apologetically at the green and red boy.

{Sorry Nev...}

Neville ignored him, starting to stumble towards the bathroom, only to catch his foot on a discarded trainer and fall with a yelp through the curtains of Seamus's bed. Judging from the pained yelp and copious amounts of profanity, Seamus was now awake.

And, Harry noted as Neville came tumbling back into view, not pleased.

Dean ripped open the hangings around his bed, his black eyes flashing.

"I'm trying to sleep!" he howled, and threw himself on Neville, who had only just regained his feet.

Grinning happily, Harry threw himself at Seamus just as Ron stepped out of the bathroom.

Things swiftly devolved into chaos, until finally all five of them were sitting on the floor, panting with exertion and grinning widely.

{So anyway,} Harry said casually, turning to Ron, {Breakfast?}

Ron nodded, standing up instantly and going to rummage through his trunk for a shirt.

{See ya later!} Harry chirped, waving at the other three boys as Ron pulled the altered shirt on and they made their escape.

They barely made it to the common room before bursting into laughter.

"That was great!" Ron gasped, "Dean can really take a hit."

{Yeah,} Harry agreed, touching a scrape on one cheek gingerly, {Though Seamus can dish it pretty well too.}

"If you're quite done destroying your dorm," Hermione interjected, "D'you think we could go eat?"

The two boys reflexively straightened, turning to greet Hermione with identical innocent expressions.

Hermione rolled her eyes, and grabbed their hands, dragging them toward the portrait hole with a combination of physical and mental strength.

"You woke up half the tower with all that noise." She said dryly, "Look as innocent as you want; no one is going to buy it."

Harry and Ron winced as one, and said nothing until Hermione had settled at the Griffindor table in the Great Hall with a mug the size of a bucket full of black tea in front of her.

"Sorry Hermione." Ron offered, and Hermione sighed.

"Don't worry about it. Just... keep in mind we aren't at the Burrow anymore, okay? Fred and George had to stop three different people from going to get Professor McGonagall."

Harry winced. {Sorry...}

Hermione waved him off. "They said you owed them one. Anyway, did you see the notice on the pinboard this morning?"

{"No."} The boys chorused.

"Regular classes are postponed until Madame Pomfrey's had a chance to give every student a full physical." the girl informed them, "They'll be done by year. First years today, second tomorrow, and so on."

Harry nodded. {Makes sense. She'll be able to tell people what they are, too, right?}

Hermione shrugged. "Probably, but I don't know if she will."

"Wahnnot?" Ron asked, then flinched from Hermione's glare and swallowed the mouthful of eggs that had garbled his question.

"Why not?"

Hermione shrugged again. "It depends on how important she thinks it is. Most purebloods wouldn't have a clue what it meant, even if they knew, right? And any muggleborns or halfbloods would probably already know. It really depends on what stance the teachers are going to take. Ignore the new abilities, or train them."

Ron nodded thoughtfully, "So we'll know how the teachers are going to react to the change based on whether Madame Pomfrey tells us our type and species or not?"



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