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The Generation of Miracles were like a pack of wolves. A pack of fearless, powerful, frightening wolves. And above the pack stood a brave leader, which they all respectfully followed. As a pack of wolves do.

This pack was bound by an invisible force. One would call it friendship, or trust—No, trust would be pushing it, actually. But they were pretty close.

Which means, when one small event occurred within the pack, the whole group would be notified. Or rather, they had so much of a solid understanding of each other to pick it out themselves. No 'sharing is caring' and all that stuff.

So Kuroko Tetsuya and Aomine Daiki had started going out.

Akashi briefly congratulated them, and reminded them to keep relationship matters out of the way during practice.

Murasakibara gave them a box of pocky to share.

Midorima couldn't care less.

Momoi was nowhere to be seen.

All in all, the reactions were to be expected from every individual.

Well, almost every individual.

On the day the Generation of Miracles had discovered the little affair going on between #6 and #15, they kept a certain distance from one fuming Kise Ryouta.

…Not that it was anything that unexpected, really.

They were all familiar with jealousy; each had probably experienced their own form of such an emotion during some time in their life. They were smart to keep away from the blonde once he'd heard about Kuroko and Aomine's relationship. One or two of them had expected Kise to come running to them, wailing "Kurokocchiiiiiii~" and making a big, dramatic scene like he usually would. The others thought this was only a temporary phase he was going through; they had seen something similar to this with several of his ex-girlfriends.

But this time, no, this was different. They understood that. Kise was acting—different.

There was sorrow in his eyes. Maybe regret? Definitely a pang of jealousy. But mostly downright sorrow, whichever way you want to put it. He was a mess. No one but those few, who had seen him at his best and his worst, could tell that he was a mess.

Kise couldn't take his eyes off of him.

The more he looked at the two of them together, the deeper his heart sank.

Why couldn't he have picked him?

"Why did he have to pick Kurokocchi instead?"