I think the world will end because of Dora The Explorer!...

Sorry let me correct that I know the world will end because of Dora The Explorer!...

The reson for this is every kid knows Dora and when you think of Dora you think of a sweet girl who wants to teach little children spanish But thats where your wrong !
she not the girl you thing she is when you turn you back at the childrean watching Dora, Dora is really teaching them How to kill you :o ok first she starts of with some simple spanish to fool you parents exp..''uno,dos,tress,cuatro,cinco''
Then she teaches you how to use a fork when ye parants turn your backs ..
Its starts of with killing each other then dora tells them to kill there dogs, cats, goldfishes ext..
Then soon inuff its going to be the parents .. the children are doing this because the think dora is ''Cool''
but really shes a backstabing fool And the parents are falling for her .. so rellly you dont know what dora is saying to your childrean when you turn your back sure youcant blame the childrean because Dora is their 'rollmodle' as they say sure would you do the same if it was the bettles saying this stuff tou you in the day so thats why we should all go against DORA THE EXPLORER WHO'S WITH ME !

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