Meet The Farrells Introduction

I often wonder about the backstories of the characters in my favorite musicals. Aside from Annie my favorite character In Annie has always been Oliver Warbucks's secretary Grace Farrell. Grace's age is never fully gone into in the show but based on character anaylsis from when I auditioned for Annie last fall she is probably in her early to mid 30s. For all purposes in this story she is 31 years old and Oliver is 42. In my collaboration with Manadlicious The Farrell Sisters Grace is the middle sister in a family of 3. Her older sister Jennifer is 35 and her younger sister Melissa is 28. In this story Grace is the oldest and has two younger sisters Catherine and Anna are 29 and 19 years old. This story mainly focuses on the family dynamic with Grace her mother Rose and her sisters Catherine and Anna. This set after the 1999 version of the movie. Annie is 11 and Molly is 6 about to turn 7. The series of stories about the Warbucks and Farrell families explore deeper the relationships between Grace, her sisters Melissa and Jennifer and her nieces and nephews as well of the relationships of Annie Molly and all their cousins. . In both stories Grace and her sisters lose their father to cancer. In the Farrell Sisters their mother Emily Farrell also dies. In an upcoming collaboration with Manadlicious Catherine and Anna will also make an appearance but instead of being Grace's sisters they will be Grace's cousins. They will encounter Jennifer Grace and Melissa at a family reunion.