I wrote part of this after soccer practice and I really liked it. This theme took me a while to come up with but I'm happy with the general idea. Tell me what you think! BUT! Sebastian is rather un-demon-like in this, at least in the beginning, but I think it's cute. So there. XD But… is he ever not cute? Or is he ever demon-like in my stories? Maybe I'm a terrible writer but I would say I'm simply one hell of a fangirl. XD

The theme is: Light

What do you think of when you think of night? Am I right in saying your first thought may be 'darkness'?

Sebastian thought otherwise.

Sebastian's first thought… was light.

The light of the fireflies lazily blinking just outside his window. The light of the moon, carelessly illuminating the garden. The light of the stars, barely twinkling off in the distance.

The light of Ciel's flashlight, checking to see if the dark figure walking among the flowers was really Sebastian.

Some of the very best moments in Sebastian's life happened at night. But the most prominent was also the most recent…

Sebastian found the very brightest light of the night during the very darkest night. The night he found Ciel. He felt the boy's heart and soul, call out to him, pleading and blinding him with its immeasurable light. For such an immense pillar of light, Sebastian was surprised to see the young boy before him. The young boy with such colossal power and remarkable capabilities. The very boy that had summoned him. The very boy who had awoken such human feelings in his demonic heart.


Sebastian spun around to see the very light he had been thinking about. "Young master, what are you doing up so late?"

Ciel shifted uncomfortably in his thin nightshirt, "I couldn't sleep and I saw you from my window. Why are you out here?"

"I was merely thinking. Let's get you back inside, you'll catch a cold. I'll make you something to help you back to sleep." Sebastian made to lead Ciel back inside but Ciel looked up at him, wide-eyed and curious. In the darkness, his bi-colored eyes shone a very breathtaking light as well. Oh how Sebastian loved blue and purple glow. Just one more thing to add to his list of lights in the night.

"What were you thinking about?"

Sebastian blinked, what was he supposed to say? "It was nothing, my lord. Now really, standing out here in just a shirt must be cold."

Indeed, as if on cue, a cold wind swept past and blew Ciel's hair in his face. Sebastian could practically see the poor boy breaking out in goose bumps. On a whim he reached out and lifted Ciel up and held him close, like a baby. A small cry of protest was immediately silenced when Ciel felt Sebastian's body heat envelop him. He sat there in his butler's arms; unsure as to if he should get down and act mature or snuggle closer into Sebastian's warmth. He chose the latter. But he still wanted to know, "But what was nothing? What were you thinking so hard about that you didn't hear me approach?"

Ciel felt a low rumble from deep inside Sebastian's chest and assumed it was a chuckle, "I was thinking about you."

Ciel was not expecting that, "M-me?" he asked, blushing, "W-why would you be-"

"Because you are my master. Why wouldn't I be thinking about you?" Sebastian felt a small shiver shake the boy in his arms and started heading inside.

"Oh," Ciel seemed disappointed.

"Is something the matter?"

"N-No. I'm just tired now, is all." It was true; Sebastian's smooth movements were lulling the boy into sleep.

"Let's get you back to your room."

They continued their walk in silence as Ciel snuggled even closer to his butler. Before he knew it he was being set back down on his cold, lonely bed.

Sebastian was about to walk out when he heard his name being mumbled, "Sebastian?"

"Yes, my lord?" Sebastian turned around to see his master had turned onto his side and buried his face slightly in his pillows.

"Can you stay with me tonight?"

"My lord, why-"

"Does everything require an explanation? It's a simple request, if you don't want to then you don't have to. Just leave then."

But instead of leaving, Sebastian turned on his heel and sat himself down on a chair next to Ciel's bed, "I'll stay with you forever, there is nothing I would rather do."

Perhaps Sebastian was the most demonic demon in Hell but he knew one thing for sure. Out of darkness or light, he would choose the lights in the darkness. He would choose his light in the darkness. He would forever choose Ciel. Ciel was the one to keep him on his feet, the one to light up his nights, the one who had stolen his heart.

"My lord, my light, my love, my Ciel."

"I love you."

Okay that was really fun. I hope you all enjoyed that because I LOVED writing it. I really should get to work on my other things because I keep saying I will but this is so much fun, to just kind of, form a story with however I'm feeling at the moment. NOT THAT I'M IN LOVE OR ANYTHING! I SWEAR! Simply… nostalgically reminiscent. If that makes sense. I'll shut up now. XD See you guys soon!