Thank you, Ariena-Rose Eveilebe! I can safely say you have just made my day.

I know I said I wouldn't bother you again, but...Jareth is wounded. Fatally wounded. The healers have told me to prepare for the worst.

He's going to die.

The warriors came in yesterday, and he was cold on their shields. There were unabashed tears running down their cheeks. A gaping wound stretches over my love's back, from shoulder to hip.

He's going to die. He's going to die and I'm going to be alone.

I can't...He's gone into torpor. His heart rate is one beat per half-hour. He is so cold ice forms in his beautiful hair. Poison. There was poison on the blade.

A chance in a million. His wards should have stopped the blow. He was cut from behind. The soldiers say he was jumping back to avoid a hit, and one of the slavers they presumed dead rose up and slashed him shoulder to hip. The one time his magic failed him...

It shouldn't have happened! He is...Oh God, will I have to say he was? Gone...No, no, no...

The only sounds he makes are little moans of pain. It's horrible. He lies there, his gleaming silver blood staining the sheets, ice in his hair, locked deep in torpor. Please, please, please, Danu, let him live. Let him live.

I should have been there. I should have been there! I could have helped him. But no, I was here, drifting around self-pityingly like some stupid housewife waiting for his return!

Oh, my love...My heart, my passion, my stupid idiot of a faerie...He may be a glitter-obsessed, ancient legging-wearing freak but he's my glitter-obsessed ancient legging wearing freak! He doesn't have my goddamn permission to die!

He can't die. Please, you have to help me. You have to! There must be something we can do, something you can do! You're humans! You idea what to do...You would kill him just as you would save him.

I will never see his eyes open again. His voice will never speak. He will be...gone.

Danu, Danu, please save him, please, please...

I do love him. I do. I know it seems like we fight all the time, but I do. I would walk to the ends of the earth for him. He is the light of my life. I know you say he is not, but he is. There is nowhere else I can go but the Goblin Kingdom. The Labyrinth, the goblins, my children, and my love. That is all I have. Jareth is what makes the long years bearable. I am only human. I would go mad if not for him.

Oh! Why did you not guard yourself, you stupid idiot? This is why I should have gone with you! Because I am not an egotistical twat who thinks he's invulnerable!

Widowed at the age of one-thousand and thirty-two...There is a cure for every poison, isn't there? He was poisoned with a poultice of iron mixed with seabeach. Burn thyme, mash some clover...Yes, I will need some rose, balm of gilead...

He won't die. I won't let him die. I may be weak, I may be human, but I sure as hell will not let him die! And next time, he can sit at home and sew while I go off to fight the wars!

I can't. I can't. I won't let him go! So help me, I will find the thrice-damned cure even if it means I have to fight my way past three hundred goddamn labyrinths, defeat a thousand kings! I am Sarah Sylfaen, and I will not give up!

Her Majesty Sarah Mary Anne Williams-Sylfaen, Champion of the Labyrinth and Wedded to Lord Jareth Gaelin Oberon Sylfaen, King of the Goblins