Title: Workaholics
Pairing/Character(s): Shunsui, Nanao
Word Count:
A/N: This is the first Bleach drabble I've ever written, so woohoo! If anyone has some spare prompts or just wants to PM me or review random words to use as prompts, it'll be very welcome. I plan on updating one every day, as best I can. I hope my writing isn't too terrible.

Shunsui just smiled sweetly at the Nanao who was impatiently tapping her foot on the wooden floor. "Don't worry. Someone would come and yell at me if it were anything important."

Her face scrunched in anger as she yelled at him, arms flailing almost comically from Shunsui's point of view. "That's not the point! You're supposed to do the paperwork before people come and yell at you about it!"

"Come on, Nanao-chan. Relax a little bit. After all, you just admitted that what I said was true so there's no need to worry about it anymore. Right?" His voice drawled as complacently as his facial expression.

"Captain!" It was almost a battle cry as she tried to hit her captain on the nose. Instead, Nanao managed to hit a pile of paperwork. Not only did it take the sting out of the blow, but it sent one of her tidy piles into oblivion as undone paperwork splattered across the room like so many snowflakes in a snow globe that someone had just shaken. Shunsui shook his head to get off the paper on his face, mildly amused. Nanao, however was speechless and staring.

"Nanao-chan, you might want to clean up the paperwork first. Then I'll do it."

Nanao's hands shook. "Will you really do it?" Her voice was even shakier, though Shunsui couldn't tell with what. Anger? Anticipation? Despair? Relief?


Nanao sputtered for a moment as Shunsui chuckled. Honestly, he had at least as much fun teasing his vice captain as Matsumoto did Captain Hitsugaya. All in a day's work, he sighed as he drifted off to sleep once again. All in a day's work.