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"Ah, it feels so nice today!" The ever loud Princess Daisy plopped down on a bench, "The time between August and September, a perfect transition!"

"Um, sure, whatever you say," Luigi meekly replied as he cautiously sat next to her, "I honestly think it could be a little cooler."

"Oh, Luigi, you just want an excuse to wear that $79 coat." Daisy sneered, jabbing Luigi in the side.

"N-no I don't it's just a little bit too warm for me to enjoy it." From behind a tree, Waluigi poked his head out far enough to watch the two.

"Ah, whatevs, you just want to show off your money." Daisy leaned back, propping up her arm on the metal armrest.

"What money?" Luigi began, "The only money I have is -"

"What is up Eye-balls and Flower Girl!?" Waluigi threw himself onto the bench, tossing an arm around Luigi's shoulders, "What brings you here today!?"

Luigi growled as he snatched the taller's wrist, throwing his arm away, "Why do you care, you Stinky Skeleton?"

"Hi, Waluigi," Daisy smiled, "I just came out with Luigi to enjoy the day!"

"Oh, that's nice, real nice..." Waluigi nodded as he eyeballed Luigi, "...hey Daisy! Over there!" his arm shot up to point off in the opposite direction.

"What?! What is it?! Where?" Daisy shouted in excitement.

"It's a gold bird!" Waluigi exclaimed before focusing all attention on Luigi - now that Daisy was distracted by looking for a fake bird. He grabbed the other's chin, forcing him to look back from his own search for the bird. With a quick sneer, Waluigi pressed his own lips against Luigi's - kissing him as if they were forbidden lovers.

"I don't see it!" Daisy whined after a few seconds, Luigi trying to grab her shoulder only for his arm to be yanked down by Waluigi. "Did it fly away?"

"Why it may have, Daisy!" Waluigi broke the sloppy kiss as soon as the red head turned back around, "I swore I saw it a few seconds ago!" he continued, trying not to laugh at Luigi's blushing and confused face. "Well, it was nice chillin' with you two, but I really gotta get going!"

"Aw, why?" Daisy whined, slapping her hands down on the wood of the bench.

Waluigi jumped up, "I gotta go do some paperwork, y'know, tallying stuff, keeping records."

"W-well get! Go then! Go! Go!" Luigi began slapping the taller man on the side, obvious blush and shaky voice only adding a humorous tone to his action, "Go! Go away!"

"Luigi! Don't be rude to Wally! He was just being nice!" Daisy snapped as the taller man ran away, trying hard not to laugh… too loudly.

**Hehe. Heheh. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH. I'm so mean. I am so mean. But I love me some WalGi.