"You, you're in big trouble!"

"Huh?" Luigi looked up from a book he was reading, watching as Daisy approached him with her arms crossed, "Trouble? Why am I in trouble?"

"This," Daisy snatched the book from Luigi, "I own this book!"

"No you don't," Luigi deadpanned, "That's the library's copy of Which, not yours."

"Ha, we'll see about – oh." Daisy glared at the library stamps inside the cover of the book, "Well then, fine, here," she shoved the book back into his hands before plopping down on the bench next to him, "I want my copy back."

"Are you sure Peach didn't take it?" Luigi questioned as he began looking for the page he was on.

"Nope, she can't read because she's so blonde." Daisy snickered.

Luigi sighed, "Don't talk like that about her, she's just… slow." He finished, tapping his foot against the ground.

Daisy laughed for a little while before the two sat in silence, Luigi contently reading his book whilst the red headed princess looked around the park. She seemed semi-entertained by the sounds of kids shouting and dogs barking, sometimes actually seeing the source of the sounds running back and forth a few yards away from them, amongst a few other people strolling by. Including…

"Waluigi! Hey! Over here, Waluigi!" Daisy jumped up, waving her arms at said man, "Waluigi! Come here!"

Luigi slapped the book against his face, "No no no don't call him over here you stupid idiot!"

Daisy ignored him, "Waluigi~! Come here!"

"You're a bitch…" Luigi muttered into the book binding.

"Haha. Hey, Waluigi!" Daisy sang as said man approached, "How are you today~?"

"Um, fine." Waluigi looked at her questioningly, "You sitting with Luigi again?" he walked past her to Luigi, sitting down next to him quietly.

Daisy made a couple of fists and held them against her chest, "Yes, yes I am! He was reading, but now he's sorta kinda getting high off of book binding glue."

"I'm not getting high." Luigi growled, pushing the book harder against his face.

"Then what are you doing, eh?" Waluigi grabbed the top of the book and pulled against it, "Is the print really that small?"

"I don't wanna look at you, go away." Luigi slapped Waluigi's hand.

Daisy scoffed, "Luigi, quit being so rude!"

"It's not rude, it's protecting my mouth from tongue AIDS." Luigi replied, continually slapping Waluigi's hand as the taller kept on trying to pry the book away from his face.

"Why? It's not like Waluigi's trying to kiss you or anything." Daisy rolled her eyes and hid a smile.

"Yeah, it's not like I'm trying to kiss you, Luigi." Waluigi continued to pull on the book, ignoring Luigi's (somewhat painful) slapping against his hand.

Daisy giggled, walking over to help Waluigi pull the book away, "Hey, Luigi, c'mon, be nice and talk to him!"

"Nope, nope nope nope, so much nope!" Luigi yelped, "Stop, stop, stop, this isn't my book!"

"Get your face out of it then!" Waluigi laughed, pulling even harder.

"Not until you go away!" Luigi whimpered, "Daisy! Make him go away!"

"Why, Luigi? This is fun!" The princess' power now sided with Waluigi's, tugging on the book more and more until it finally slid from Luigi's tired fingers. "Aha!"

"N-no! Give it back!" Luigi lunged after the book, Daisy letting Waluigi hold the book over his head, "C'mon, the two of you are so mean to me!"

"It's called picking, not being mean." Waluigi defended before looking behind him as if he noticed something, "Hey, Daisy, back there! I saw a puppy!"

"Oh! Puppy?!" Daisy ran off, leaving Luigi to once again fend for himself against the taller.

"Weh heheh," Waluigi sat plopped down next to his victim, wrapping an arm around him to prevent his escape, "She's so gullible, so easy to rid of…"

"And she'll kill you when I tell her about this!" Luigi snapped.

Waluigi tightened his arm around Luigi's shoulders, "Please, she likes me too much to kill me," he held the book up to Luigi's face, "So? You wanted to read?"

"N-not with you here, and not like this!" Luigi pushed the book away from his face, hoping there wasn't anybody watching from wherever they were, "Leave me alone!"

"Ah, hahaha, Luigi, you're so adorable when you're flustered like this! C'est magnifique!" Waluigi brought the book back up so that he hid both of their faces behind it, "So adorable, makes me wanna to just eat you up!"

"I'd much rather be in Bowser's stomach than yours." Luigi growled.

"But I'm sure you wouldn't want him to do this to you." Waluigi purred, pushing his arm into the back of Luigi's neck and forcing their lips together.

"Nehuhreh!" Luigi quickly felt around before digging his fingers into Waluigi's thigh, a poor attempt to try to hurt him. In the midst of his whine, a tongue invasion – a very unpleasant one that made the shorter start gnashing his teeth to try to bite the taller's muscle.

Ah, it only made the kiss twice as fun for Waluigi, dodging teeth while rubbing his tongue all around – disgusting in Luigi's head, disgusting!

"Look at this puppy guys! Look at it! Look! Look! It's so cute!"

Luigi felt his back hit the bottom of the bench, realizing that the taller had shoved him down and smashed the book into his face, "Do what, Princess?" Nasally voice full of fake concern only angered the Italian more.

"This puppy! Look at the puppy!" Daisy was shoving the animal into Waluigi's face when Luigi finally decided to sit up, "He wants to lick your face!"

"U-um – ew – n- no – get that nasty thing away from me –" Waluigi began, trying to shove the puppy away, "St-stop that!" his face suddenly gained a good layer of dog slobber – exactly what he deserved, the rat!

"Awww! He loves you!" Daisy laughed, shoving the dog into Waluigi's face even more, "C'mon, Wally, hold him!"

"N-no – Daisy – it's not even your dog – get that – stupid – stop – why are you – quit!" Waluigi snapped, trying to push the dog away.

The entire time Luigi was laughing. Finally, stupid idiot got what he deserved.

**Oh dear, lame ending is lame. I wrote this entire chapter in school. And we all know how well that turns out. Anyway.

Yay for more Weegee torture! And Daisy torturing Wally! **