Chapter Forty Two!


The Engineer's explosion-induced flight path was somewhat undignified. He went straight skyward, then right back down. The poor man landed butt first.

Ahem. The Engineer casually dusted himself off with a 'you didn't see that m'kay' nod at the Sniper. He decided the best use of his time would be making dispensers and sentries.

He started by swiftly building a small turret to protect the Medic and Heavy as they stood still; seemingly pointless to the Engy but what the Hell.

Next he got to work on the dispenser, throwing up the thing as fast as possible. His original intention was to leave it be, but most of the REDs were rapidly approaching the base;

"Now I gotta haul the bloomin' thing," the Engineer observed unhappily, lifting the structure over one shoulder like a total boss super hero.

He reached the base without a problem and attempted to follow the Pyro in vain- lugging a building, he was too slow. Instead he picked a nice corner not far from the door for his dispenser.

That's about when the screaming RED Demoman bolted past him, pursued by a BLU Scout. Startled, the Engy did the first thing that sprung to mind.

He threw the dispenser at the Scout, crushing him against the wall.

"Still 'need a dispenser here'? DO YOU!?" the Engineer laughed manically. The Demoman quickly healed then got the Hell out of there, leaving the Engineer to defend his building. Before long he heard yelling and demonic minigun shots going off.

Moments later a bunch of BLUs pelted around the corner. The Engineer pulled out his shotgun as he watched the Heavy charge in one direction. A couple of RED offense class REDs soon joined him, using and protecting the dispenser simultaneously.

Looks like the fight's going in the RED's favour, huh?

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