Chapter Forty Six!


And finally it's the Soldier's chapter. He also seemed alright about being blown up; wearing a helmet does make sense.

Well, he stood like he had trained himself to and pointed his rocket launcher at the BLUs. Like the majority of the RED team the Soldier sprinted to attack, firing rockets like nobody's business.

Within seconds a chaos of bullets, explosions and flames roared into life, adding a little well-needed epicness to the fight.

"We're takin' this here base back, maggots!" he announced, eliminating a BLU Spy with his shovel. Or so he thought. Soldier didn't get the memo on dead ringers.

Overtaking the RED Pyro, the Soldier reached the door, shooting a bone saw-wielding Medic with his shotgun. Then – plot twist totally not mentioned before – another RED Soldier arrived at the scene right before the Pyro.

"That freakin' Soldier's a Spy!" he accused truthfully, gesturing frantically to make his point. The Spy mirrored his movements.

The Soldier anxiously watched the conflicted Pyro then let out a breath as the Spy was warmly taken care of.

"Nice one," he praised his teammate, "how'd you know it was me?" The Pyro ran away. "You, uh, knew it was me, right? Pyro?" Feeling slightly insecure but trying not to dwell on it, he strode into the base.

Sensing the presence of enemies or something, the man raised his shotgun and swaggered on through. The Scout zipped past him a couple of times, and the Soldier helped pick off the foes his teammate chased for a while.

Soon borderline bored he wandered down the halls until he found the RED Engineer and his dispenser. Refilling ammo, the Soldier tactically chose to stay put and defend the machine with the other REDs.

Okay, that wraps up these mini chapters. Hooray. They were getting complicated, seriously…

Chances are none of those actually link very fluently, but what can ya do? :P

Hope you like it anyhow, thanks for reading! :)

(Ps. Lassie fae bonnie Dundee, Neomi Hawke) ;D