I do not own the Smurfs. This fanfic is an AU and the Smurfs are 100% percent human. This chapter is in Tailor's Point Of View.

Vanity Smurf= Narcissus, but his nickname is Vanity for obvious reasons ^_^

Tailor Smurf= Tailor and he loves mending/making outfits/stuffed animals.

Life Of A High-School Tailor

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Tailor, I'm dreadfully sorry about complaining." Narcissus told me and he looks pretty sorry. I do not mind a complaint or two or three, but complaining six or more at a time is irritating. "I won't do it again."

"A likely story." I stated calmly and my arms are crossed. "You said that the last couple of times."

"You know I can be a complete and utter diva at times. You are very talented and your outfits always turn out amazing." Narcissus told me, his hands over mine, and I rolled my eyes for he always does this whenever he wants something from me or someone else.

"Okay, okay, enough. What do you want this time, Vanity?" I asked him, he smiled brightly, and knew he was forgiven since I used his nickname. He is lucky that I'm a forgiving kind of guy or he would be out-of-luck.

"A scarf. Oh and a pair of matching mittens too." Narcissus replied cheerfully and he handed me the material he wants them to be made out of…"Here's the material, Tailor."

"I'll be finished by tomorrow." I informed him and he hugged me tightly.

"Thank you, Tailor. Your such a sweetheart. Did I mention that I love you? Of course, I love myself more." Narcissus said smoothly, he looked at himself in his hand mirror, and kissed himself. "Oh, I just love me so very much."

"No need for thanks. I would do this for anyone and now I need your measurements, Vanity. Put your mirror down and hold still." I stated firmly and he smiled at me.

"Oh, but of course although like always I will miss my beloved mirror. I think I lost a little weight." Narcissus commented causally. "Can you check and see if my hip size has decreased?"

"Sure." I said simply and then measured. "Nope still the same, Vanity."

"Oh, well. I'm still beautiful. I'm the most gorgeous person in the whole entire galaxy." Narcissus commented happily.

"Your vanity knows no bounds." I said flatly while measuring his wrists, finger length, width of his fingers, and nearly finished. "You can look at yourself while I measure your neck, Vanity."

"Don't you find yourself to be good looking, Tailor?" Narcissus asked me. I rolled my eyes, moved his light brown hair away from his pale neck, and carefully measured his neck for it wouldn't due to choke him by mistake.

"It doesn't matter."

"Oh come on, Tailor. Everyone should find themselves to be good looking. It's highly important to love ones self."

"I love mending and making outfits. Along with creating costumes and stuffed animals."

"You really should take care of yourself. You look and feel rather thin, Tailor. Are you dieting?" Narcissus asked and he sounded worried. Honestly, I have been rather busy studying along with making and mending clothing/stuffed animals. "I swear to my amazing looks if anyone called you fat I'll break some of my old mirrors over their head or heads. Anyone who insults my friends won't get away with it. "

"No, Vanity. I have been busy lately."

"I'm so sorry. I had no idea and you can take your sweet time, Tailor. After all it wouldn't due for you to get sick or anything. It would be simply awful if you become ill."

"I'll be alright. Your scarf and mittens will be done in the morning."

"Make sure to eat and get your beauty sleep for you wouldn't want to get bags under your eyes like a panda." Narcissus commented and then he touched my hair. "Oh and take care of your hair. It's greasy."

"Be careful on your way home, Vanity."

"Don't worry, Sweetie. I have my mirrors and some pepper spray." Narcissus said calmly and he grinned at me. "Plus I have a couple of pins, Tailor."

Narcissus is a very very vain person, but he does care deeply about his friends and family. I placed the material on the table, put the tape measure down, grabbed a pair of scissors, and ran my right hand through my blond hair to collect a couple of pins. However I came up empty and now I know where Narcissus got his pins.

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