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Life Of A High-School Tailor

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Oh, Tailor. It's simply dreadful."

"What is wrong?" I asked, but I have a feeling it is about that dress in her hands.

"Barely a week went by and this dress I bought at the store is already ruined. There's no refunds or anything. It cost me one hundred and fifty dollars! Oh, Tailor. It's just so awful." Juliet cried and I looked closer at the dress. It's not impossible to mend. She paid one hundred and fifty dollars? I could have made it for her as long as she had the material.

"Yes, I'll mend it for you." I informed her and she smiled happily at me which is the typical reaction people have towards me when I say 'Yes' to fixing or making something for them.

"Really? Oh, thank you. Thank you. Your such a sweetheart, Tailor." She said cheerfully and hugged me which is a somewhat typical reaction people have towards me.

"It's nothing. I would do the same for anyone." I stated calmly.

"I really should have known better. For one it was the mean and nasty Gargamel who suggested that store. Everything looked pretty and expensive, but it turns out their products are not that good even though they are expensive. The outfits you make last a long time, Tailor."

"I do my best."

"Do you think you can pretty please make me a new cheerleader outfit? I gained a little weight." Juliet whispered and she sighed. "I love eating sweets so much. I just can't give up on those sinfully yummy candy's."

"Sure, Juliet. Now remember to stay still when I measure you." I told her and undid the tape measure around my shoulders. She handed me the material which I carefully placed onto the table. "You could always work out like Hefty. He goes for a jog every single morning even when it is raining."

"Of course and thank you. I don't want to get muscles." Juliet informed me and she sighed deeply. "What guy would want a girl with muscles?"

"Looks do not matter. The personality of a person is very important. Of course skills are also important too." I stated firmly and she shook her head at me.

"Oh, Tailor. You just do not understand. Looks are very important to people."

"I give up. You and Vanity always go on on how looks are important. I'll give you one quote...beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I groaned and Juliet giggled. Honestly, Juliet and Narcissus are obsessed with looks. They have a lot in common, but the chances of those two becoming a couple is a Zero.

"Narcissus thinks he is the most beautiful person in the world. He's good looking and all, but I'm the more beautiful than him." Juliet said calmly and I measured the length of her arm.

"No. He believes himself to be the most gorgeous person in the whole entire galaxy." I corrected her.

"As always he has a lot of self-confidence in his looks." Juliet commented and she smiled brightly. "I'll have to top that remark since I'm more attractive than him."

Juliet and Narcissus are friends. The only argument those two have is over 'Who is the better looking person'. They can't simply say 'You are the best looking boy' or 'You are the best looking girl', but no it's always 'I'm the best looking person' or 'I'm a better looking person than you'.

"You look rather thin, Tailor. Is someone calling you names? If someone is doing such a thing to you I'll smack that person or persons with my metal hairbrush." Juliet stated firmly and she looked at me. "After all no one get's away with picking on my friends."

"No one is picking on me, Juliet. I have been a little stressed lately." I said calmly and she offered me a piece of candy which I accepted along with saying 'Thank you'.

"Your welcome and I hope you will become less stressed. If someone get's too stressed they can make themselves sick." She told me and I'm almost done with the measurements I need to make her a new cheerleader outfit.

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