This is a one shot about an MIT Christmas party (not the one where Janet sleeps with Andy) but yeah, hope it's ok, I just wanted to write something that made the characters do 'some unexpected things' ;')

It wasn't supposed to be soooo fluffy but blame the fangirls ;D

Thank you to many of the girls for ideas! Love you lot3

Most the humour is courtesy of Jill :D

Chapter 1:

"Come on, Rachel! Just drink it!" "Don't rush me Kevin! It's disgusting!" "Rachel, the idea of shots is that you drink it fast! You should be good at this!" "I SAID DON'T RUSH ME!"

They were sat in the pub across the road from the station, it was the Christmas bash, and they were having their first hour in the pub, waiting for everyone else to come before they went out on the Deansgate to get hammered. "Yay!" Kevin clapped as Rachel downed the shot glass. "That was actually pretty nice!" she said, laughing. "See! Told you!" Kevin said, childishly. "Shall we get going then? We don't want to have to carry you out" Gill said, picking up her bag. "Yeah sure, come on, let's go find some cabs." Janet said, standing up. It was a big bash, Gill, Julie, Janet, Rachel, Kevin, Lee, Pete, Mitch and Andy were all going out, Alison was due to come as well, but she couldn't get a child-minder and Tony was working nights.

An hour later they were comfortably huddled around a table in the club, closest to the dance floor. Kevin had bought them all vodka shots, due to Rachel's new love for them, and they were already on their second round when the club began to kick into life. "Three…two…one DRINK!" Gill shouted, downing her small glass. "Oh wow, that was strong" Julie said, bashing her fist on the table. "Getting old now aren't we fat arsed bitch? Can't hold the drink as well as us young'uns!" Gill said, stealing Kevin's shot glass before he had time to drink it. "Hey!" Kevin said, trying to grab it back. "Kevin, I am not being responsible for getting thrown out for underage drinking" Gill said, downing the next shot glass. Everyone at the table looked at her, trying to supress giggles. "What?" "Oh nothing…but, um, Gill I would pull your top up if I were you" Janet said, finishing her glass of white wine. Gill tried to sort her top out, nearly knocking over Julie's drink. Kevin began to snigger, "Be careful Boss, otherwise things may go tits up" Rachel spat her drink across the table, out straight towards Gill. "Kevin!" she wiped her mouth and stood up, I'll buy more drinks, same again?" she said, stumbling across to the bar. "Same again please" she said, fetching out her purse. "Actually, just do two of each, save us coming up for more" she pushed a load of money towards the bar tender and stumbled back towards the table.

As the night went on, more alcohol was drunk, and more suggestive movements were coming from the group. "Oh come and dance! I love this song!" Gill said, grabbing Julie's arm. "I don't think so lady! I'll just go and talk to Janet" Julie said, looking over at a blurry figure walking towards the door. "Fine, ill dance on my own then!" Gill said, standing on the chair. "Boss what are you doing?" Kevin said, holding her hand "Dancing! What? Am I too old to dance on a table now?" she said, standing up straight. She didn't hear Kevin's reply because she burst into song. "DANCING QUEEEEEN, YOUNG AND FREEEEE ONLY SEVENTEEEEEEN" Gill screeched, turning quite a few heads. "I love ABBA! In my younger days I used to go to their concerts with Julie!" The DJ turned the music up, causing a lot more dancing, whilst Gill was still going on the table, holding the bottle of wine she had bought in her bag.

"Hey" Julie slurred, following Janet. "Are you okay? Why aren't you coming over?" "I will in a minute, just needed some time…my marriage is falling apart, to be honest. Ever since the last Christmas party" Janet babbled. "Oh right, I heard a bit about last year's events, I didn't know if it was true though" Janet's head shot up, causing a massive headache to rise. "Who told you?" "No-one told me, I am a superintendent, I can work a lot of things out. Since the Geoff Hastings interview. Its ok, no-one else knows, I wasn't even sure myself till then, you didn't try to dissuade me" Julie stood up straight, lighting a cigarette for her and Janet. "I've heard a lot about Ade as well, from Gill. Don't have a go at her, she was worried about you" "Hmm, I've gone past the point of caring who knows now!" Janet said, wobbling on her heels. "Well, all I'm going to say is that I know I'm drunk, and probably won't remember saying this in the morning, but I'm here if you need to talk. Ade sounds like a prick. If he is willing to let someone as beautiful as you go-" "Ha!" Janet spluttered. "Look at me! I've drank a bottle to myself, I would rather sit here than over there, and I don't know what is going on there!" Janet said, turning to look at Gill, who was now off the table, pressing her lips against Mitch. Julie began to laugh. "You are the prettiest woman in this pub tonight! I don't know what you talking about" Julie said, lifting Janet's chin with her fingers. "I'm not, second to you maybe" Janet said, looking at Julie's chest. "Hey, we're not comparing apples and melon's here" Julie said, staring into her eyes.

Janet began to feel faint. She wasn't sure whether it was because of the alcohol or the fact there was something going on here. She had never looked at a woman like this before. Julie dropped her cigarette and stubbed it out, she leaned in, and unsure of what was going to happen next. She was very drunk, but that didn't seem to matter when Janet leaned in too. Their lips met, the first time either of them had kissed another woman before, but it felt so right. Julie pushed the smaller woman against the wall, lifting her a little, kissing her more passionately. "Hey guys you've got to come and see this-" Rachel stopped dead when she saw her friend kissing another woman "Oh, sorry guys" Rachel said turning round. Janet and Julie broke apart, staring at Rachel. "Oh my gosh" Janet said. "Don't worry, I won't say anything. You two are cute! I just wanted to let you know, Kevin's trying to hook up with a drag queen" Rachel let a smile escape as she hurried back down the bar. "Maybe it's best if it stays as a kiss" Janet said, sliding out of Julie's arms and wobbling back towards the table. Julie dropped her head against the wall, and put her hands up to her face. No one could kiss that good and it not mean anything.

"Where did you disappear of to? Where's Julie?" Gill slurred, lying on Mitch. "We just had a cigarette, what's going on here?" Janet said, waggling her finger between Mitch and Gill. Gill just blushed, and reached for her empty bottle of wine. "So where's Kevin?" Janet said, glancing around the club, trying not to catch Julie's eye. "Over there" Mitch pointed. "He's been chasing the woman all night, only thing is, he's so besotted with her he doesn't realise it's a man." Pete and Lee sniggered, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Everyone wolf-whistled as Kevin kissed "her" but he had a shock of his life when he put his hand on "her" head, pulling the wig off. "YOU'RE A MAN" Kevin cried. "Yes, and so are you" the deep voice replied. "BUT I'm STRAIGHT" Kevin turned around and hotfooted it back to the table. "Alright Kev?" Rachel asked "Next time I think you should talk to the girl, before sticking your tongue down her throat." She raised her eyebrows and looked at him. "Ha-ha Rachel! Well, what do you say about you and me Bailey? It's only the rest of your life!" he finished his pint and slammed the glass down, looking into Rachel's eyes. "Well Kevin, I would love to take you up on that, but I don't want to be arrested for rape! "Rachel said, cocking her head. Gill burst into fits of giggles at Kevin's face. "Rape? How is it rape?" Kevin asked, forcing more giggles from Gill. "Oh you know, because you're underage!" Rachel said, finishing her glass.

"Come on! I want to dance! Who's coming?" Gill said, sitting up. "This song is such a dancy one!" "I'll come Boss!" Rachel said, bashing Kevin's hand away as he went to squeeze her leg. "Julie and Janet, are you coming?" Janet stared at Julie when Gill said that, "were not together" Janet said looking back towards Rachel. "Um, I never said you were, I just asked if you wanted to dance!" Gill said, looking confused. "Come on!" Gill ran off onto the dance floor, dragging Kevin and Rachel with her. "AND I GO BOM BOM BOMMMMMM" Gill began to sing. "What is this?!" Kevin shouted above the music. "It's called bom bom!" Gill said, tuning back into the song: "I'm a cat with a bass and drum, going around like bom bom bomm, what's moving and grooving, I like your style womping!" Rachel left the Gill and Kevin on the dance floor, and walked towards the table.

Janet glanced at Julie, who reached for her bag across the table. "I'm going to go now guys, it's nearly 2 o'clock, and I have a massive headache and don't feel too well. Tonight's been great, thank you for letting me join you, I know you hate me Kevin, but I appreciate you letting me tag along" "S'alright Ma'am, and I don't hate you, I just don't like you" he said, earning himself a slap on the leg by Gill. Julie began to giggle "Thanks Kev, I'll take that as a compliment. Bye guys" she said, looking at Janet. She gave a weak smile, and then began to walk away.

Rachel tapped Janet. "Go after her" she said, nodding towards Julie. "You looked like you were having fun" Janet shook her head, even though she really wanted to. "Now or never Jan" Rachel pushed, seeing Julie give a brief look behind. "I'll cover you" Rachel handed Janet her bag and stood up with her, balancing her. "Janet's off now guys" Rachel said, staring at Gill. She knew her Boss knew where Janet was going, and she seemed to agree with what Rachel was doing, although she probably couldn't string a coherent sentence together. "Go!" Rachel said, pushing Janet towards the door, handing her a note. "This is where her room is, she left it on the bar earlier when she asked to put the drinks on a tab" "Thanks Sherlock…do me another favour would you?" Janet stuttered. "Anything Jan, what?" "Have fun with Kevin" Janet winked and ran out of the pub as fast as she could without tripping.

Janet made her way up the stairs of the premier inn, next to the club and knocked on 104. After no reply she knocked again, harder. Janet heard Julie stumble around inside the room, and pulled open the door. Julie looked shocked to see Janet standing there. "What's up?" she said, leaning on the door. "Can I come in? I need to talk to you" Janet said, wiping her skirt. "Hmm" Julie moved away from the door, and began to walk away from Janet. Janet pushed the door shut and grabbed Julie's hand, spinning her around. She kissed her quickly; making sure Julie had caught up with it, and then kissed her for longer, pushing her against the wall. Julie pulled away, looking into Janet's eyes, still holding her waist. "I'm sorry Julie, for dropping you like that" Janet said, kissing her again. Julie began to relax, letting Janet boss her around. They tripped over each other's heels and landed on the bed. Their kisses were getting more intense, Janet was trying to undo the back of Julie's dress, whilst Julie had undone Janet's blouse. They broke apart for a brief second, looking into each other's eyes. "Are you sure?" Julie asked, timidly. "It's a bit late for that isn't it?" Janet said, giggling. "I'm serious Janet" Julie said, standing up. "It's a big thing, this. I don't want to go any further if you're not happy. We are very drunk" she turned around, leaving Janet feeling confused. She sat up, untucking her blouse from her skirt, and pulling it off her shoulders. She took her shoes off and padded across the carpet to where Julie was standing, her head up against the wall. She wrapped her arms around her and slid the woman's dress off her shoulders, letting their skin touch. "Of course I'm sure" Janet said, pulling Julie closer…

Back downstairs, more shots had been ordered, there were only a few left in the club now, Gill and Mitch had sloped off somewhere, and Andy had gone home a while ago. Rachel didn't understand why he had come, he seemed to just drink himself silly, not really joining in. maybe he was hoping something might happen with Janet again? Rachel thought, as she sat at the bar. A familiar scent came up behind her as she turned around. "Can I join you?" Kevin asked, pulling a chair up. "Course" Rachel said, rotating the beer mat. ""Fancy a fuck...I mean drink...fancy a drink!" Kevin said, looking horrified. "Sorry, the drinks getting to me" he turned and looked down the other end of the bar, not wanting to make eye-contact. Why does my mouth, always have to speak my thoughts?! He thought to himself. "I'm going to say no to that drink Kevin, sorry, I'm going to go now, I feel shattered and this place closes in a bit" she placed her hand on his arm as he just nodded his head, turning back away from her. "But…Kev?" "What?" he said, standing up with her, balancing her. "I wouldn't mind that fuck though" she said, smirking. Kevin looked confused at first, but followed Rachel as she dragged him out of the pub. "Rach what are you going on about?" he said, as she came to a halt. "You offered me a fuck, so I'm accepting your fuck, come on" she said, dragging him up the stairs of the hotel. She pushed open the door and threw herself at him, clutching his neck, kissing him. He pulled back at first, unsure of what was happening. "What, so you actually wanna?" he said, pushing the door shut with his foot. "Course I do, I don't do this often Kev" she said, kicking off her shoes and lying on the bed. "You're unbelievable!" he said, walking over to her. "I know, thanks Kev" she said, pulling him on top of her…

The morning would be very awkward, for most of Syndicate 9's team…