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Chapter 2:

Gill woke up to find Mitch getting changed in front of her. "What's going on?" Gill asked, wrapping the bed sheet around her. "Boss, I'm sorry, last night was fun, but I was very drunk, I can't remember half the night, but I'm married, I don't want anyone to know, I feel awful, but I love my wife, I'm sorry" Mitch said, slipping his jacket on. "That's fine, I understand I'm sorry I put you through this" Gill said, nodding towards him. "I won't say anything if you don't." she added, sliding back under the covers, trying to neuter a headache. "I'm so sorry Boss. It should never have gone that far. I'd better go, again Boss I'm sorry" Mitch said, shuffling out of the door. Gill just groaned and turned over, reaching for her phone. 11:54. Gill sat up, still clutching the covers around her and got up, searching the room for her clothes…

Kevin lay wide awake, Rachel breathing softly on his chest. He began to stroke her hair, moving it from her face. Rachel opened her eyes and stared at him. "Hi" he whispered, kissing her head. "Hmmm" Rachel said turning over. "Oh charming." Kevin said, trying to rotate her. "Leave me Kev, I'm shattered" Kevin sighed and turned onto his side. He began stroking her neck. "What?" Rachel said, rolling back round. "Nothing, just wanted to see your face" he said, trying to kiss her. "Easy smirky" Rachel said, pushing him off "What time is it?" she said, sitting up. "About 12 I think...shall we go and get some food?" Kevin said, pushing the bed covers off. "Yeah ok, I'll just text Jan, do you want me to get your clothes from your room?" Rachel asked, pulling on her spare jeans and top. "Yeah ok, thanks...where is Janet?" Kevin asked, climbing out of bed. "She umm...stayed somewhere else last night, because it would have been awkward..." Rachel said, opening the door. "I'll be back in a minute" she pulled the door shut and began her walk down the corridor to 104...

'Janet. I'm so sorry, I thought I could do it but I couldn't, I really like you, but it's a big thing, and I don't think I can cope. I have never looked at a woman like I look at you before and I won't again, but I'm sorry, it's too much of a big deal. Please forgive me, and try to forget me. Julie x'
As Janet read the note left on the side, she let a tear escape. So was that it? Just a note? Janet walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror; last night's make-up all down her face, and she didn't have her spare clothes. They were in Rachel's room, because originally they were sharing, they had booked the suite which had two rooms. It seemed easier at the time, but now she wasn't so sure. It was inevitable Rachel would hook up with Kevin, even if they needed alcohol to finally admit it.

A knock on the door broke through her thoughts. "Jan, are you in there? It's Rach, I've got your clothes, I think so may need them" Rachel whispered. "Hi" Janet said, opening the door "God you look awful" Rachel whispered. "Thanks! Why are you whispering?" "Oh, I didn't know if Julie was still asleep" Rachel said, standing up against the door post. Janet's eyes began water at the sound of Julies name. "What's up?" Rachel said, pushing Janet aside. She instantly spotted the note. "What's this?!" Rachel said, shaking the letter. Janet just shook her head, breaking into tears. "I thought she liked me" Janet said, looking at her feet.

Rachel turned around, and grabbed hold of Janet, hugging her. "I'm sure she'll call you later, it's a big thing. This. For both of you. It's not something that happens every day, I'm sure she just got scared. If you phone her, talk to her, she will explain. Come on Jan, don't get upset. Gill text me earlier saying she was getting ready, apparently Mitch had to go, so she's going to join me and Kevin for breakfast, are you coming? Oh and we have to go into work tonight, something's cropped up apparently on that case, and she wants us to try and wrap it up before the holiday season actually starts" Rachel put Janet's bag on the bed and began walking to the door. "I don't think I'll come breakfast, I may just go straight to the office after I've had a shower, I can get more paperwork done" Janet said quietly. "Ok, well I'll tell Gill and we'll be in by 2ish" Rachel said, half smiling...

Gill arrived in the office a couple of hours later. Her headache was fading now, and she was starting to remember what had happened the night before. Rachel and Kevin followed shortly after, hand in hand. "Look what the cats dragged in" Gill said to Janet, nodding at Rachel who had slumped over her desk. "Rough night, Rachel?" Gill smirked, having been filled in with everything at breakfast. "You know full well Boss, I just don't think I should've drunk so much" she said, sitting up. There were only Rachel, Kevin, Janet and Gill in the office today, partly because the rest of the team were probably in bed. "How was your evening Janet?" Gill said, glancing at Rachel. "Ughh" Janet groaned, copying Rachel and lying on the desk. "Ugh Boss Thank you" Gill said, winking at Rachel.

They all got on with their work, Kevin seemed to have turned a new leaf since his adventure last night, but Gill wasn't complaining. Sherlock may be good for him. She thought as she settled at her desk. At that moment Julie walked into the office; "Hiya Slap! Come here a second?" Gill said, knowing from Rachel what had happened last night. Julie walked past Janet, her head looking at her feet. Janet shut her eyes and turned away, not wanting anyone to see her pain.

"I got your text, what you want?" Julie said, shutting the door behind her. Gill pulled down the blinds, to stop the eyes she was getting from Rachel and the glares form Kevin. "I want to talk to you about a certain someone" Gill said, sitting down. "Who did you shag?" Julie said, sighing. "What?! No not me! You! You and Janet! What's going on Julie?" Gill said, squeaking slightly. "Ok, tone it down! Only dogs can understand you!" Julie said, messing with her nails. "That's why you can. Anyway, so what's going on? Rachel told me about the note" Gill added, just in case Julie wasn't caught up. "I don't know, I like her, and I've never looked at a woman like I look at her before, but it's a big deal. I got scared." "Julie, you're a superintendent. You DO NOT scare. Pull yourself together woman! Just because she's another woman?! It's not a crime you know? No one is going to judge you, and if they do they'll have me and Rachel to deal with. I'm pretty sure from the dodgy text I got from you last night you had fun but…" "Um, what…what did it say?" Julie asked, looking panicked. "Well I think the exact text was 'Hjav a god night hill, I now I will x' you were slightly drunk I think" Gill said dryly. "But come on, you don't exactly have people lining up do you? And neither does Janet. Grow up, and talk to her, she's quite upset." Gill stood up and opened the door, calling Janet in without giving Julie a chance to reply. She couldn't even remember texting anyone last night. Gill walked outside and pulled the door shut and sat opposite Rachel, leaving Janet and Julie in the office.

"I think I need to explain" Julie said, looking at Janet, who had slid herself into her Boss's chair. Janet just nodded, unsure of what to say. "Ok, well to start with, I'm very sorry for just disappearing this morning Jan. I know an apology won't make-up for it but it's a start. I'm sorry I just left; I just got worried about what other people may think. It's a big deal, this is, you know! You have two children, a husband, an Andy. I just..." "Look, what's Ade, Andy and the girls got to do with this? A relationship is about two people, no others. Who cares if someone doesn't like it? You can't please everyone" Janet said steadily, still not looking up. "I know! I know all of that now! And what happened between us was amazing; it's hard to forget it! I felt awful leaving this morning, I really did! I just got cold feet..." Julie got up out of her seat and walked around to Janet's chair. She knelt down and put her hands on Janet's legs. "I'm so sorry Janet. Both Rachel and Gill have been texting me asking to ring you - it wasn't until then I realized how much of an idiot I had made of myself" Julie put one of her hands on Janet's chin and lifted her head slightly. "Please forgive me Janet. I don't know what to say to make you see, I was an idiot, and now I know, that it doesn't matter about anyone else. Just me and you...If you will forgive me"

Janet looked into Julie's eyes; they were shining, full of tears. "I'm sorry too Julie, I didn't understand how much it worried you, I suppose it's been such a long time since someone made me feel like you made me feel last night. I got wrapped up in my own problems. Course I forgive you" Janet said, taking Julies hands. She pushed the chair against the cabinet and slid onto the floor, kneeling in front of Julie. She kissed her, and then pulled away, looking into her eyes. "Come here you daft old bag" Janet said, pulling her close. Julie began to laugh at the fact they were getting closer and closer to the floor. "We aren't really going to make out on the floor of an office are we?" Julie muttered in-between breaths. "Who cares?" Janet replied, wrapping her hands around Julie's neck. "What if Kevin walks in?" Julie said, pulling away. "Well then he'd better tip us" Janet giggled, then more seriously added "Come on, we'd better get back to work" they stood up and Janet brushed her skirt down, whilst Julie sorted out her hair. "I'll leave first" Janet said, opening the door.

As the door creaked open, Gill, Rachel and Kevin who were gathered around Rachel's desk looked up. They clearly hadn't told Kevin anything yet. "What on earth...?" Kevin began, seeing Janet walk out with messy hair and lipstick spread across her face. Rachel jumped on him, covering his eyes with her hand "Hey! Rach! What's going on?" Gill looked at Julie who had equally as much lipstick spread across her face. Kevin was going to find out anyway soon enough, so Rachel released him as Gill spoke; "So you made up then?" She said. Janet and Julie looked at each other, and then looked back at the three staring faces looking up at them, looking horrified. "Yes, fine...me and Julie are seeing each other" Janet said, looking at Kevin who was doing his best goldfish impression. Rachel lent across the desk and pushed her hand up to his chin, closing his mouth. "But...but you're both WOMEN!" He exclaimed. Rachel sighed, Gill tutted and Janet and Julie looked at each other. "Well done Kevin" Gill said dryly. "So your lesbians?" Kevin continued. "Yes. Well no, I don't know, I suppose we could just call it a relationship" Janet babbled. "And its fine isn't it Kev" Rachel glared at him. "What? Yes of course it's fine! All the good films include women" he said, smiling. Rachel kicked him from underneath the table. Gill rolled her eyes and looked at Julie. "Go on, go home and do whatever it is you're gonna do to make up for yourself" Gill said. Julie flushed and took hold of Janet's hand. "If you're sure Boss?" Janet asked, slipping her hand from Julie's and reaching for her bag. "Yes I'm sure. Sherlock will probably have solved it in an hour anyway" Rachel gave a small smirk towards her desk. "Ok well call me if…" "Come on Janet. We'll have gone grey chit-chatting. No-one call her, her phone will either be off or engaged. She's busy. See you later!" Julie said, calling behind her as they left the office.

Kevin began to chuckle. "Ten guesses at what they're going to be doing" he said, before bursting out into laughter. Rachel slapped him again. "Yeah well you won't be doing that with me if you carry on" she said sharply. Kevin sighed and walked back over to his desk. Gill just raised her eyebrows and looked at Janet's paperwork. "Shall we move off the topic of sex and onto the topic of filing paperwork please Sherlock?" she said, putting her glasses on. "Yes Boss" Rachel said, burying her head.

"Come on!" Julie said, dragging Janet into her flat. She pushed her against the bedroom door, pressing their bodies together. "You don't waste much time do you?" Janet said. "Why should I? According to your Boss I have serious making up to do!" Julie said, dragging Janet onto the bed. "Oh, so you've been talking about me then?" "Yes, because they made me see how much of an idiot I had been leaving you like that, so this is my way of making it up to you!" Julie said, kissing her. "Yes well you can have me for three hours, and then I must go and collect the girls from Ade's." "Can't he keep them another night?" Julie asked, looking up. "No, they have school tomorrow and all their stuff is at home. Stop asking questions and make the most of it"

"Come on Rach! Please!" Kevin said as they left the office. "Gosh, you're like a little puppy aren't you? I said you're no driving my car and that's it" Rachel said, opening the door. "Pleeeease!" "NO Kevin. Otherwise I'll leave you here. What is it with men wanting to drive my car anyway?" she asked, sliding into the driver's seat. Kevin just huffed and puffed and got in the other side. They got back to Rachel's flat and she led him into the lounge, flicking the kettle on. "So. What made you decide you wanted me?" Kevin said, stealing a biscuit. "Drink" Rachel said flatly but after seeing the look on Kevin's face she decided she'd be more serious. "I don't know, you're so sweet and I knew you liked me. After Nick and Sean I wanted a relationship that meant something to both and that wasn't rushed." She handed him a mug and went and sat down on the sofa, turning the radio on low so it wasn't so awkward. "So, was it just a one night stand?" Kevin replied, shuffling. "No. no Kevin it wasn't. If it's what you want" Rachel replied, looking into her mug. "Really? You mean…if I asked you out you would say yes?" Kevin asked, uncomfortably. "Yes, I probably would, maybe, I don't know" Rachel said. She had never felt so uncomfortable. "So… will you go out with me?" Kevin asked, still staring at his feet. Rachel didn't respond, so he looked up, locking her eyes. Rachel smiled and leant across the sofa. She kissed him, and looked into his eyes. "Is that a yes?" Kevin said, standing up, pulling Rachel up with him. "I guess so" Rachel said, laughing. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in.

'Her head is on my chest, sun comes rolling in. We're lost in these covers, and all I feel is skin. I slowly kiss your face, beautiful in every way, you are. See I'm a man that don't believe in much, But I'll be damned, if I don't believe in us and how we play a fight up in the bathroom. Next thing you know I'm making love to you. Girl, promise me you'll never change. She ain't perfect, but she's worth it. Every breath I breathe, for the life of me and I know I might not deserve it but she loves me, and it's simply amazing, Simply amazing, simply amazing, and she loves me, and it's simply amazing, -amazing'

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