Summery: Nico di'Angelo, son of Hades and Lucy OC, daughter of Poseidon get sent by Lord Hades to Hogwarts to kill Voldomort/Tom Riddle. Golden trio bashing ('cause there annoying) Nico x oc (eventually..)

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Nicos P.O.V.

Nico was not in a good mood. First Lucy, my friend who is a daughter of Poseidon, woke me up at 5! AM! That's exactly 7 hours early! Add that to my dad needing a private conference with him and Lucy, I'm sure this was going to be a really bad day. To top that off, the skeleton messenger from his dad said that he needed to take Lucy with him. Not good. I'm not a morning person, and Lucy was. And she had had 4 cups of coffee. Wonderful. I sighed as I dragged Lucy in to the shadows and shadow traveled to Hades castle.

When we entered the thrown room, Lucy had kind of got over her coffee rush, which I was glad for. We bowed when we entered the Throne room and walked forward so we could figure out why he summoned us. "What do you know about magic?" he asked. Lucy and me looked at each other both sharing the same expression. Confusion. Lucy piped up after a few seconds of silence " Hecate, is the goddess of magic. And her children can control magic." Hades nodded. " Correct. But what I am about to tell you is very important. Years ago Hecate blessed a couple of mortals with magic making witches and wizards. And yes, they exist to this day."

My jaw hit the floor. Witches? Wizards? " You can't be serious…" I gaped. "Deathly." My father said. I rolled my eyes at the pun. I had a feeling Lucy was doing the same. "There is one Mortal, or shall I call him a wizard, named tom Riddle. Goes under the alias of Voldemort. He has created Horcruxs. They keep him semi-immortal. He has cheated death. I want him dead." We both nodded. Then I realized something really important. " Lord Hades? Were not Wizards or witches. Were demi-gods." Hades rolled his eyes. "Obviously. That's why Hecate has blessed both of you. And you have, Tada! Wands!" He pulled to small boxes out of the shadows. " 9ins, core is a shred from a dementors cape, elm." He said as he threw a black box at me. " 10ins, core is mermaid hair, pine." He said as he threw a sea green box at Lucy.

"Hogwarts – me and Lucy sniggered – Is a school that teaches witches and wizards. Blend in and look for clues towards riddle. Don't let anyone no you're a demigod. Go to the leaky cauldron, its in London. I've everything sorted out. You are exchange students. Go to the Wizard bank and ask for the di'angelo vault. You will need no key, just show them your necklaces. Understood?!" We both coursed "yes!" "Dismissed! The train leaves to Hogwarts in 6 days." We basically ran out of the throne room. "This is going to be a fun year!" Lucy laughed as we ran into the shadows.

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