Chapter 1 Birds and Bees

It had been 6 years since the great battle with Naraku. Rin was drawing a picture of a flower and root that helps with allergies. "There. Now that's a dandelion," she said to herself. Oh and that's tumeric root. A topical anti inflammatory that also taste good in fried rice. Over the last 6 years she was left here with Kaede to learn to live with humans, so said her Lord. She has learned to become a healer and a miko like her new guardian. She was also taught how to fight by her Lord's half-brother. It became handy since she turned 15 and noticed that the males around her acted very peculiar.

Lord Sesshoumaru had been away for a year. He left to settle something in his kingdom and told her to be safe. She was never good with goodbyes. She said her usually take care and come back soon. With that he had disappeared from her life once again. When his image blurred in the horizon she called out, "I will miss you and wait for you my only love," Unbeknownst to her, he had heard those words and he grinned.

Kaede said that it was her Lord's idea to have her here to live with humans. She however always felt uncomfortable with that notion. Everyone seems so judgmental. It seems people are not fond of changes or receptive or even cultured when it comes to demons and humans. She knew this had always been the case. The monks from years ago told her that they were different and she should not follow him. She knew though that was true, nothing could or would replace the Lord's position in her heart, mind and soul. It made her giggle when she was younger, but now, it warmed her core and made her blush.

"Earth to Rin," Kagome said, noticing that her apprentice was daydreaming about a certain someone. " Rin?! We have to finish the catalog before the winter comes."

Rin abruptly came to her senses," Sorry Kagome. I...I was um," Rin felt like her whole face was red now. " Wait. It's the end of summer; we have plenty of time to get this done." Rin realized Kagome was laughing out loud now.

Ah yes, she didn't feel like the other villagers would understand her relationship with her Lord but Inuyasha and Kagome and a few did. Kagome was pregnant with her second child with Inuyasha and lately she has been embarrassing Rin for her 'daydreaming'.

"Rin, I think it's time for us to talk about the birds and the bees," Kagome's voice suddenly became serious. Rin gulped. She had just had a talk about her period with kagome 3 months ago when Rin was irritated and started to bleed for no reason. She remembers clearly Kagome had that same tone. Then Rin was given a crash course on a female anatomy and physiology...


"What! This will be happening every month for the rest of my life! Why, what have I done wrong?" Rin was sobbing when she found out that a women's period was a sign that she was at the age to get married or have a mate. She had noticed her body changing for a year now but she didn't want to. All she was thinking was how she's grown to be 5 foot and her body was bulging in places that made it hard for her kimono to stay closed. She was also getting pestered by the village boys. She knew she was cute, but not as beautiful as Kagome. She just wanted to stay little. What if she's too big and Lord Sesshoumaru wouldn't let her nap on his lap anymore, or rock her to sleep or… She wasn't ready for any of this. All she could say was why me.

Back to reality

"Okay Rin, remember how I said that your body has a amount of eggs that get released every month and causes your period when you are not pregnant? Well, I'm gonna tell you about how a women gets pregnant," Kagome said noticing Rin's sigh. "Are you sure I should know about this kagome, I'm only 15. Don't I have another 3 years before I have to think about mating and stuff?" She really was not ready for anything. She just wanted things to be simple. She would continue to help Kaede take care of the sick, learn to harness her powers as a miko, and see him every few months. Yes, she was satisfied with her life as is. " Uhm.. Let's begin shall we." Kagome said to Rin, and then her face turned redder than it had ever been in her 15 years of living...