Ch 6 Full Circle home

"Rin." That voice. That tone. She turned around so quickly that she almost lost her footing. Those eyes. His eyes. She gulped and whispered, "Lord Sesshomaru."

"Come, I have a matter to speak with you in private," he said coolly hiding the turmoil inside.

"Anything you've got to say you can say here. You don't have to rub salt into her wounds." Inuyasha snarled.

Sesshomaru was having a real hard time keeping his indifferent demeanor but he was not ready to have others meddle in his affairs. "Do not tempt me into ending your life before your child is born, little brother. Rin, I will not repeat myself," he turned and headed towards the river. He moved slowly to make sure she was following.

"It's Ok guys, I need to hear it for myself. Thank you for always protecting me. I'll be right back." Rin hurried behind Sesshomaru but kept her distance.

When he was sure no one was around to see or hear them he stopped. "Why do you cry, Rin. I can still smell your tears. What has upset you so?" His eyes were warm and comforting, she couldn't help but feel at ease.

"My lord, it has come to my attention that you have found a mate. I was just…" her voice cracked as she tried to think up the best way to tell him what she was feeling. He could smell her turmoil, pain, and despair. Her eyes were weary and swollen from what seems like a whole night of crying. "I want to know what is to become of me." She said hastily.

Wait, how did she find out that he wanted her as a mate. Did she not love him? Did she cry because she did not want to be with him?

"Yes, I have found one I deem desirable to be my mate. In a month we shall wed at my castle. Do you know who I have chosen?" He waited for what seemed like an eternity for her reply.

"No my lord. But whoever she is, she must have been a beauty to have had you working so hard to secure your lands for her. She is lucky. I wish you the best my lord. I … you will always be in my heart." That was it. He never lied before and now she accepted the he had found happiness. Who was she to stop him? She bowed lowly and turned to leave before her tears snuck out.

"Rin, I am not done. Where are you going? " She stopped. If she looked at him, she will cry. She couldn't let that be their final meeting. While lost in her thought, she felt something warm on her shoulder as he walked in front of her. His claw wiped away the tears as soon as they appeared. He saw the pain in her eyes. He wanted no more tears. He wanted to comfort her but he was not sure how. So he wrapped his arms around her and placed his chin on her head. She smelled like heaven to him. Her warmth calms the storms in his mind and soul. He didn't want to let go.

Rin was in shock. Should he be holding her like this with his mate to be waiting at the castle? But, she wanted time to stand still. She had missed him so much. She had longed for this embrace all her life. Now she was being selfish for this would be the last memory she would have together with her lord, her love, … her very reason for existing. She stopped crying but she tightens her grasp as though she was hanging on to life itself. Sesshomaru felt her calming and thought it was now or never when her grip on him tighten. Instinctively he tightened his as well. Then he slowly pulled them apart enough to look into her eyes.

"Rin, Beloved. Would you give me the greatest honor of being my mate?" Whew. There. He said it.

But Rin just stared at him and suddenly her tears came again. Did she hear wrong she wondered? Am I dreaming? Her tears flowed unrestricted now and she couldn't answer one was or another. Then she felt him pull away so she hanged on and said," No."

Sesshomaru eyes dropped and he turned away. She quickly gathered her thoughts and said," No, I don't want you to leave. Yes, I gladly accept your request my lord. I just need to hear you say it again. I think I must be dreaming. Because in my dream you would hold me, ask me to marry you and kiss me. I wanted to make.." Rin was cut off when his lips came down on hers. Soft lips that slowly opened and hungrily begged for entry. She was lost again, but this time she was in heaven. She was in love with a demon lord who loved her back. Her happiness exploded when their tongues danced wildly between their lips. Reluctantly they pulled apart for air. Rin gave him the biggest smile she had ever had.

Then and there Sesshomaru realize that all the pain and hard work was worth one smile from his mate. Yes. She was worth his life. He swept her up into his arm and headed back to Inuyasha's hut.

By the look in her eyes and her smile, everyone knew what had transpired. Sesshomaru told Rin to pack what she really wants now so they could leave. He would send for the rest of her things later. Before turning to leave with Rin, he said to his brother," As the younger brother of the lord of the western lands, your presence will be necessary during my mating ceremony to Rin. I believe she would be very pleased as well." Rin and Kagome held their breath hoping that Inuyasha would not make a fool out of himself or start fighting with his brother again. " Feh, Glad you came to your senses. We will be there for Rin. If you ever hurt her, I will…"

" She will want but nothing. I will destroy all who dares bring sadness to her. This you need not worry. Rin. Let's go home."

Rin waved at everyone while holding on to her mate. Home. Her eyes were glistening in the sun. I finally have a home.

*Thanks for reading. This is my first fanfic. I have read so many but I am a sucker for happy endings. Not sure to continue or not. The end for now. thanks again.