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Bailey's P.O.V

As soon as I got to the Sky Deck, I immediately saw Cody by the smoothie counter talking to London and Zack. I went to go talk with my friends.

"Hey guys!" I said.

"Hey, Bailey." They all said in unison as they turned around to look at me.

"Hey Cody" I said in a lilting melodic voice.

"Hey sweetie" Cody said.

"Okay enough with the "Hey's!" Zack said in annoyance.

"Do any of you know what day it is?" I said doubting if they knew the answer.

"I do." Cody said really quickly.

"Other than Cody?" I said.

"Ooh! I know! It's the day when you first noticed that your clothes are hideous! London said.

"No! My clothes aren't that bad!" I said in defense.

"Oh really? Then why did Mr. Moseby think that an old woman puked on your shirt with the "spots" that were clearly yellow and green. "London said. "I mean, who else didn't think that?"

"Really? They were spots? I thought that Woody spilled his mango kiwi monster smoothie on your shirt?" Zack said wiping down the counter.

"No, they were spots and they were not yellow and green! They were dark yellow and lime green! I said trying to defend myself.

"I thought you said they the colors were banana yellow and Chartreuse? (A/N: Chartreuse is a really bright color for green.) Cody said remembering what I had told him a few days ago.

"Oh whatever!" I said trying to change the subject.

"Back to the topic, it's Cody and I's one year anniversary." I said looking at Cody and smiling at him.

"Wow, Bailey!" Congratulations!" Zack said with a shocked expression.

Cody was looking at me. We were both smiling at each other, when Zack finished his sentence.

"You've been with Cody that long and haven't dumped him yet!" Zack said finishing his sentence. "I truly am impressed!"

I gave Zack one of my death glares as Cody started to speak.

"Okay, Bailey let's go before they continue humiliating us and making us feel unimportant!" Cody said saying the last few words to Zack.

I got up with Cody as he held onto my hand and we walked away leaving London and Zack there.

"Hey! Zack yelled as we were walking out of the Sky deck. "I was just trying to make a point!

But Cody and I had already left the Sky Deck trying to figure out where to go next without further mean comments.

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