"Congratulations sir, on today's smashing victory for the Avengers," said the English accented voice of Jarvis.

"Jarvis get my favorite pizzeria on speed dial. We're celebrating," said Tony Stark as he walked into the huge mansion with three other Avengers. "So Thor what do you like on your pizza?" Tony continued.

"I am still not accustomed to earth's subsidence, what is this pizza?" Thor replied in a regal Asguardian accent.

"Hulk like anchovies," the gruff voice of Hulk broke in with his demand.

"Jarvis order anchovies for the big guy." Tony commanded.

The four had just stopped the Mandarin from conquering the Indian subcontinent. So here they were back at the Avengers Mansion celebrating a glorious victory.

"Anything else sir?" Jarvis inquired.

"Yeah get my usual, something with meat on it for Thor and something classic for the Captain." Tony replied flippantly.

"Right away sir. The pizza should be here in two hours."

"Two hours?" Steve, a.k.a. Captain America, questioned quite puzzled.

"Well when you're having pizza flown in from Italy. It takes some time." Iron man said with a smile.

An epic battle for the last piece of pizza was about to begin. Nothing else had happened that day; actually it was nice to have a day when the world seemed ok. Even though no one said anything it was unsettling.

"I wonder what they're up to?" Steve commented as Hulk took the last piece of pizza from Iron Man and Thor.

"Sir! There is an intruder outside the Avengers Mansion!" Jarvis alerted at that moment.

"Well I guess we'll see Capt." Iron Man said as his helmet closed over his face.

Bang! They were too late. The sound of a large metal door shattering pierced their ears. All stood ready to attack, Thor with hammer in hand and Captain America with his shield up in arms, Hulk ready to smash, and Iron Man armored and ready. Then like all of the Avengers epic adventures something unexpected happened a tall, beautiful, young woman dressed much like Thor walked in. She was wearing a black dress with silver medallions on it, a long red velvet cape, and tall silver boots. She wore a helmet with wings on it, like Thor but hers was decorated with diamonds. She carried a diamond shaped hammer. Her hair was long and blond, like rays of sun, and her eyes were a lightning colored blue.

"Thor a think a obsessed, crazed fan is here for you." Iron Man said to the surprised Asguiardian.

"Fear not humans, I bring new of Asguard to Thor." Her voice was calm but determined and unimpressed.

"Thaira, What brings thee to Midguard?" Thor walked up to the girl with a smile on his face.

"I bring thee news from father. Brother, he wants thee to return home."

"Brother?!" Captain America and Iron Man shouted at once in shock.

"Yea, this is my younger sister, Thaira, princess of Asguard. Silence filled the room for a moment until Tony replied to Thaira, "So are you single? "

Thaira glared at him with her fierce blue eyes that seemed to soften for maybe just one moment. Completely ignored the others the girl turned to her brother.

"Thor, I need to speak to thee of Asguard. There is much unrest." Her voice was pleading but Thor did not seem moved.

"What does father want, Thaira?"

"Thor we need you to return to Asguard. The ice giants have broken the treaty and Loki has made three escape attempts. The kingdom needs its crown prince. Thor Asguard needs you."

"Asguard is safe under father's protection. Thaira, he has no need of me."

"How do you know if you have not been home to see?" She said with a frown.

"Is this all the news thou has brought?" "Nay, it is worse. Many Asguardians have gone missing, vanished with no trace. Cannot thou see the great danger Asguard is in? Thor thou must return."

"And if I do not return with thee, sister?" Thor questioned.

"That is no option brother, I have been doing your job for far to long." She shot back fiercely.

"I never asked thee to do my job." Thor calmly replied but with firmness in his tone.

"But you left, Thor!"

The room was dead silent. Both Asguardians had lost their joyful composures any trace of a smile was gone. Thor had a steady solemn look on his face. He was conflicted but only his little sister could tell. Thaira looked as beautiful as ever, but it was shadowed by the fierce and spirited glare she shot at her brother. Tension filled the room. Both were ready for a battle.

"Now there must be some way that we can work this out." Steve said breaking the silence.

"There is nothing to work out my brother must make a decision or I will make it for him." Thaira said impatiently.

"I shall not leave the Avengers or Midguard. Thaira thee can return to father and tell him that Midguard still needs me."

"Thor how could you?" The girl was obviously upset.

"Sister, I must do this. Return home you shall be safest there. If Asguard is under attack then Midguard is certain to be next. I know thee can handle Loki and father can handle the safety of Asguard." He put his hand on her shoulder, intended as a comforting gesture but instead she pulled away.

"I shall not be treated as a child." Her voice was steady, calm but overflowing with restrained emotion. "I shall not depart unless you are with me. I have never failed Asguard and I shall not let you be my failure!"

A slightly cocky smile crossed Thor's face. He knew there was nothing she could do. "So be it. I give thee fair warning you shall be waiting a long time, Thaira."

The girl stomped her foot and stormed away in fury. "You shall not get away with this brother." She turned to him and shot back fiercely as she left the room. Thunder rumbled in the sky outside. It wasn't any ordinary storm brewing.

"Is she going to go and wreck any other part of this mansion?" Steve questioned Thor.

"Nay, I shall find her and send her back home. Thaira is not like this in Asguard. "

"Wait Thor" Tony said before he left. "How about I go talk to her. I don't want you to get in one of your deadly sibling feuds in my awesome mansion. Anyway she's pretty ticked at you."

Tony pushed pass Thor to follow Thaira.

"Stop, That might not be the greatest idea" Thor said.

"No, it'll be fine, you know I am great with the ladies." Stark said with a smile.

" Sir that is not advisable since you are in a relationship currently with Miss Potts."

"Oh, shut up Jarvis."

" I'll talk to her." Steve said. "I'm responsible, trustworthy, and single."

Both Steve and Tony raced to the door leaving Thor behind quite bewildered.

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