Bright sun rays filled the dull room as the princess finished brushing her hair. Her long blonde locks were a competitive rival to the golden sunbeams that flooded her bedroom. She had been up long before sunrise and was quite bored. To all the other Avengers dismay both Thor and Thaira insisted on be up before dawn. Neither could help it, this was just one of the ways that life was different in Asguard compared to Midguard. The princess would often spend these early mornings watching the sun rise and thinking of home. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, the fact was that she missed home. Thaira had never spent much time away from Asguard and had never been this far away, so living on Midguard was an adventure. One that she had longed for, for quite some time. She loved the excitement, the suspense, the grueling battles, and of course Tony but even with all of that she still felt a tugging at her heart for her Asguard. Thaira thoughts of home vanished immediately, when something red caught her eye. There was a rose laid on the window sill, outside the window, and beneath it was a note.

"What is this?" She said as she carefully opened the window and grabbed the delicate flower. The princess gently picked up the neatly folded paper that was below it. She opened the letter and read intently.

"How, how lovely." She said with a gentle smile and a slight blush as she read the letter.

"NO more coffee for Thor!" Tony said with a hostile stare towards the Asguardian.

"What peeves the man of iron to command Thor so?" Thor said slightly irritated.

"You woke me up with a thunderstorm, literally! Do you realize its 9:00 am and that I never wake up this early unless it's an emergency?!"

"Yeah Thor, What's with the storm?" Steve said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Why is it that every time there is a storm thou blames Thor? I did nothing."

"Then who did?" Bruce said with a yawn.

"Good morning brother! Good morning warriors of Midgaurd! Is not this day wonderful?" Thaira said dancing around the kitchen. Her hair was braided and a bright, delicate red rose was is it.

"What's wrong with her?" Bruce asked skeptically.

"There is your storm my comrades." Thor replied with a smile.

"Wait? What did you call me Thor?!"

"Nothing my sister- where did that flower come from?" Thor's smile disappeared when he saw the flower.

"Oh that, that was a gift." She said with a sly smile.

"From whom, sister?" Everyone stared at Thaira, Thor looked worried and protective, Tony just wanted to annoy her, Bruce found this interesting and Steve wore a somber somewhat nervous look on his face.

"I don't know." She stated bluntly.

Thor looked puzzled, "Where did it come from?"

"Come on Thor don't you get it, little miss bossy princess has a secret admirer." Tony said quite happy at Thor's discontentment.

"What?!" The astonished Asguardian replied.

"You have guessed right, Tony. Maybe thou knows something about it or who gave it to me." Thaira said, giving him a hopeful stare.

"Come on it was easy to guess! I don't know anything! I mean it's not my fault that I'm a genius and your brother isn't."

"Well it does not matter. What does is that whoever it is can write beautifully." She said with a sweet smile.

"He wrote to thee!" Thor was not happy at all.

"Yes, he wrote a letter and-"

"This coward must reveal himself! Any man who thinks himself worthy of my sister must battle my father or in his absence myself for the right to court her! " Thor exclaimed with a slam of his fist on the counter that was next to him.

"Thor thou cannot tell me what to do! You have no right!"

"Oh is big brother Thor being overprotective?" Tony said with a smirk.

"Brother you are over reacting. There is nothing to fear, it was just a note." Thaira defended fiercely.

"Written by a coward!"

Steve stared Thor wide-eyed for a moment. Tony rolled his eyes and gave Steve a "come on don't be such a wimp" glare.

"Well I think it was a lovely gesture and much more sweet then battling for my hand. Really, after one battle with father most of my dates are terrified so out of their wits that they forget about our date and leave cowering."

"Now Thor don't you think your over reacting it's just a stupid flower." Bruce said with emphasis on "stupid."

"No, not at all." Thor said firmly.

"Well it does not matter what any of you think. All that matters is what I think." Thaira shouted and then left the room bringing the conversation to an utter halt. All were quiet as a rumble of thunder rocked the sky.

That afternoon Thaira was practicing with her hammer outside. She flung lightning bolts here and there with a rumble of thunder rocking the air. She smiled at her work and paused to take a break. Brushing a blond lock out of her face she then swung her hammer around quite contented. Crash! Thunder shook the sky. Thaira did not seem surprised, considering that she did not make this rumble, but rolled her icy blue eyes not even turning to see him.

"What does thou want, brother?"

"I would like you to meet a friend."

"Whom may I ask?" She said with a smirk not feeling like cooperating with him. She turned to face him and was surprised to see standing beside him was a tall beautiful woman with long red hair. She smiled kindly towards the princess.

"Sister, this is Lady Pepper. Lady Pepper this is my sister Thaira, Princess of Asguard."

Pepper offered a hand to the princess to shake. Thaira shook it quite awkwardly still not use to this customary greeting of Midguardians.

"It's so nice to meet you Thaira. I have heard so much about you. On our last date Tony told me how much excitement there has been with you joining the Avengers."

"Yea, This has been quite an adventure." The princess replied with a bitter sweet smile.