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When travelling in a group finding time alone can be difficult, so when she manages to slip away from the others under the guise of bathing, she makes good use of her time. The water is slightly warmed but the night air is heated with the cloying heat of summer. Stripping off her clothes she sinks into the blue liquid, feeling it soak sore tired muscles. They have been travelling for weeks, always just one step ahead of their pursuers. They don't dare stay too long in one place or else they risk another mishap with Fire Nation soldiers.

She wishes they could just take some time and relax. Everyone is wound tight and tempers are frayed. Never before has she longed for some sort of release but release seems to be the last thing she will get. Having a moody big brother tends to interfere with the sort of good time she would like to have.

The cloth is rough and the soap is cheap but it is sufficient to get the grime of travel and sweat off of her skin, leaving it smooth and supple. She doesn't rush though. There isn't anything to rush back too. The fire will be waning as the night wears on and each of them will find a fitful rest either on a ratty bed roll or on top of Appa. The giant beast could do with a bath himself. Besides, if she knows him as well as she thinks she does, then she won't be alone for long.

Dipping her head into the water she lets it soak her long hair, plastering the strands to her skin. Rivulets of water run down her back as she works the soap into her hair. A few more dips and the soap is rinsed from her tresses. She stands feeling the air cool against her skin as water races down her curves.

Just over her right shoulder she hears it. It's a slight sound. The sort of sound one could miss if careful attention was not paid. He can be so light on his feet when he wants to be but she was waiting for the telltale sign he was watching. It's not the first time he has spied on her bathing. She hopes it won't be the last.

Tossing her hair over her shoulder she begins to wring it out as she leans over the cool water. The moon is bright and she can make out her own reflection. More than one man has been drawn to her full lips and compelling eyes. He is no exception.

Deciding to push the boundaries, she turns so she is facing his hiding spot allowing him to see her completely nude. Stretching up she feels her curves rise and sway with the movement. Silence. It's not as if she actually expected to hear anything. He does seem to have an amazing sense of control but she always did like a challenge.

Her brother would give her that look if he knew what his baby sister was doing but having grown up as isolated as they were what did he really expect her to do when faced with a male her own age, especially one that is such a prime specimen at that. She knows what sort of release she needs tonight and she has decided that he will be the one to give it to her.

Of course how does one go about seducing the Master of the Four Elements? Well, near master. He has some to learn still. From what she understands, he has as little knowledge of women as she does of men. She had her brother and father but they hardly count. Being raised as a monk did not afford him many opportunities to interact with females. Perhaps that is why they are both so curious about each other.

She feels the rough sand of the beach under her feet but instead of getting out she drops to her knees at the edge of the water, eye level with the bushes there, where she knows him to be hiding. Her hands burn a trial down her neck over her breasts. With deft fingers, she feels her body responding as her nipples tighten and harden. She lets out a low moan at the sensation.

One hand continues its voyage to the apex of her thighs and to the dark curls hidden there. Her first touch is electric and sparks something inside of her, drawing a sharp gasp. Her skin feels like it is on fire and an ache begins to rise inside of her. Seeking fingers plunge into her soft folds and she feels the moisture gathering.

She hasn't much experience with men, only a few stolen kisses here and there and that wasn't until she had been on the run and travelling with the Avatar. She has had experience with her own body though and she knows what to do to get her to that point. Both hands work at a feverish pace and she tosses her head back feeling the tension coil and build inside of her. With each stroke of her hand she is pushing herself closer to that edge but somewhere on the edge of her consciousness she remembers that she, needs more tonight.

"Are you just going to watch or are you going to help me?" She growls low. It's almost a threat because if he doesn't take her soon she won't be responsible for the repercussions, then he can try to explain to her brother why he was spying on her bathing and pleasuring herself.

A rustle of sound causes her to open her eyes and he's kneeling in front of her. For a brief moment they lock eyes but the next she is grabbing at his clothes, trying to be mindful as to not rip them. Neither one of them will want to explain how the Avatar's only outfit was mysteriously torn late at night.

He's older than she is and at sixteen he is truly something to behold. Mastering the elements and the endless battles have honed his body. Her avid eyes trace the strong lines of muscles before dipping past the chiseled chest and abs to what she truly seeks. Everything about him is a prime example of what a man should be and it's only fitting that part is to but she's not sure her body can accommodate his size.

She licks her lips, her boldness leaving her. This is new territory and no matter how headstrong and stubborn she is, there are times she is shy and doubtful. Crossing this line can mean so many things for them and for the others.

As if sensing her sudden nerves he leans in to brush her lips with his. She gives a small moan and deepens it. He pulls her to him crushing her breasts against his chest and instinctively her legs wrap around his waist. He has enjoyed watching her show and the evidence of it is pressed between her warm folds. A shiver runs through her and she shudders in his arms. As he kisses down her neck, he gives a small laugh. He knows what he's doing to her.

With a quick roll, he has her on her back spreading her legs wider with his thighs. One hand is braced beside her head and the other is running down her body, caressing a warm mound of flesh before sliding past her taut stomach to her soft thighs.

"You're beautiful." He murmurs, gray eyes taking in the sight of her underneath him naked at last.

His words embolden her and build her resolve. Reaching for him, she runs her hands down his chest, over his stomach, and pulls at his hips as she spread her legs wider. Arching upwards, she kisses him. It's rough and demanding and gets her message across. She wants him to take her.

Her breath hitches at the feel of him nestled at her entrance. Fear runs through her. The first time is painful, this much she knows, and he looks to be more than she could handle. She trusts him to be gentle with her even though he is shaking with his own anticipation and tension. His eyes catch her as if seeking her permission. She wraps her legs around his waist, pulling him down.

As he slides inside she feels grateful for the preparation as her body is warm and wet. She forces herself to relax as she feels him sink deeper. Above her he is shaking with restraint, instinct urging him to bury himself inside of her and take what he wants. Her hands find his shoulders and she digs sharp nails into his back as he comes against her barrier. She lets out a breath as she feels him push past it. It's a slow burn but he soothes it with kisses to her lips and neck.

Her lips open in a wordless gasp as he pushes deeper until he is fully inside. They are only a short distance away from the others and neither one of them wants this magical moment to be interrupted. He holds still, giving her time to adjust. With a soft sigh her hands relax and she gives an experimental arch into him, rocking their bodies together, feeling how deeply he is buried.

He takes the hint and begins to slowly pull back, feeling the cooling air on his flesh before pushing it back inside of her. He wants so much to just let loose and pound into her but he knows enough to understand she has to set the pace for this time. Hopefully, there will be other opportunities to take her hard.

Her hands are on his chest as he thrusts into her faster this time. Taking her wrists he pins her hands above her head and earns a smile for his effort. He never thought her the type to like being restrained but she bucks up against him as her hands flex in their bonds.

"More." She says breathlessly.

He obliges and thrusts back into her harder this time. She lets out a growl of pleasure at the contact and her thighs tighten around him. He gives into instinct and begins a slow in and out motion in earnest picking up speed and intensity with each pass.

She wants to scream, wants so badly to cry out how good it is and beg for more. She bites her lip to keep from making noise though. The sounds of their bodies thrusting together already fills the night air. They will be pushing it if Toph doesn't figure out what is going on through the vibrations in the ground below. The Earth Bender seems to know more about her travelling companions than they would like.

Pushing thoughts of the others out of her head she focuses on the man moving above her and inside of her. The moonlight glints off his blue arrows and pale skin. His grip on her wrists tighten at the same time he seems to grow longer and harder inside of her.

It starts in her chest and cascades through her body. Her eyes snap wide as the feeling crests inside of her collecting low in her body. It slams into her and a cry escapes her lips as she feels her body tense and shudder around him. It triggers his own release and he drops his head to her shoulder to muffle his own sounds of pleasure. He slams deep inside of her. She feels him plunge as deep as he can with his warm seed pumping against her inner walls.

He collapses over her but careful to not crush her with his weight. He is breathing hard. A part of her wants to crack a joke about an Air Bender being out of breath but she is floating in that hazy post orgasmic place. Their sweat slicked skin cools in the night air. His soft lips find hers as he kisses her with reverence.

Reluctantly he pulls free from her body but doesn't let go of her hand and pulls her with him into the water to rinse away the evidence. Sinking deeper into the water she wraps her arms around his neck as they kiss.

"I did not expect that tonight." He chuckles against her neck.

"Hmm, how long did you think you could get away with spying on me before I called you out on it?" She tips her head back as he begins to kiss and nip at her throat.

"How long did you know I was watching?" There is a faint hint of surprise in his voice as if he thought this was the first night she knew he was there.

"Since the first night." She smiles at the shifting uncertainty in his gray eyes. "You're lucky my brother didn't notice."

He makes a face at that. "As if this is any better." Spying on her is bad enough but this is crossing a line.

"True, he has a tendency to be overdramatic." She sighs as she lets go of him. The last thing she wants to do is to think about how her brother will react to her having sex with the Avatar. She's not deluded enough to think that he won't ever find out. It's only a matter of time.

They make their way out of the water and he Air Bends them dry before they dress.

"You go back first and I'll circle around from the other way." He says with a quick kiss to her lips.

She stops to watch him walk off in the other direction, with a smile she turns back towards camp.

Moving as quietly as she can, she makes it to her bedroll.

"Out a bit late aren't you?" Toph says quietly. There's a certain inflection in her voice.

"If you must know, I was taking a bath." She replies icily as she gets situated under the thin blanket.

"Yeah, Twinkletoes wash your back for you?" Toph snorts.

She should have known the Earth Bender would have 'seen' it. Scowling she rolls away from the girl intent on ignoring her.

"Relax, Princess. I'm not about to let Prince Moody know about it." Toph gives a small laugh. "Besides, Aang's more likely to pay attention to his Fire Bending lessons if you're giving him incentives like that."

Azula looks over her shoulder at Toph. "Go to sleep." She orders.

"Yes, Your Highness." Toph mocks as she shuts the door on her earth tent, snickering behind the thick walls.

Letting out a huff of frustration, Azula turns back over and catches his eye as he makes his way into camp from the other way. He smiles and ducks his head before climbing onto Appa to lie down. Closing her eyes she smirks. The insufferable wait to face the Fire Lord might be more bearable with distractions like that.

AN: Since some readers are uncertain where each chapter may fall into the timeline of the story because of the nonlinear storyline I am experimenting with I will include an Author's Note at the end of each chapter to clarify it. This one takes place after Azula has left the Fire Nation and has found Zuko and the Gaang.