O.K., after the failure that was my To Continue the SAZ I didn't think I'd do another Code Geass fic but after reading DW77's Chess Board I was struck by inspiration and have decided to do the Red Recurrence story, with their permission of course.

For those who don't know, Red Recurrence is a story idea in which Kallen goes back in time to Shinjuku with her memories of the future. She then works to change the future so that the Zero Requiem doesn't happen.

Obviously the pairings would be Kallen/Lelouch and maybe some others from canon but that might change, with the exception of K/L; that will not change. Also, as I hate to take up another's idea completely, even if I had come up with something just like this, I decided to make the story just a little different to give it some originality. If any of you don't like it, just as dw77 to write their story or, better yet, do it yourself. Enjoy.

Code Geass: Kallen of the Recurrence

Kallen Kōzuki sighed and then took a deep breath before entering the room. She always hated this time of year; it just reminded her of all of her losses and made the hole in her heart hurt all the more. However, not showing up just made it hurt more and at least here they were able to honor his memory.

The small group looks up when she enters, but only one of the room's occupants smiles when she sees Kallen.

"Kallen!" exclaimed the young empress Nunnally vi Britannia, "we were beginning to think you weren't coming."

"I'm sorry your majesty, but I get held up."

"It's alright Kallen, and please, just call me Nunnally, we're friends."

"O.K., Nunnally." Kallen smiled down at the 100th Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire. After the death of her brother, the 99th Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia two years ago, Nunnally took over the throne, becoming one of the most well-loved leaders of Britannia and the voice of peace around the world.

Kallen looked around their small group, saying hello to everyone in turn before noticing someone was missing.

"Where's Zero?"

Kyoshiro Tohdoh stepped forward from next to his wife, Nagisa Chiba. "Suzaku won't be joining us this year; the negotiations in France are having a little trouble."

Kallen stiffened for a second when Tohdoh gave away Zero's true identity, but relaxed after remembering that everyone present knew about it, and what really happened two years ago. Every year, on this day, while the whole world was celebrating the anniversary of the death of the Demon Emperor, the group of twelve gathered, not to curse him, but to honor the man who made the ultimate sacrifice for the world.

These thirteen, eleven right now with the death of Li Xingke and Suzaku away, knew that Lelouch vi Britannia had gathered the entire world's hatred on him, only to have Suzaku kill him to bring about peace, the Zero Requiem. There were a few others who knew the secret, but only these ten gathered to honor his memory.

Chiba had finally found some bravery and proposed to Tohdoh almost right after the Zero Requiem, refusing to take no for an answer. Prime Minister of Japan Ohgi and his wife Villeta had done the same, only with less argument. Their son Naoto was asleep in a corner of the room. Zhou Xianglin stood next to Kaguya Sumeragi while Sayoko stood behind Nunnally. Cornelia and her Knight/husband Guilford were next to their Empress. And last, but not least, Jeremiah Gottwald, stood apart from them all.

They all gathered around the small table and took their seats, except Nunnally, who still used a wheelchair. Kallen sat on Nunnally's left while the chair between her and Cornelia was left empty for Zero/Suzaku. The seat between Tohdoh and Xianglin was also left empty, in memory of Xingke. On the table, with the bottom facing Nunnally was a picture of Lelouch in his Ashford uniform, one of the better pictures they could find.

Slowly, as one, they all picked up the glasses in front of them, raised them high and muttered, "To Lelouch Lamperouge and his world peace". They avoided saying Lelouch's real name in case anyone heard them and because it was the name Lelouch liked to go by. Cornelia, Nunnally, Jeremiah, Kaguya all gave their own, small, toasts to Lelouch. Kallen did one the last two years, but refrained from doing so this year. The hole hurt too much.

This was the extent of their gathering, nothing too big, just the way Lelouch liked it. Sometimes, someone would come up with a story of Lelouch that they told the group. Usually, it was Nunnally and Cornelia who told them about Lelouch's childhood. Kallen always liked those; it was interesting to hear about a young Lelouch, before he became the terrorist Zero. This year, there were no stories. They just sat quietly.

"Anyone seen C.C.?" Ohgi finally asked. C.C. was another subject brought up during these gatherings. They all knew that she had given Lelouch his Geass and were curious about her and Lelouch's relationship. But the last time anyone had seen her was a few days after the Zero Requiem when she was spotted traveling on a straw cart in a remote part of the United States of China.

Xianglin, Cornelia, and Jeremiah all shook their heads, none of them had seen so much as a hint of C.C. Yet another person missing in our mourning of Lelouch Kallen thought. She had grown somewhat closer to the witch in the time between rebellions and was probably the only one left alive who knew anything about her.

"If C.C. doesn't want to be found, I'm guessing we won't be seeing her ever again" Jeremiah said. Kallen had to agree with him there.

Finally, the silence became too much and everyone rose to leave. A little early but no one could come up with any reason to stay. Kallen was the last one to leave; Cornelia and Sayoko stayed with Nunnally of course.

Not willing to return to Japan just yet, Kallen walked the streets of New Pendragon aimlessly, thoughts of Lelouch filling her head. She didn't know how long she walked but by the time she regained her wits, it was already dark. Although Kallen felt she was able to easily protect herself from anyone who would be foolish enough to approach her, something about this night unnerved her.

A half a second later, Kallen thought she had the reason; she was being followed. Deciding to catch her stalker by surprise and not the other way around, Kallen kept walking, acting as if she didn't know about the mysterious person.

They continued to walk for a couple more minutes, the person slowly getting closer and closer. Finally, Kallen felt as if the time to strike was now. Faster than she could blink, she spun around to face her stalker, hidden knife out and ready. But something made her stop. Her pursuer was standing under a street light, and just barely visible under the person's hood was a strand of green hair.

Frozen, Kallen just stood and stared at the person who just might be the mysterious C.C. After a few seconds of watching each other, C.C. (if it was her) turned around and walked away. Kallen didn't waste a second and quickly followed. She had to know if it was C.C. and if it was why was she here and following her?

The pursued turned into the pursuer and the chase slowly started to build up speed until C.C. dashed into an alley. Once again, Kallen didn't hesitate; never thinking that C.C. wanted her to follow, Kallen dashed after her. The chase zigzagged all along various alleys and around numerous buildings.

Thirty seconds in, Kallen realized that C.C. wasn't making any attempt to shake her off. She was always just barely able to find out where the witch was going and if she lost her, C.C. was waiting nearby for Kallen to find her a second later. Uneasy, Kallen gripped her blade tighter, ready to use it in case of an ambush.

At long last, the chase came to a close. Kallen burst out into an open area to find C.C., hood off, smiling and waiting for her in front of an abandoned warehouse. Blue eyes met amber for a brief second and then the green haired girl slipped into a side door to the warehouse. Kallen carefully moved over to the door and entered.

The warehouse was dark and silent, each of Kallen's footsteps echoing loudly. She crept forward slowly; eyes open wide, trying to see her own hand in front of her face. Where was C.C.? Was there another entrance to the warehouse, had she already escaped? What was the purpose of leading her here?

"C.C., show yourself!" Kallen cried out to the darkness.

"There's no need to shout Kallen" came the soft response. "I'm right here."

Kallen spun around to see C.C., squeezing her Cheese-kun tightly. She was dressed in a prisoner's outfit and had a bored expression on her face.

"So, you found me" the witch said.

"Cut the theatrics C.C." Kallen yelled, shifting the knife in her hand in front of her body, ready to attack. "Why did you want me to follow you?"

"Why indeed?" Her expression didn't change, though she did tilt her head up slightly. "Oh be quiet Lelouch, you failed to keep up your end of our contract so I'm forced to find someone else."

"Lelouch? What are you talking about?"

C.C. relaxed a bit and turned to face Kallen directly, eyes focused. "I can talk to Lelouch via my connection to C's World. He's quite opposed to my plan."

"And what plan is that?" Kallen asked, ready to charge if C.C. showed even a hint of being a threat.

"Tell me Kallen, are you happy with the way the world is?"

"Don't answer my question with a question!"

"What if I were to give you the opportunity to change everything, the chance to save Lelouch?"

Kallen almost dropped her knife. "Wha…?"

"I can give it to you, you know. You could save Lelouch and enjoy the peace he brought together. All I ask is that you fulfill my one wish."

"You're going to give me Geass, aren't you?"

"In a way. This Geass would be different, one unlike any before and any to come after."

"What do I have to do?" Kallen asked, finally lowering her weapon.

"As I said, you'd have to fulfill my wish."

"No, I meant to save Lelouch."

"That is entirely up to you. However, to do anything you must first accept my contract and its terms."

Kallen hesitated. On one hand, she'd be given the chance to save Lelouch and maybe even have a future with him. On the other, she knew absolutely nothing of what C.C. wanted from her or how to save Lelouch. While Kallen debated back and forth with herself, C.C. just watched with an amused expression.

"All right," Kallen said, "I'll accept your contract."

C.C.'s smile changed and Kallen suddenly felt a slight burning sensation in her left eye. As soon as ended, Kallen didn't need a mirror to know she had Geass.

"This Geass is unlike any other in existence." explained C.C. "It will transport you three years into the past so that you can change the present and future. Once you arrive, it will allow you to unlock the memories of those you use it on. However, it will only work on those still alive at the present moment but they'll remember everything that has happened from the point you used it to now.

"Also, like regular Geass, you must be careful with its use. If you use it too much its power will overwhelm you, running the risk of unlocking the memories of anyone who meets your gaze. Use your power wisely and Lelouch will be saved. Now go Kallen, and fulfill our contract."

The last thing Kallen saw was C.C. smiling, a genuine smile, before the whole world turned black. There was nothing for a few seconds, and then Kallen's entire world started shaking. When she opened her eyes, Kallen found herself in Knightmare's pilot seat. The frame shook as two perusing Knightmares opened fire on her with their rifles.

Kallen hightailed it out of there. Where ever she was, it wasn't the familiar cockpit of the Guren; otherwise she would've turned the other Knightmares into spare parts. While she was trying to figure out where she was, the radio came alive and Kallen heard a voice she didn't think she'd ever hear again.

"The west entrance. Use the tracks to move to the west entrance."