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Chapter 1 Anonymous

It all started with the notes. Between every class, Jade West would find anonymous notes in her locker. Little love notes that said things like, I love your eyes, you have the prettiest smile, you're amazing, I love you, be mine. So, she wasn't surprised to open her locker and find another little note. This time, though, the writing surprised her. I'm not Sinjin. Someone else. Meet me at the Blackbox theatre at three to meet me. She still thought it was Sinjin, considering he was the only guy who really showed any interest in her. As far as she though, at least. She threw the note away, just like she had with all the others. Then, she grabbed her coffee and made her way to third period.

She was only in ninth grade, so Jade still had some trouble finding her way around the school. But, she refused to ask for help because Jade West doesn't need help. It was about 3:05 when she made her way into the Blackbox Theatre. She originally didn't plan on coming here, but she figured she should tell Sinjin off and make him stop with the notes.

"You're late." she heard someone muse.

She rolled her eyes. "Sinjin, get your ass out here!"

Someone chuckled and made his way towards Jade. "I'm not Sinjin."

She recognized him much faster then she'd like to admit. It was Beck Oliver. He was in a few of her classes. A rather annoying popular boy.

"What do you want..?" she asked, boredly. She couldn't help but wonder. He always had the popular, idiotic girls fawning over him. Shouldn't he be out with one of them instead of at the Blackbox..?

"Aren't you here looking for someone..? About those notes?"

"You're the idiot that's been leaving notes in my locker?" she snapped.

He laughed again, which only pissed her off more. No one laughs at her. They're supposed to fear her. "Hmm. I wouldn't say idiot." he said. She took a step closer, glaring at him. "What do you want, Oliver?" she hissed. He looked at her, smirking. "Oh please, call me Beck." he offered. Obviously, the whole situation was rather entertaining to him. "I'd like a date. With you."

She rolled her eyes. "No."

"I won't give up until you say yes."

"Then it looks like you'll be wasting your whole life trying." she yelled as she turned on her heel and started walking away. She was stopped, though. Beck had grabbed her wrist. "One date?" he pleaded. "I'll get you coffee."

She groaned. "Fine. But, one date. And you can't even look in my direction afterwards."

They went to JetBrew. He bought her coffee and was surprised that they both like the same kind. Black with two sugars. Jade, despite her best efforts, was actually enjoying the date. Beck looked at her. "You thought I was Sinjin?" he asked.

She shrugged. "He's creepy enough to do that, and he's been stalking me long enough."

Beck laughed, again. "So, now I'm creepy?"

"Yup." was her simple reply.

"Do I look creepy?"

"No. You look like a crossdresser with your hair."

"Hmm. You don't like my hair? Should I cut it for you?"

"Oh, but then how will you ever survive without the attention from the rest of the female population?"

"All I need is your attention."

"Sucks for you." she muttered as she finished her coffee. He had finished his too. Jade stood up and Beck followed her. "You're driving me home." she stated. Cat had driven her to school but, she missed her chance for Cat to drive her home so, now she was stuck with him. Jade turned to face him, half expecting him to refuse. But, he had that stupid grin on his face and it made her want to hit him. "Stop smiling like that." she said as she sat in the passenger seat of his car. He started it up and began to drive to her house, following her directions. When Beck finally pulled into the driveway, he turned to Jade. "Same time tomorrow?" he asked, smiling. She leaned in and kissed him. He was lost in a daze and was pulled out by the sound of the car door slamming shut. He looked up to see Jade walking into her house.

Beck finally got home and couldn't get the Goth girl off his mind. However, his thoughts were interrupted by a text.

To: Beck

From: Jade

Meet me in the Blackbox theatre, tomorrow. Same time. Coffee again.

Beck could't help but smile. He'd finally gotten the Goth girl. Now, to get her to be his.

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