Chapter 3 Creativity

"I can't believe you did that, Jade."

"I thought it was creative."

"It may have been, but it was in front of children!"

"The children enjoyed it."

"I highly doubt that!"

"I enjoyed it."

"Of course you did."

"My favorite part was when they cut his head off, with scissors." Jade added with a smirk.

Beck held the bridge of his nose, in frustration. They were in eleventh grade and Jade had just shown the kids at the preschool her favorite movie. The Scissoring. Which, of course, traumatized the young minds. "Figures" he replied. Jade looked at him, then glared. "Don't be like that!" She hated it when he was mad at her, but what did she expect? She probably just scarred some kids for life. "They asked you to give a creative presentation to the kids at the preschool, so that they could skip recess while the equipment was being remodeled. They did not ask you to scar the poor kids for life." Beck said, still calm. Jade rolled her eyes, "I was being creative," she replied "It's not my fault my creativity is unappreciated here. If they wanted something fluffy and cute they should have hired Vega or Cat." Jade shrugged her shoulders, as if that justified what she had done. "That's still no excuse! You knew it would have scared the kids. Then, they started crying and screaming, yet you still played the film!" Beck retorted, growing more and more annoyed. Jade couldn't help but laugh at him. "You're such a loser. Who says film?" He knew she was trying to change the subject, but he wouldn't let her get away with this that easily. "Jade, you're writing an apology letter to the preschool." He said, crossing his arms. Jade laughed again, this time it was a bit more mocking. "No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are."






"Seriously, Jade. You're so childish."

"I'm pretty sure you're the child, Beck! You're overreacting."

"I'm not overreacting. You showed those children a R-rated horror movie. But, you didn't stop there! You even got something to squirt blood on them."

"Cat's brother got the blood. It was funny!"

"It was not funny!"

"You just don't appreciate my creativity."

"Not when you're using it against small children."

"So, you wanna break up?"

"I never said that."

"Then, what do you want?"

"I want you to write an apology letter to that school."

"Too bad."

"Jade." he said, in a warning tone.

"Beck." she mocked.

"Jade, you're writing that letter."

"No. I'm not."

"If you don't, then we're breaking up."

"That has got to be the most immature thing, ever!"

"I'm serious."

"Fine. Break up with me, because I tried to be creative." she said, grabbing her bag.

"Jade. Just write the letter." he pleaded.

"No." was the last thing he heard her say before the door to his RV slammed shut behind her. Beck sighed and held his head in his hands. He really didn't want to break up with her, but he had to hold his ground. They'd be back together soon, anyway. Their break-ups never lasted.

A couple hours after their argument, Beck was starting to realize the mistake he made. Jade was really only expressing herself, it may not have been the right time. However, she knew that. Jade was showing her creativity. Beck sighed and picked up his phone.

To: Jade

From: Beck

Come over. Please?

He set his phone down and waited for the Goth girl to respond.

Jade was at Cat's house. They were watching Aladdin upon Cat's request. Cat was babbling about the resemblance between Beck and Aladdin but, Jade had drowned her out. She couldn't believe Beck. He thought he could just invite her over after breaking up with her, because of something stupid? No. It didn't work that way. Jade grabbed her phone and angrily typed her reply.

To: Beck

From: Jade

Why? Did you finally finish screwing Vega and realize that I'm much better?

Beck looked at Jade's response and couldn't say he was surprised in the least. For some reason, Tori was always brought up in their arguments. He still didn't understand why Jade thought he was in love with her. Yeah, she was pretty. But, she just didn't have the kind of personality for Beck. Jade was who he wanted. She was always such a challenge and Beck loved a challenge. He smirked as he typed the perfect reply.

To: Jade

From: Beck

If I said she was still here, would you come to destroy her?

Jade groaned as her phone buzzed again. Cat looked at her curiously but Jade shook her head and Cat went back to looking for their next movie. Jade got up and stomped over to where she left her phone. Picking it up, she read the message and shook her head. Man, this kid knew how to push her buttons.

To: Beck

From: Jade

Nah. I think it's torture enough for her to be stuck there with you.

Beck was searching for a snack when he heard his phone vibrate. He quickly decided on an apple and grabbed his phone on his way to the couch. He knew Jade wasn't going to agree to come back anytime soon. Although, he couldn't deny that he liked their pointless banter.

To: Jade

From: Beck

Hurtful, babe.

Jade was getting some coffee, when she heard her phone vibrate again.

"Cat! Get that, would you." she yelled to the redhead who just sat down to watch Snow White.

"Kay, kay!" she said, as she grabbed Jade's phone. "It's from Beck, he said 'Hurtful, babe'"

Jade groaned as she sat down and snatched the phone from the petite girl. Why was he calling her 'babe'? They broke up.

"Oooh! Jadey, you look just like Snow White!" Cat squealed.

Jade rolled her eyes. "You've told me. I look like Snow White, Tori looks like Jasmine, you look like Ariel. Then Beck looks like Aladdin."

Cat grinned as she settled on the couch, watching the movie. Jade rolled her eyes and sipped at her coffee, before replying to Beck.

To: Beck

From: Jade

Don't call me babe. Remember, we broke up? So, I'm not your babe, anymore.

Again, Beck expected the reply. Not, that it didn't hurt. He somewhat hoped that she'd be okay with him calling her babe, then they'd get back together. But, again Jade isn't that easy. Sighing, he grabbed his car keys and typed a response to Jade before climbing into his car and driving to Cat's house. She always went there after their break ups.

To: Jade

From: Beck

I'd like to change that.

Jade was in Cat's kitchen again, looking for some excuse to not watch that movie. She wasn't a big fan of Disney movies. Or, most of them at least. She heard her phone go off, yet again. She was walking back to her phone when she heard the crunch of gravel and saw a familiar car pull into the driveway. Cat squealed, "Oooh! A slumber party!" Jade rolled her eyes and went outside to yell at Beck to go home. Beck stepped out of the car and looked at Jade. "I'm sorry. I love your creativity and I love you. I regret breaking up with you. Now, take me back for God's sake." he said, looking at her. Jade smirked and pulled a small folded up piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it to him. She then kissed him. "You better be sorry." Beck laughed and looked at the paper in his hands. It was an apology letter to the preschool. He rolled his eyes and kissed her, again.