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Summary: Marda B.'s good half hadn't been idle after the first B-DaMaster spilt into two. Having been granted a Soul Crystal from the B-Da Mage, he imbues the diamond-shape gem with part of his B-Energy and sends the infant to his aged disciple, Zero.

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Prologue: Beginnings

"This is the most powerful Badaman of all time." Armada presented his creation before the B-Da Mage's shrine. "Cobalt Blade. It's made of flaming firestone and the complex system of ultra-high tech components. I built it after a frightening midnight rain on my territory. It was a nightmare."


"The Badaman Zero System is finished." Armada declared proudly. "The next generation of B-Da Power! What's that…" he gasped as a bright light flooded the house and bursting the door open. Black tentacles reached out to grab the Badaman Armada had in his hand and the blueprints on the workbench.

"It's gone!" Armada ran out.

"I designed my Zero System for the ultimate good, but they stole it for the ultimate evil." Armada related. "That's why I built Cobalt Blade to protect the B-Da World. Only Cobalt Blade is powerful enough to do so. But it cannot fall into the wrong hands. It's a true champion of pure heart. Only you B-Da Mage can find the one who belongs to Cobalt Blade."

With his wish spoken, the said Badaman flew off to its new hiding place.

Six years later…

"Ren," Zero voiced from the shadows.

"Master." The 11-year-old knelt before her teacher.

"Armada's greatest invention is about to reveal itself." Zero informed his student. "Locate it and guard its wielder."

"You don't think…" Ren's eyes widened in realization. "The Shadow Alliance would…"

"Unfortunately, they would." Zero sighed. "My life is at its end." He coughed. "Consider this your last mission. Deploy everything I've taught you; make sure it does not fall into the Shadow Alliance's hands. The fate of the world… may very… well… depend on it…" his breath labored. "Master…" he looked at the ceiling. "I will be with you soon…"

Ren held back her tears as Zero took his last breath.

Outside Zero's training grounds…

A pair of arms encircled Ren around her chest from behind and gripped the girl tightly, as a voice seemingly laced with evil spoke whispered in her ear before licking her cheek lasciviously.

"Hello Ren, I'm so glad to find you here. It saves me the trouble of having to hunt you down."

Ren's body grew rigid with terror and she recognized the voice of the person holding her, as she shot a death glare at her captor.


Ren struggled desperately to break free of Orochi's grasp, while the Shadow Alliance's lackey chuckled mockingly at her efforts, as he slipped a hand inside of her vest and groped one of her breasts. It was then the girl assassin kicked her right leg skyward and brought it nearly perpendicular with her upright body and leveled a vicious boot onto Orochi's face breaking his nose.

Orochi cried out in pain and released his hold on Ren, while bringing his hands up to clutch at his now broken nose. The blue-eyed fighter immediately whirled around and delivered a energy-enhanced palm strike to Orochi's chest which knocked the serpent-like human back several feet before Ren back-flipped away to put some distance between her and Orochi. As he shook his head to regain his bearings, Orochi gazed across at Zero's only student before him who immediately slipped into a CQC stance and glared back at him in defiance.

"Well, you certainly are a flexible little minx, Ren. That pleases me; for it will allow me to bend you into all sorts of positions as you help Ababa conquer the world." Orochi perversely commented with a sneer, as he wiped some blood from his nose.

"Like you will ever get the chance, I'd sooner die than to help that cat!"

"I see you're a defiant little bitch as well. I'll have to beat that out of you once we get back to Ababa."

"You'll have to beat me just to bring me to Ababa, Orochi-teme."

"So be it, girl!"

With that, both warriors charged at one another each with a fierce look of determination in their eyes.

From their hideout…

"Well, well… who knew Zero's student was so good." Enjyu was impressed as the group watched the girl take Orochi apart.

"Good riddance." Wen snorted after Ren took off Orochi's head. "I never liked that lecher anyway."

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