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Chapter 4: Ice To Meet You

"Grey, when you told us about Delta Rock, you could've mentioned it was in the middle of a frozen wasteland." Yamato complained, the trio making their way through the icy grounds.

"It sure is chilly." Bull agreed.

"Quiet, we don't want Wen and Lee to hear us." Grey chided.

"Hey guys, what is that?" Bull asked as the snowstorm cleared to reveal a spiral mountain.

"Is that it?" Yamato gawked.

"Yup, Delta Rock." Grey confirmed.

"That's what I figured." Yamato noted. "Either that or the biggest screw I've ever seen."

"Hey!" Yamato shouted, hanging on an ice ledge when two Bada-Balls struck the protruding rock.

"Hold on!" Grey called, countering the next two shots. "He's had enough!"

"We're ready, Yamato." Lee remarked, both brother jumping off the ledge they stood on. "But this game will be special. A very different Bada-Battle." He held out two bells.

"You see this whole journey to Delta Rock was a set-up, Yamato." Wen added.

Lee merely smirked and rang his bells, sealing Chrome Zephyr into an ice mountain.

"It's the two of us against the two of you." Wen explained. "And whichever team to break Chrome Zephyr from the pillar of ice first wins. It's simple, you have two ways to win: use your Badaman to to break through the ice to get Chrome Zephyr first, or take us both on at Direct-Hit Battle. It's your choice."

"I accept your challenge." Yamato declared.

But before Yamato could load his Bada-Ball, Wen knocked the bullet off his hand.

"You might as well give up now." Wen warned. "Bakuso's focus barrel gives him deadly accuracy. Once he has you in his sight, there is no escape." And sent another shot at Yamato who skidded off to dodge the shot. "Hey, aren't you playing?" he looked at his brother.

"Dramatic pause." Lee remarked and brought out Rekuso, focusing on the ice mountain as Wen distracted Yamato.

"Helio Breaker!" Bull moved into to defend Yamato from Wen's shots.

"Great, we might have to change strategies." Wen muttered.

"They cannot hope to defeat us." Lee assured.

"No way, they don't stand a chance against our double attack." Wen agreed and the brothers started tag-teaming Bull. "Forget it, there's no way you can win this one, Yamato. What the…" he blinked when Bull started skating towards them with Yamato on top. "Whatever it is, it won't work."

"No way." Lee agreed.

"Now!" Yamato jumped off, just barely avoiding the brother's twin shots. "See, I can't slip on the ice if my feet aren't touching it."

"Big deal," Wen shrugged. "You can't slip anymore, but you can't dodge either. There's no way I can miss you. What in the…" he frowned when Yamato disappeared behind the pillar. "Yamato's gone behind the ice."

"So, he can't do anything to us from back there." Lee remarked

"What?" Wen jumped back to dodge Yamato's shot which had tunneled through the ice.

"Nice." Grey nodded.

"How is it he can blast in through the ice and attack Bakuso at the same time?" Wen was confused.

"I think we may have underestimated their abilities, brother." Lee admitted. "But now, it is time to reveal our true strength. Behold!" he let loose his seal papers which encircled both Bakuso and Rekuso into a paper sphere and merging both machines to form Bakurekuso.

"That is insane." Yamato gasped when Bakurekuso was revealed.

"This battle is far over." Lee declared.

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