A Farewell and a Kiss

Notes: Just A short drabble fic that is why its short. So Please don't Ask why so short. Read the notes okay?. Please no bashing! Warning Character death. Slash PetexGalen. Sorry if there are some occness.

Declaimer: I don't own Planet of the Apes

Pete stood at the bottom of the small grassed covered hill. He glances up at Galen who sat on top alone. Pete couldn't even start to know how Galen must feel right now. Losing both his parents to death that shouldn't have happen. A fire that shouldn't have even been started but it did. That fire stole Galen's parent's life.

Pete sighs and walks up the hill and takes seat next to Galen. He looks out at the sunset that Galen was watching. What could he say? Pete wasn't good with these kind of things. It hurt him to see Galen in so much pain. Being unable to take the pain away from him.

"I'm Sorry" Pete says quietly to Galen. He rested his hand on Galen's shoulder.

" You shouldn't be Pete" Galen says to him. His eyes still looking out at the sky. " I should have been there… I should have…saved them…They're dead because of me".

"Hey don't say that" Pete says and looks at him. " It wasn't your fault Gal".

"Yes…it was.." Galen says as his voice starts to break up. He could feel tears come to his brown eyes. Galen closed his eyes closed. He could feel his wet tears leak out of his eyes and slowly running down in stream down his face. " One of Urko's Gorilla set fire to their home…because…they refuses to tell them where I was… They dead now because of me!...". It was then that Galen broke down and buries his face in his hands.

Pete wrapped arm around Galen's shoulder. " What they did was wrong… But you aren't to blame. Your parents wouldn't blame you" Pet e says. " I wish if there was any way I could fix this. So that it didn't happen.. But I can't" Pete sighs and finishes saying "…I'm so sorry Gal".

Galen leans himself into Pete's arms and laid his head on Pete's shoulder. He slowly and shyly wrapped his arms around Pete's chest. " I miss them…Pete" He says through his tears.

Pete wraps his arms around Galen and pulled him close. " I know Gal"He whispers softly into Galen's ear. " If there is anything I can do…tell me okay?".

Galen looks at Pete. " Stay…" He says to Pete quietly. " Never….leave me…. Please…I'm sorry if that's selfish….I don't know what I will do without you when you find a way home….I will be lost".

Pete takes this all in and tips Galen's chin up so that he was glancing up at him. " I will stay" He says. " My home is wherever you are…." He smiled gently at Galen.

Galen tears again and smiled at Pete shyly.

"I love you Gal" Pete says and leans in kissing Galen on his lips warmly and lovingly.

Galen closed his eyes as Pete kisses him. A single tear ran down his face as he kisses Pete back deeply. "I love you too" Galen says as they break apart to catch their breath. Then they both lean in to kiss each other again.