Marrow Nagato silently sat in the hallway of a busy hospital waiting for news that would soon change his life. To most people he would look passive and uncaring with his back parallel to his chair and his hands calmly folded onto his lap, but to anyone who had come to know the six foot tall dark skinned fighter they would notice how he only sat like that when he was in a situation that he could do nothing about. Most onlookers gave him a wide berth, trying desperately not to disturb the military clad man even if he did not seem to notice that people were around, only one thing on his mind, the wellbeing of his child Rozan. Not for the first time he cursed himself for being so careless, and the evil scientist for doing what he had done to his only child. 'I should have realized that the bastard was going to try something, but how was I supposed to know he'd use my child as a test subject for that blood? Dam him and the Red Ribbon, from now on it will be me and my son against the world.'

Sure enough the man, who really looked to be in his late twenties, was clad in the standard garb of the R.R. army with many medals and merits hanging from his chest. Taking his hat off, he let his wild black hair free as he shifted around uncomfortably in his chair, reliving the horrible scene from earlier that day over and over again. He had just found one of the dragon balls that his platoon was sent to look for, and upon returning to the base reported to General Red as requested. After briefing the leader on the situation of the search, he left towards his quarters where he was hoping to see his son after a month of absence. What he found was instead a very messed up room, that looked to be a result of a very wild fight. "ROZAN ARE YOU HERE?!" Bewildered the man ran over to one of the still open cabinets, throwing things out of the way and moving a false plate from the wall that reviled a monitor that was hooked up to a another machine. The monitor was hooked to a recording device that showed the room, and apparently everything that happened inside. Going back to the day of his departure he saw his son, young Rozan at only twelve years old coming in from his training if the tired mannerisms he displayed was any clue. The youth undress and head to the shower, but as soon as the bathroom door shut a man whom, Marrow had never seen before walked into the room and started looking around. He sat on the bed and did not move for the entire time that Rozan was in the shower, then as his son came out the man attacked.

To his credit Rozan reacted beautifully, dodging the man's charge and countering just as Marrow had taught him with a well-placed kick to the back of the head. That should have ended the fight then and there, but the man rose from the floor uninjured and continued to attack. The fight lasted five minutes, but as he feared the end result was his son being knocked out, his skill and power no match for what he suspected was an android. Not wasting another second Marrow ran straight for where he knew the only person who really could order such a thing against his son, Dr. Gero's lab. It didn't take long to find, and as he burst through the door he was greeted with a horrible sight. His son was in some sort of tank filled with a strange glowing liquid, a breathing mask across his face and multiple tubes running into his body.

Enraged the father screamed out, "GERO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON!?"

A man in a white coat and wild hair showing signs of gray turned to the intruder a smile on his face, "Marrow I've done it. I've successfully transfused the duplicated blood from the boy I was informing you about into your son. It took me a while, but the blood is now fully intergraded and his body will produce the same. You should be happy Marrow, your son know has the same mysterious power as the child called Goku."

Still seething with fury, Marrow started to close the distance between himself and the doctor intent on killing the man for his crimes against him. "You will pay for this! I told you never to approach me or my son again with talk of these experiments, now you will die!"

"I don't think so. You've severed your purpose by bringing me a worthy child, but now I'm afraid you must die. #7 deal with our guest please." At his masters command the same android that had abducted his son came to life behind his creator, moving to attack Marrow. Smirking Marrow eased into a low stance, legs spread balancing his weight evenly as he crouched low, both hands kept flat as the palms smoothed together, as if it was the head of a snake. The machine reared back his left as he threw a haymaker towards him, only for it to miss completely as Marrow crouched lower than before and with blinding speed stepped past the blow, and delivered a double palm strike to the chest of his attacker, the right hand being upside-down and the left right-side up joining both at the wrist. A loud smack echoed through the lab as flesh met metal, and surprisingly the metal man staggered back electricity jumping from the point of impact around his chest as the imprint of Marrow's attack crushed whatever circuits lay beneath.

Gero at this point was in a state of shock as he backed up against the wall, "Impossible! How could you beat my creation with just one attack?! You're just a man!"

Moving around the now disabled android, the father looked towards Gero with victory assured in his eyes, "You creation could barely handle my son, did you really think it would last against his mentor? Now it's time for you to die!" At that he started to run towards the evil scientist only for a thick reinforced plastic tube to drop between him and his prey. No sooner than the tube went up did Gero press a red button on the inside against the wall. "Ha you almost had me, but I've still got the R.R army with me, and I assure you general Red will not want me harmed, I cannot say the same for you."

The alarm started blaring across the lab and surely across the entire bass, and soon they heard the footsteps and voices of soldiers coming towards the lab. "Dam you Gero, one day I'll make you pay for this mark my words!"Giving up on the villain for now, Marrow approached his son's tank and with a yell palm struck the glass as it shattered to pieces allowing the father to catch his son before fleeing out another door. It was not easy as he fought countless soldiers while being shot at and protecting his son, but because of his superior training he was able to best them and escape before more could arrive and delay him. One capsule jet later he was landing on west city hospital to receive aid for his son.

"Mister Marrow?"

Snapping out of his daze, Marrow stood and approached the dog doctor that had taken his son, "Is he alright Doctor, will he live?" Before the doctor could answer a blur shot from out of the room, and tackled Marrow in the chest. "Dad, I'm so glad your back already! This creepy guy came and attacked me in the room and I couldn't beat him, he was too strong none of the moves kept him down. Did you rescue me from him dad? Huh? Huh? Was he hard for you too?"

Laughing at his son's antics, Marrow hugged his son in relief. "Yes son, I beat him. You won't have to worry about that anymore." He held up his ten year old boy and took him in. He seemed the same as before, unruly black hair scattered on his head, same light brown skin and brown eyes. Same height, and a little lighter without his training vest and weights on, and yea the same brown fuzzy tail…TAIL!? "Doc why does my son have a tail!"

The doctor starts to sweat as he seems just as perplexed as anyone else. "W-well I'm not really sure. You see his blood is very much the same as all humans except for a couple of mutations that we have never seen before. No one can fully understand what all it does, but your son's body is as strong as ever, and the only difference is the tail. We could remove it if you like, though we have no idea what it would do."

After another couple of minutes going over everything, Marrow and Rozan exit the hospital, his son sitting on his shoulders. "Father are we going back to the base? I really want to get back to training and I'm almost sure I've mastered Viper beam."

"No son, our days with the R.R are over. From now on it will just be you and me training and working. How does that sound to you?"

"Great Dad! Do you think I'll be able to enter into the World Martial arts tournament? I really want to see just how I measure up to the best in the world." With a laugh Marrow set his son in the jet and climbed into the pilot's seat. "Well son the tournament is already underway, but maybe in the next one we'll both enter. How does that sound?"

"Great! Then until then I'll train to become strong, just like you dad!"

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