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Hi every one I am Ultimate Alien X and this is my first fanfic so please no flames I don't have the story plot all set and will make it up as I go along with it. Advice will be very helpful this will be a Danny Phantom & Teen Titans crossover with some slight Ben 10.
This is a DannyxRaven story (and just for the fun of it some DanixBen)

Disclaimer; I don't own Danny Phantom,Teen Titans or Ben 10 they belong to nick,DC comics and man of action(wish I did thou ah well )


Danny Phantom and his twin sister Danielle Phantom were flying at top speed to get away from Amity Park after Vlad Plasmius told every one their secret the town called them freaks or monsters even Sam and Tucker after the whole Danny destoying the future thing they betrayed the ghostly heroes to the Guys In White,leaving everything they knew behind them not knowing that the only people that did not hate them for who and what they are were their big sister Jazz Fenton who saw them as heroes ,their parents who felt bad for doing this to their children and Valerie Grey who finally got Danny's side of the story for the ghost dog accident and she too felt bad for hunting her best friend after she lost her popularity he was the only one who helped her out she regreted that she was so mean to him over the years in school she now hunts with the Fentons with Danny and Dani's insignia hoping to see them again someday and apalogize to them for what they did to them.

Somewhere in the City of Jump a young sorceress was in her home ( titans tower ) was reading her book 'crash' or at least trying to, Cyborg and Beastboy were fighting for the remote it ended up breaking thus their current argument of who will go and buy a new one "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID YOU BROKE THE REMOTE!" yelled beastboy "NO YOU BROKE IT !" yelled cyborg their argument was going to get cut short with Raven's temper getting shorter by the second witch should be 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 "WHY DON'T BOTH OF YOU BE QUIET?! GOD I'D RADER FIGHT TRIGON AGAIN THAN TO HEAR YOU TWO FIGHT OVER SOMETHING SO STUPID!" shouted Raven glaring at her two friends with her four glowing red eyes replaceing her two normal violet ones, To say cyborg and beastboy were scared was an understatement of the century they were down right terrified of her at the moment Cy fainted and Bb ran to his room screaming fearing for his life at that moment Raven noticed Robin and Starfire hidding behind the couch Starfire almost in tears and Robin trying to calm her down when she saw this she said "Star,Robin I'm sorry I..." Raven did not finish her sentence she saw that she scared them with her out burst then she took a look around she broke almost everything in sight she was starting to panic she left in a hurry to her room and sealed everything in three gems she put her bed in a blue colered gem her clothing and uniforms in a red gem books and everything else in the black gem once that was done she left titans tower because for thrid time in her life she was afraid of what her friends might tell her or would they even want to be friends anymore once she left the tower she felt her self start to cry but she would not put her friends at risk with her emotions and left without knowing that starfire started to cry when she found the note she left behind it read 'To; Cyborg,Beastboy,Robin and Starfire I'm sorry about what happend during my outburst I'm leaving the titans to travel the world to find my place out there to see if I can still be a super hero or retire completely until we meet again your friend (if you still want me as a friend) Raven'
that night the team went looking for her and told the titans around the globe to keep an eye out for her noone spoted her and the once that did she told them not to tell the rest of the titans where she was, two months later she found a peaceful valley and used her powers to build a cabin to live in she had plenty of food and water to stay there for awhile peace and quiet to re-train herself .

In the town of Bellwood a 15 year old boy who was in pain because the watch on his wrist was glowing a neon green and letting out an electrical charge he thought it was the selfdestruct but it was something far more then that it was fusing with him completely knowlege and powers of every alien in the universe he keeped the power to transform into them but can use their power without the need to tranform he was starting to fear what every one will hate him he left home using XLR8's speed ran faster then before no one saw him all they saw was a black and green blur he didn't know what to do any more would he continue being a hero or just keep running to stay alive using his alien powers that the omnitrix gave him before disapearing forever becoming one with it's host becoming a living omnitrix transforming now and then but didn't use his power in public so no one knows who he is been missing three months his name is Benjamin Tennyson known to the universe as Ben 10 .

A year after leaving Danny and Dani found the field where Raven the former Teen Titan a week later Ben found the same place now lets take a look at what their life is like shall we

Danny and Raven were meditading near a lake they found while Dani and Ben went to look for food that was rutine they came up with two look for food while the other two rest or train with their powers anyway they found a way to train thru a shared mind scape well Danny and Raven did Ben and Dani couldn't figure it out while they were Ben decided to ask the question he had for a while now " Dani what is your reason to come here ?" he asked but then noticed the look of fear on her face "I mean none of us know why the other is here and I'm curious why every one is here you or your brother don't want to say anything much less Raven so why?" Dani took a moment before answer forgeting her fear she said " I'm not going to tell you yet but have you noticed that Danny and Raven been hanging more often besides training and food gathering you know like stealing looks at each other I'm no expert but I think they like each other" Ben had a 'are you kidding me' kind of look "come on even you can't be that blind " his face was blank for a moment before it turned into an evil like face Dani knew she was going to regret this but she too was curious about this and so fallowed him to help look for Raven and her brother.

They looked nearly everywhere they looked in their training grounds they looked where they gather their food not there too it's been nearly three hours and they were tired and just about to give up they heard something near the lake by their home and tensed that someone found them and that got them scared Dani went ghost and Ben transformed into an alien werewolf so they can fight if it was who they thought it was Ben thought it was Gwen and grandpa Max looking for him Dani thought it was her parents here to get rid of her or the guys in white here to expriment on them they were absolutely terrified of those possibilites so they took no chances got ready to fight just in case, the sound was coming from near the lake when they got there they hid in the trees and looked around and the found the people they were looking for in the first place and were shocked at what they saw well Dani expected this Ben was shell-shocked he was glad that he did not bet any money because he would have lost really bad what they saw was Raven and Danny kissing and it looked like they just went swimming a little while ago but what got them offguard was that they were about to /...well you get where this is going right ?/ thats it they fainted Ben passed out with a red face and a bloody nose and Dani passed out with an equaly red face at the fact that they just saw what their friends doing; well they are going to be out of it for awhile.

Raven and Danny were getting dressed right after their 'training' both had bright faces right as they were leaving the lake they noticed something the bushes when they looked their faces turned another shade of red but put it a side to drag to the two idiots back to the cabin they are going to get a beating of a life time when they woke up but for now they will let them sleep they are going to in for it in the morning .

The next morning Ben and Dani found them selfs tied up with ecto-rope and magical rope too just in case they try to use their powers to escape their punishment and they knew this going to happen but it was worth it.

It's been three weeks since their little /incident/ and things were getting bad /for Danny anyway/ he was well to put thru hell with Raven's mood swings and the bad part is he is going to have to endure nine months of this because he did this to her now he is paying for it because when she asked for something he was being made fun of by Dani and Ben saying he got whipped he tried to say otherwise but when she called he took off to see what she needs because on the day she told him she was pregnant he fainted on the spot Ben and Dani were shocked for a moment then started laughing at his expence to think it was hard to keep up before now he was just trying not do anything stupid while she was going thru her pregnancy and hoped to be a good dad and it still hurt like heck one time he tried to avoid her just to end up bumping into her and she knew what he was doing and sent him flying half way across they lake good thing is half ghost otherwise he'd be dead they love each other yes but Danny was just afraid of her mood swings she be happy one moment and angry the next even Dani and Ben had mild fear of their friend and for once they did not make fun of them Ben learned that the hard way he was sent to another dimension for two days at least he learned to keep his mouth shut Dani laughed at him for that only five days till delivery things were getting worse so they called one of the titans that knew where Raven was and that titan is Jinx along with her boyfriend kidflash thou they didn't know why and were quite surprised to see her belly and had a sheepish look on her face and Jinx sqealed that her friend is going to be a mom they asked who the dad was and Raven,Dani and Ben pointed to a near by tree where Danny in ghost form was asleep (in truth his human and ghost halfs fused two months before getting Raven pragnant ) he now has snow white hair with streaks of black and still had glowing green eyes thou Jinx started to laugh a little and brought Raven into a hug thou not as hard as Starfire then she asked "can I be the godmother if you want Raven after all KF and I are the only ones who know where you are so can I ?" "light laugh'of course I was going to ask you anyway "Raven replied Jinx sqealed real loud when they say loud enough to wake the dead they weren't kidding Danny shot to the sky and landed at the top branch of the tree he was sleeping under he stared down with wide eyes startled by the sudden noise and still tired from looking for the berries that Raven wanted also from fishing only to get nothing without using his powers three fish was all he caught using his powers the others minus Raven started to laugh at him thou she did smirk it didn't last long she held her stomach in pain the others saw this and rushed to her side even Danny who jumped down from the tree he asked her what's wrong "it's coming the baby is coming!" "WHAT!?" everyone around her yelled Danny along with Kid-Flash and Ben they started to panic and didn't know what to do Jinx and Dani snapped out of their shock and took control of the situation "DON'T STAND THERE LIKE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS !" yelled Jinx " YEAH! WE HAVE TO GET HER INSIDE THE CABIN NOW! I don't want my neice or nephew to be born on the grass outside and I don't think you want that for your son or daugter do you Daniel ?" Dani yelled and asked " no I don't " said Danny as he picked Raven up to take her into the cabin but not before saying " and please don't call me 'Daniel' Danielle." if this was anyother time Dani would have thrown a tanrum but there was more important than some little squable about her name

Once in the cabin Jinx ordered the boys out while Raven was giving birth it was two and half hours of waiting and they were getting worried Ben and Kid-flash were playing cards (yes they were that bored) Danny was starting to panic even more ten minutes pass and he was about to go in when the cry of a new life was heard but what confused him was there were two cries Dani came outside to tell them they had to see this once inside they could not believe what they saw that Raven had twins a little boy in her right arm and a little girl on her left the boy had snow-white hair and his eyes were a bright violet like his mother and the girl had purple hair and toxic glowing green eyes both had a mix of ghostly pale and grey skin but still two healthy babies Danny and the others couldn't help but smile " so what are their names rae?" asked Danny still smiling " how about 'Diana' and 'Orion' ?" said Raven "cool" said Dani "those are good names Raven" said Kid-flash " yeah I wonder if they inherited any powers from etheir of you" said Ben just as he he said that Diana sneezed and froze him in place " it seams they got your ice powers Danny " said Dani while laughing at Ben ' I wonder how this will turn out ' thought Jinx

[ 5 years later]

"Come on Orion it's so boring " said a girl with purple hair and green eyes " it has to be done Diana like mom if we don't keep our emotions in check we could blow something up " said a boy with snow-white hair and violet eyes ,at this she pouted " well I don't know about you but I going to practice with my ghost powers by the lake"said Diana when she got there she saw her mom and dad talking about something Diana was curious about what they were saying so she turned invisible and went to see carefully trying not to make a sound

"all I'm saying is they going to have to go school one day and are going to have to leave this place so they can go Danny" said Raven " won't the guys in white be after them because of their ghost powers I just don't want nothing bad happening to them " said Danny "if the guys in white do come I will make sure they don't live to see another day if they try to hurt our children " said Raven in a dark and evil tone 'man that's hot!' thought Danny Raven smiled because she knew what he was thinking " what are we going to tell them Rae? that were moving out of this place and going to live in a city? because Orion likes it here because it's quiet enough for him to meditate althou Diana would not care " said Danny while they were talking they noticed Diana faded into view witch starteled them

Diana was to shocked she didn't even notice she wasn't ivisible any more the only thought that ran throu her mind was 'were moving?'she didn't even notice her parents talking to her and they were getting worried because she wasn't saying anything just stood there they going ask her if she was okay until she flew to the sky laughing Danny and Raven just stared at their daughter they thought she was going to throw a tantrum but were surprised to see her flying and laughing while doing arial acrobatics now they just have to convince Orion and they were set to go

Orion took it surprisely well for a 5 year old he was more mature than his sister as long as got to meditate or read a book he did not care althou he often plays with his little sister because in her words he was as boring he likes having fun with her but he just wants to meditate to stay in control of his powers as well his temper well mostly his temper before he didn't like meditate his mom told him it was that or risk blowing something up so he did a mediteon sesion with mom and began to calm down

"so what city are why moving to ?" asked Orion catching his parents offguard cause they did not know which city just then Ben and Dani came to their rescue "how about middleton?" asked Dani the others just looked at her " there is barely any crime there and there is no titans or ghost hunters and the only titans there are Jinx and Kid-flash and that is only because they are in college they'll be able to help find a new home " she said "how do you know that?" asked Ben "Jinx and I are pen-pals and she told me" answered Dani "well are there any more sugestions?" asked Danny they all shoock their head "well lets start packing we leave in the morning " said Raven

well this is my first story so please don't flame also I'm planing on putting Kim Possible in this story and also planing another time skip and making Orion and Diana friends with Sheki go Possible and Kasy Ann Possible note these two were created by no drogs {Oron and Diana are my original charecters } please review and no flames

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