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The return of the Titans part 2; awakening & the true origin of Danny and Dani Phantom

Vlad was at the end of his rope he knew this child was draining him of his power fast that's why he flying away from her he just hoped that his plan to beat Diana worked cause if it didn't then he will be taking a permanent dirt nap he looked back to see that the girl still had the scythe in her hands ready to strike when she got close enough 'blast if I get hit by that thing I will be dead in seconds I need to get her to the plasmius-maximus cannons seance she's too strong blast's effect will only last 3 minutes better make it count.' thought the vampire looking ghost

Back with the others

every one was in awe by the display of power the child was showing well all except the Phantom family who already knew of Diana's power and were now planing on how to snap Diana out of her semi blind demonic rage they knew how to calm her down just enough for to return to normal but in the back of their minds they were asking themselves 'if this is her rage I wonder how Orion's will be like if he ever lost control like that' ( Diana's vision showed you a fraction of what would happen minus the blue skin)

In the fight

Diana launched a series of attacks at plasmius hoping land another hit on him but he was to damn fast, what she didn't know was that she was being lead into a trap by the elder half ghost she herself being a hybrid of 3 different species thought she was unstoppable she fallowed Vlad through every street till he just came to a sudden halt confusing her for a moment before chose to attack, bad mistake cause he turned and in his hand was a remote control and with a evil smirk pressed the on switch and before she knew what hit her, felt pain coursing through her entire body she felt her power fade to near nothing.

she felt weak and fell out of the sky her strength leaving her she could barely stay 'awake' anymore as she fell she saw her mom catching her with worried yet relieved face before letting the embrace the sweet coolness of sleep take her

With the Phantoms

Danny & Raven saw their daughter scream in pain as the blast hit her they were horrified seeing Diana in so much agony the blast may have only lasted about a minute but it was still hard to watch they snapped out of it when they saw her fall Raven went to catch Diana followed by Danny, although he sent a clone to destroy the cannons

Orion well he wasn't mad about what happened to his sister no he was beyond pissed that someone would do that to his little sister and when he was like this... well lets just say he would make grandpa Trigon proud by making whoever pushed him this far suffer the most painful demise (no he doesn't kill but close to it) a red aura appeared around him as his demon blood was boiling what no one noticed was someone in a black cloak was watching the whole fight with four glowing red eyes while no emotion showed on his face his mind was trying to process what was happening to the boy whose power was more or less like his own he was sure the child's demonic heritage was stronger then that of the girl that just fought he can feel it but there was something familiar about the boy snow-white hair, near pale skin it reminded him of someone he once knew,

he looked down to the two that were tending to the girl that was out cold but when he saw the woman holding said child his eyes widen in surprise "so my daughter has given me grand kids how interesting no wonder I can feel demonic power from them." (who ever thought it was Trigon in the black cloak give yourself a pat on the back for getting it right.) Trigon then looked at the man next to her he looked so familiar snow-white hair glowing green eyes..."impossible I thought Paladin was only kidding when he said he was having a child with a mortal" then he looked at both of the children only to start laughing at the irony "well I did promise if the world didn't end by that accursed prophecy that my daughter marry his son... how ghosts know what their child is going to be still confuses me" he then heard something in the air he turned to the source of the sound and found that it was that blue skinned halve ghost in some kind of high tech armor (think of the exoskeleton from 'rein storm' except Vlad is in it not Danny)

the fright knight was also watching all while thinking 'my king I have watched your children grow and taught then how to fight with out their knowing it pains me greatly that I kept their true identity a secret their whole lives even all the ghosts in the ghost-zone don't know who they really are if this gets any more complicated I'll have to step in'

however no one noticed Orion's rage slowly building seeing his little sister's pained face and if you looked closely you would see reality warping his hair looked long and aflame with four glowing red eyes dark grayish skin with fangs sticking out of his mouth of course it was only for a split second also no one saw going at top speed Vlad except one person (now all who like Sam I am sorry) Sam saw what was going to happen she ran everything was in slow motion for all watching


Danny,Raven and Orion turned just as blood splashed on them they looked horrified at what they saw, Sam was standing facing them with a glowing pinkish blade coming out of her chest while blood was coming out of her mouth Danny had a look of disbelieve and horror and voiced his only thought "why Sam?" with a small tremble in his voice she gave him a weak smile and said "because I spent ...my entire ...life trying and failing... to.. to tell you ..." she had tears streaming down her face "that ...I...love...yo" she was cut off as Vlad ripped his ecto-sword out of her she fell to the ground Danny caught her before hit though he laid her down gently he looked down at her with tears in his own eyes she looked at Raven then to Diana in her arms then to Orion then back to Raven then to Danny "I am ..sorry ..for helping to .. chase ..you ..and Danielle out of town ..I was trying ...to keep you away from Vlad so ...dark Phantom ...never had the chance to be born" he has heard enough and glared at Vlad plasmius and blasted off with a glowing fist at the ready.

Sam looked at back at Raven "you and Danny ..are..?" married" Raven finished for her "yeah" was her answer Sam had a small smile "keep him...out of..trouble please ...watch over him" then looked to Orion "are these kids yours miss?" she asked Raven "yes mine and Danny's" she said Sam had a small sad smile "at least I gave him something good back then 'cause he meet you." she looked back at Orion and said "kid ...you look...just ...like...your father." Orion gave a small sad smile of his own already having forgiven her he may not look it but he is smart for his age he figured she must have had a reason to do what she did, didn't mean he was happy about it though he looked up at his mother and asked "mom can I?" while holding a glowing blue hand up Raven looked at her son with mild surprise she just nods Sam looks on feeling her life slipping away from her wonders what he's doing till she feels her wound close up both Raven and Sam looked on amazed Raven with a look of pride on her face and Sam with awe "how how are you able to..?" Sam asked Orion stopped the healing to look at her "I,m just repaying you for saving our lives so don't get used to this." he said as little emotion as possible Sam looked down a bit ashamed of what she did, Raven looked as she caught a bit of emotion her son just displayed and knew he inherited his father's need to help those in need

Back in the fight Phantom vs Plasmius

Danny and Vlad were trading blow after blow Danny with a scythe tried to slice Vlad to pieces and Vlad was doing the same with a sword

but when Danny swung the blade cut the elder half ghost in half he didn't notice that was a clone till he was hit from behind by a massive energy shot that sent him crashing in the street he was struggling to get up he knew there was only one way to stop Vlad once and for all the ghostly wail at max power he made a clone to distract Vlad long enough to gather the energy he needed for it

With Raven , Orion , Diana(still unconscious) and Sam

they looked as Danny was blasted to the street Orion was about to fly out there to help his father till a grey gloved hand stopped him he and the 2 conscious women turned to find that it was none other than the fright knight Raven got into a battle stand remembering what Danny told her about him how he is the spirit of Halloween but he didn't seem to want to fight since he was facing the battle not them Sam feeling bold asked "what are you doing here Fright Knight ?" the answer they got was unexpected "I am here to make sure no one interferes with king Phantom's fight ." Raven then got in front of the Halloween spirit "what do you mean 'king Phantom'? Danny never told me about being royalty." the knight looked at Raven and the others and realized his blunder he knew he had no choice now "Daniel Phantom and Danielle Phantom are the children of Paladin the phantom king rightful heirs to the throne." then he bowed to her and Orion "and my loyalty is to the Phantom royal family Queen Raven." she all the surrounding people heard the Fright Knight's claim were in shock "what do you mean by that does that mean...?" Orion asked confused "yes Orion Phantom you are the prince of all ghosts." replied the knight that's when they all felt a shock wave along with the sound of the ghostly wail

"what was that?" asked Orion (neither he nor Diana heard the ghostly wail before they know about it but never heard it) Raven looked down at son again "that Orion is your father's ghostly wail." just then Diana opened her eyes but something was a miss her left eye was still blood red and the pupil was still a slit but slowly fading she looked to her mother "mama ? w-what's going on?" she asked Raven and Orion looked at her with relief that she was somewhat okay Raven hugged her daughter as some tears came to her afraid to lose her little girl again

Fright Knight; come the battle is nearly over

he commanded them they were all reluctant but did as asked, Diana, though was still confused as to what happened and how she got where she is now

then they Danny get blasted again and they also noticed that his left arm was broken and blood coming out his mouth Raven was about to go help her husband when a glow from behind caught everyone's attention even the fighters all turned and what they saw amazed Orion was glowing red and Diana was glowing blue they had their heads down then an energy dragon formed over Orion and a phoenix formed over Diana their heads shot up their eyes completely white their gaze at Vlad and spoke in perfect sync Orion/Diana: "you will pay for your crimes Vladimir Masters crimes against both humans & ghosts alike prepare to face judgement!" the energy creatures let out an unearthly roar as they merge with the children there was a blinding light forcing all to cover their eyes

Raven/Danny: mind link

what is happening to our kids?" came Raven's worried voice 'I don't know Rae, but whatever is happening to them is something I have never seen before.'

back in the real world

as the light faded all stood shock & awe Orion and Diana had what looked like a knight's armor, Diana's armor was white with gold edges and was also wearing a skirt all in all she looked like a young valkyrie. Orion's armor was black with crimson edges with spikes on his shoulder plating but both of them resembling angels and demons at the same time Diana's hair was longer with a silvery tint to her naturally violet hair , her eyes were once glowing green were now glowing an icy blue she also had a look that would have mistaken her for her mother if she were younger Orion on the other hand still had his head down so no one can see his face but his hair was just as long as Diana's still snow white in a style similar to Trigon's when he lifted his head some were scared & frightened (most of them minus Sam who was in awe and children's parents also were amazed) the white of his eyes was as black as night and the violet in his eyes was now blood red and the pupils were slits giving him a demonic look,

both of the kids had the attributes of the creatures that were above them moments before, Diana had red scales on her hands but not enough to be monstrous (normal if you ignore the scales) golden wings that had flames at their tips and a some red feathers on her head , Orion had a few scales on his face and a gem similar to Raven's on his forehead a bit of his hair formed 2 dragon-like horns instead of his cloak he had dragon wings and a dragon's tail he also had the teeth (mostly just the fangs)and claws of the mighty beast.

in a blink of an eye they were in the middle of the battle field Diana at her father's side and helped him up and took him her mother's side who looked on "hold still father." she told her dad in the most angelic voice anyone has ever heard she held her hand up and lit in blue flames both Raven & Danny stared wide eyed Diana still held that mischievousness she was known for in school and in town her nick name is the 'prank super queen' "what? you think I,m going to hurt you daddy?" said Diana with a light giggle that even the most powerful of deity would find cute(if you think she sounds cute now just wait till she grows up!) they just couldn't form an answer that didn't sound stupid "now seriously stay still for this healing spell... now before you ask I have no idea what I,m doing 'takes deep breath' 'light of heaven allow me to heal him with the phoenix fire" Danny suddenly found himself in a vortex of blue flames Raven was about interfere when she noticed the flames were cool not hot and also noticed Danny's injuries healing at an accelerated rate all who saw this 'including Vlad' had no words as to the event before them

Vlad was seething he was so close to victory only to be ripped away at last minute "why you little BRAT! you will give those over to me or I will..." he was cut off by a sucker punch to the face "Don't ever threaten my sister or you will be going to regret it Masters" said Orion in the most dangerous and most menacing tone his voice border lines on demonic rage while baring his fangs that's when Vlad decided to be stupid "as if, I will get that power from that little bitch!" that's when the entire Phantom clan's face darkened "what did you call me/her?" all said at once that's when Vlad realized his mistake 'a little too late might i add' because for the next 3 hours were extremely painful for him and extremely hilarious for the rest of the town because for the last 3 hours all they heard was Vlad's girly screams (for the record I have nothing against girls mind you)

Orion for his part got bored "alright I had enough of this." at this the family slowly backed away from a badly beaten Vlad but not before Raven super kicked him over the head knocking him into a building "that's for calling my daughter a 'bitch' you bastard."she said with venom that even Trigon who was watching from the shadows shuddered at his own daughter's dark tone 'I think she got more than just my power she also got my fucking temper.' he thought as he watched his grandson approach the pathetic excuse for a half ghost he then began to speak in a dark tone "Masters for your crimes I here by remove your ghost powers!" Orion formed a claw out of demonic energy and plunged it in Vlad's chest everyone almost fainted Raven actually did faint and Danny felt like he was going to lose his lunch Diana just felt sick likewise for the rest of the town "SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GHOST POWERS!" he roared he pulled his hand out harshly

to everyone's surprise Orion was holding Vlad's ghost half in the demonic claw while his human half was on the ground staring at what just happened the ghost in Orion's hand was struggle ling while was getting more annoyed when he finally had it he set a super discharge knocking the ghost half out then threw him to the sky he then looked to the crowd then at Masters then pointed to where he threw Plasmius "say goodbye to your ghost half." he said in a low and dangerous voice "from the depth of hell I call forth 'THE DRAGON TWISTER'!when he called out the attack a ball of red energy appeared in hand and threw it to plasmius the shock wave of the dragon twister shook the entire area while it made it's way to the ghost in the sky when it made contact with him the twister ripped him to shreds

when the blast subsided all saw the devastation nothing was left of the ghost the whole left side of Amity was gone along with him in the middle of all the destruction was Orion standing shaking with his wings covering him almost as if he was crying Raven saw this and went to his side to check on him "what's wrong Orion?" she asked "I ... killed him mom... I actually killed someone." he cried his voice filled with fear and anguish for what he done and for what his family would think of him so he was surprised by the embrace she gave him "it's okay honey it's okay." he just cried in his mother's arms and Raven just held him close

Danny and Diana walked to them (Diana still in valkyrie mode) that's when she sensed a presence near by very powerful by the feel of it so she focused on it then called out "come out you four eyed monster." this caught the attention of her family and those around her

out of the shadows came Trigon in his black cloak with his hood off to reveal he looked like a almost normal skin still red still had long white hair but what threw everyone for a loop was that he only had 2 eyes same color as Raven and Orion (when he is in his normal form) he looked to Raven "good to see you again daughter "then looked to Orion "and I believe that you are my grandson aren't you?" at the possibility of losing her son she got into a fighting stance "now no need for that, not even I would harm a child, now I believe you found the son of the Phantom king"

Danny was confused who was the Phantom king but before he could ask Trigon spoke"you will know in time child for now I think that you should go to the space tower, but beware the return of the Dark king only the Phoenix and Dragon will have the power that will to forever be rid of him" Raven then asked "why tell us this? I thought you were evil" "because I don't want to see my grandchildren suffer the way I made my own child suffered not again." he said his voice full of regret and sorrow "and don't worry I made it so that your friends don't see through their computers till we meat again my sweet Raven." he said in a warm tone before disappearing

Back at the watch tower

all were talking about why Raven was so focused on not letting them go after the child and the video they just saw of 2 super powered beings "so why doesn't Raven what us going after the kid makes no sense." said Terra while holding her sore throat

that's when an energy bird appeared again only this time it was much bigger than last time when it disappeared it left behind 4 figures in it's place 2 they knew as Raven & Danny the other 2 were what caught them of guard they looked like kid warriors the one in black looked like a demon and the one in white looked like an angel the one with a demon appearance hid behind his wings with his tail wrapped like a protective form while shying away from the others the ex-titan Night-wing noticed and remembered how Raven was when they first met he asked Raven who were these kids the 'angel' answered for her "my name is Diana Phantom and this..." she noticed Orion shying away "where are you going Orion? don't you want to say hi to mom's friends?" the ones that didn't know about that fainted

that's when Sky-fire was at it again she went behind Orion and spooked him which made him fly to the air and looked at who scared him Sky-fire for her part was mesmerized by his eyes crimson meet blue she saw some fear in his red stilted eyes black where white should be and wild looking white hair and if she was honest with herself or anyone she would say he was cute as she felt her cheeks heat up

Night-wing & Star-fire stared at their daughter with wide eyes "star did you see that?" "yes I believe Sky-fire has the crush on friend Raven's offspring."

Sky-fire's brothers were now planing on a way to tease their big sister when they heard their parents' observational discussion

Danny & Raven had different reactions Danny shook his head amused Raven had a smirk although torn between over the top overprotective mother and her normal self, still found it funny that Orion was so much like his father in not knowing how to deal with a girl with a crush on you, or knowing the girl had a crush period.

Diana was on the floor laughing her ass off all the while her powers were going a little crazy without her knowing they were breaking everything til her mom smacked her over the head (again) but this time hard enough to make her hit her face on the floor with a bump on the head and smoke coming from the bump it was quite the scene (comical if you ask me) when she got back up she was holding her head and crying anime style "what was that for?!" she whined and Raven pointed to her brother who was cracking his knuckles while giving her a look that said 'you better run now' and that she did before she took off flying behind Flash who was now scared at what she told him "you might want to run now." and he did with Diana holding on tight the sight of this made all laugh even Raven if only slight lightly although Sky-fire was still in a trance like state and a blush on her face her friends were the only ones who noticed and with a mischievous look planed to do something for her and at the same time fun for them

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