Supernatural: Home

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They returned to the house that night, and Missouri walked Jenny and her kids outside.

"Look, I'm not sure I'm comfortable leaving you guys here alone," Jenny said uncertainly.

"Just take your kids to the movies or somethin', and it'll be over by the time you get back," Missouri assured her.

Jenny, still slightly unsure, left with her kids, and Missouri went back inside.

Inside the house, Sam went into one of the rooms with a hammer, knelt down by the wall and began using the end of the hammer to hit against the wall; while he was doing this, a plug on the other side of the room took itself out of the outlet. A lamp began to move on its own as the plug snaked its way toward Sam.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Dean and Liz were punching the wall with two small axes; behind them, a drawer began to open on its own.

In the basement, Missouri was looking around, carried a bag full of herbs to the wall; she was about to remove a brick, when she heard a noise and turned around to see a table coming toward her; she screamed as it pinned her against the wall.

Back in the kitchen, both Dean and Liz heard a noise, they turned and quickly ducked just as a knife hurled itself into a cabinet; acting fast, Dean placed a table in front of themselves as more knives came through it.

Upstairs, Sam was chopping a hole in the wall when the lamp crashed to the ground; he turned around to see what the noise was, and the cord wrapped itself around his neck. Sam fell to the ground, trying to get the cord off, but as the cord pulled tighter, he began to black out.

Managing to get the bag into the wall, both Dean and Liz ran upstairs and into the room.

"Sam!" he shouted, frantic.

Dean and Liz both rushed over to Sam and tried to get the cord off, but it wouldn't budge; while Liz kept pulling at the cord, Dean kicked a hole in the wall and placed the bag of herbs inside. A blinding white light left the room, dazzling them; once the spirit was gone, Dean went back over to Liz and Sam, who was completely weak. Working together, they managed to unravel the cord from around Sam's neck and pulled him into a fierce hug.

A few hours later, Dean, Liz, Sam, and Missouri were standing in the extremely messy kitchen.

"You sure this is over?" Sam asked, his voice a bit rough after the near choking.

"I'm sure," Missouri said and gave him an odd look. "Why? Why do you ask?"

"Never mind," Sam said, and sighed. "It's nothin', I guess."

Just then, they heard Jenny enter the house.

"Hello? We're home," she called out, entered the kitchen, and looked around, stunned at the mess. "What happened?" she asked.

"Hi, sorry," Sam stammered. "Um, we'll pay for all of this."

Dean and Liz were confused of how they were going to do that.

"Don't you worry. Dean's gonna clean up this mess," Missouri told her reassuringly, and a surprised Dean just stood there, not moving. "Well, what are you waiting for, boy? Get the mop," she ordered and he walked away. "And don't cuss at me!" she added.

Annoyed, Dean walked away, muttering under his breath, while Sam and Liz exchanged evil grins, enjoying the sight of Dean being taken down a few pegs.

A little while later, Missouri, Liz, and the boys left the house. Jenny waved and shut the door behind them.

Later that night, Jenny was in bed, reading a magazine; she yawned and put the magazine on her bedside table. After turning off the light and sliding underneath the covers, she went to sleep. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes, startled as the bed began to shake violently; she screamed and got out of bed.

Meanwhile, outside, Dean, Liz, and Sam were sitting in the car.

"All right, so, tell me again, what are we still doin' here?" Dean asked tiredly.

"I don't know," Sam admitted, sighing. "I just… I still have a bad feeling."

"Why? Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubenstein thing, the house should be clean, and it should be over," Dean pointed out.

"I'm with Dean," Liz agreed. "It's over, Sam."

"Yeah, well, probably," Sam agreed reluctantly. "But I just wanna make sure, that's all."

"Yeah, well, problem is I could be sleeping in a bed right now," Dean grumbled, slid down in his seat and closed his eyes, and Liz did the same in the backseat; Sam looked up at Jenny's bedroom window and saw her screaming, just like in his dream.

"Dean, Liz. Look, Dean! Liz!" he shouted, waking them up; the twins looked up and saw Jenny, too.

Not wasting any time, they rushed out of the car and run toward the house.

"You grab the kids, we'll get Jenny," Dean told Sam as they got inside the house.

Inside Sairie's bedroom, the figure made out of fire was standing by her closet.

In the hallway, Dean and Liz both rushed to Jenny's bedroom door.

"Jenny!" he shouted, pulling on the doorknob, but they couldn't get it open.

`"I can't open the door!"` Jenny shouted, terrified.

"Stand back!" Dean ordered and, after making sure that she had moved back, both he and Liz kicked down the door and they brought her downstairs.

"No, my kids!" Jenny shouted, trying to get back upstairs.

"Sam's got your kids, come on," Dean assured her.

While carrying Ritchie in his arms, Sam went to Sairie's bedroom, where she was screaming for help; staring at the fiery figure, he went over to her bed and picked her up in his other arm.

"Don't look. Don't look!" he ordered as he carried them out of the bedroom.

Outside, Dean, Liz, and Jenny rushed out of the house.

Inside the house, Sam rushed down the stairs and put the kids down on the floor. "All right, Sairie, take your brother outside as fast as you can, and don't look back," he ordered, echoing his father's words from twenty-two years earlier.

Suddenly, an invisible force made Sam fall to the floor, and he was yanked backwards into the kitchen, crashing into a table. Sairie screamed and ran outside with Ritchie.

They rushed outside to Dean, Liz, and Jenny; Dean and Liz both kneeled down to Sairie's eye level.

"Sairie, where's Sam?" Dean asked.

"He's inside," Sairie cried. "Something's got him."

Panicking, Dean and Liz both looked at the front door, and it slammed shut on its own.

"Dean, we've got to get back in there," Liz stated, fearing another repeat of their mom's death, and Dean nodded.

"I know, Liz, I know."

Running to the Impala, Dean and Liz both opened the trunk; they both grabbed a rifle and an ax, and they ran to the front door and began chopping away at it.

Inside the kitchen, Sam got flung into a set of cabinets; he stood up and was pinned against the wall by the invisible force, unable to move any part of his body. The fire figure arrived just then, and made its way toward Sam, who could only stare at it as it drew closer and closer.

Both Dean and Liz continued chopping down parts of the door; eventually, he made a hole that they were able to step through.

They walked through the house, looking for Sam.

"Sam? Sam!" Dean shouted when he and Liz found him pinned to the wall of the kitchen; they then saw the fire figure moving closer, and they raised their guns.

"No, don't! Don't!" Sam shouted, realizing something.

"What, why?!" Dean demanded.

"Sam, give us one good reason to not shoot this thing," Liz ordered, feeling the heat as the figure drew closer.

"Because I know who it is," Sam gasped, almost smiling despite being pinned. "I can see her now."

As if to prove a point, the fire vanished, and standing in front of them was Mary Winchester, looking exactly as she did the night she died, only without the blood on her stomach. Dean's expression softened and he lowered his gun slowly, and so did Liz, who was looking very stunned.

"Mom?" Dean asked softly, shocked.

"Mommy?" Liz asked, shaken.

Mary smiled and stepped closer to them. "Dean, Elizabeth," she said, smiling at them sadly as tears formed in Dean and Liz's eyes; she then walked away from them and went over to Sam. Dean and Liz both watched her, never taking their eyes off her. "Sam," she said, and he smiled weakly, crying. Her smile then faded as a sad expression crossed her face. "I'm sorry," she added.

"For what?" Sam asked, confused.

Mary looked at him sadly, but said nothing; she then walked away from them and looked up at the ceiling, and a hard expression crossed her face, along with determination.

"You get out of my house," she ordered the evil force. "And let go of my son."

Once again, Mary burst into flames, forcing her children to look away; when she was entirely engulfed, the fire reached toward the ceiling and disappeared. The force holding Sam to the wall was released; shaken, he walked over to Dean and Liz, and the three of them looked at each other, stunned.

"Now it's over," he said softly.

The next morning, Dean and Liz were standing by the car with Jenny, looking through the old photos she'd found a few days before.

"Thanks for these," he told her, gratefully.

"Don't thank me, they're yours," Jenny stated, glad that the nightmare was finally over.

"Even so, we're glad that you found them," Liz added, recalling the day that Sam had finally came home from the hospital.

Dean and Liz put the trunk of photos into the car; sitting on the front steps of the house, Sam was joined by Missouri, who came out of the house after another look around.

"Well, there are no spirits in there anymore, this time for sure," she declared, stumped of how she'd missed it the first time.

"Not even my mom?" Sam asked, dejectedly.

Missouri shook her head sadly. "No."

"What happened?" Sam asked.

Missouri shrugged. "Your mom's spirit and the poltergeist's energy, they cancelled each other out," she explained. "Your mom destroyed herself goin' after the thing."

Sam couldn't believe it. "Why would she do something like that?" he wondered.

"Well, to protect her boys and her girl, of course," Missouri stated, and Sam nodded, with tears in his eyes; she started to put her hand on his shoulder, but she stopped herself. "Sam, I'm sorry," she added.

"For what?" Sam asked.

"You sensed it was here, didn't you?" Missouri asked. "Even when I couldn't."

Sam nodded, still unsure of how he'd done that. "What's happening to me?" he asked.

Missouri shrugged. "I know I should have all the answers, but I don't know."

"Sam, you ready?" Dean called out.

Sam nodded and went to the car, and Jenny thanked all of them.

"Don't you kids be strangers," Missouri ordered.

"We won't," Dean and Liz both said reassuringly.

Missouri smiled. "See you around."

Jenny waved; they smiled, got in the car, and drove away.

Missouri went inside her home and set her purse on the table. "That boy… he has such powerful abilities," she remarked, impressed. "But why he couldn't sense his own father, I have no idea," she added, going into her living room, where John Winchester was sitting on the couch.

"Mary's spirit… do you really think she saved the boys and Liz?" John asked.

"I do," Missouri confirmed; John nodded sadly and twisted his wedding ring on his finger. "John Winchester, I could just slap you," she scolded with an exasperated manner. "Why won't you go talk to your children?" she asked.

"I want to," John answered tearfully. "You have no idea how much I wanna see 'em. But I can't. Not yet. Not until I know the truth." And they shared a look. Wondering if the truth he was looking for, was worth forcing his children away?

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