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In the house I found a first aid kit in the bathroom's medicine cabinet so I rewrapped Merle's arm in clean bandages and put the rest in my bag. In the cabinets we found canned fruits and veggies...yum. I kept Merle awake so he could get some food and water into him and aspirin to keep his fever down.

I didn't know puking and hallucinating at the same time was possible until Merle but he passed out before long. Poor thing. I made sure he had a cool cloth on his forehead and a big pot near by in case he had to, ya know puke some more.

Me and Glenn explored the rest of the apartment that looked to have once belonged to someone with a steady job but lived alone. I went to the bedroom turns out it belonged to a woman, score! Any normal person would feel guilty about looking through peoples' belongings but I loved it. Estate sales were my bread and butter because of the treasures you could find. I found a duffle bag at the bottom of a junk closet and started going through the drawers the woman had because it being the apocalypse we all didn't have much, but all I had was enough for two-three days tops if you took out the clothes I stole from the guys. My everyday clothes were one of Daryl or Merle's shirts and pajamas were a pair of their boxers. I had two changes of underwear and two pairs of cutoffs, the end. I really hit the jack pot I got two pairs of cotton shorts, quite a few tank tops, a hoodie, plenty of underthings and some jeans. I honestly wanted to take everything because I left quite a bit behind but there will be other houses to loot so I took what I could carry. I also snatched a pair of sneakers and socks. I shoved all the clothes into the bag and tied the shoes so they hung off the bag.

Glenn stayed in the living room and I stayed in the bedroom with Merle trying to sleep in between helping him get through the night. Somewhere around midnight the brunt of Merle's withdrawal had ceased and we were both catching some z's.

Merle was extremely weak when morning came. I made sure he ate and drank enough fluids because all he can really do is wait it out. When I went to the living room to speak with Glenn about our plan of escape he wasn't there. I did everything I could to keep my mind busy then paced and waited for Glenn's return.

Glenna came back sweaty and out of breath. He must've had to make a run for it but obviously it wasn't too bad because apparently he was lucky enough to find a bag full of guns and get out unscathed. As I got closer I realized the bag belonged to a sheriff what a cowinkydink. I knew I was being hypocritical because if anyone acted the way I was I'd say they were acting like a fucking two year old but I couldn't help how betrayed I felt. The three of us were able to sneak back to the car and make it back to camp no more worse for wear than we were before.

I got out of the car with delirious Merle leaning on my side for support and the gun bag in my other hand before Glenn could make a peep about it. The group gathered when they saw/heard we were back, with Merle no less. Once I saw Officer Dick Grimes I became instantaniously the most angry I've ever been at someone. I threw the bag at his feet when I reached him.

" And I thought people were selfish before all this happened. " I said grimmly and walked away fast, the damn cop had the balls to look crestfallen. I dragged Merle to my tent so he could rest for the day while I took care of some things. I got all my things new and old from the car, dropped them in front of my tent and went to Daryl's to get Merle's things. Daryl being a hunter is usually up at the crack of dawn to go out so I was hoping he was still gone but I was wrong. I walked about the tent grabbing whatever I saw that was Merle's and shoved it into the first bag I found making as much noise as I could. Daryl groaned and rolled over in his cot to see me shlepping about his personal space.

" Evee? is that you? "

I didn't answer just kept on throwing Merle's shit into the bag.

" Evee whats going on? Was Merle okay? " he asked franticly.

" Merle is in my tent resting. He's gonna be staying there from now on; And no you can't see him. " I answer as cold as stone.

" What do you mean I can't see him, is he okay? "

I scoffed. " Oh now you give a shit. Little too late don't you think? "

" Vee come-" I cut him off.

" Merle had to saw his own hand off to get away. He lost a lot of blood and is having withdrawals. I got him back, I'm taking care of him. If he forgives you thats up to him but while he is unable, I make the decisions so when he's well you can talk to him but until then go fuck yourself. " I said as I swung the bag over my shoulder and exited the tent to fill mine up with our belongings. After I tossed everything into my tent and made sure Merle didn't choke on his vomit or some stupid shit like that and made my way to Daryl's truck. I climbed into the truck bed and dug through the saddle bags of Merle's motorcycle and found his stash. On my way back to the tent I grabbed some food for us both having it been a while since the last time we ate. I fed Merle so he had something in his stomach when I gave him some pain meds and anitbiotics.

Three days had passed since Merle was back and I was at his bedside nonstop despite him being well enough to make dirty jokes again.

" Merle, what happened? " I asked softly one night while we were winding down.

" hmm? " He mumbled.

" Why'd Rick handcuff you up there? "

He looked completely broken at the mention of that day.

" I was tweaking, got pissed at the nigger, punches were thrown, I pulled my gun on 'im and Officer Friendly grabbed me and cuffed me. "

The way he sounded when admitting he was basically in the wrong broke my heart in two. I reached an arm around his shoulders.

" Oh Merle, sweetie. "

" I don't need your pity. " He said getting angry and elbowed me in the face. Not soon after did I feel hot tears start to well up but the rusty taste of my blood in my mouth as well.

" Why do people keep hitting me in the face? " I asked to no one in particular as I got up and left the tent before Merle could say anything else. I ran barefoot and crying to sit on a rock curled up in a ball. I heard steps behind me.

" Leave me alone Merle. " I called out without looking behind me.

The steps kept coming though. I turned around and there was a walker coming after me my emotions were raw I couldn't help but fall off the rock in terror and scream until my lungs gave out. I reached for anything I could find and grabbed rocks beyond rocks to throw at the walker which did little to stop its progression. It was just about to jump on me when it actually fell on top of me with an arrow protruding from its 'skull'. I screamed once again. And then passed out.