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A/N: Based on an anonymous prompt I received on tumblr.

To Love is to Put Up With You

by ktfranceebee

"Oh my God," Kurt groaned as his head rolled back on to the head rest.

"What is it?" Dave asked curiously as he looked into the side and rear view mirrors, making sure there were no cars coming up behind him as he switched lanes.

The two of them were heading home after an afternoon shopping at the mall. The back of Dave's car was filled with shopping bags from various stores. Only one or two bags, at the most, didn't have any clothes that would go home with Kurt, and none of the outfits they purchased that day was something that Dave had originally picked out. He couldn't find any reason to complain, though. Kurt had an eye for clothes that looked good on him, and everything that Kurt made him try on, he could say he actually liked. If it meant being able to spend the day with his boyfriend, Dave had no qualms about being Kurt's personal mannequin to dress up.

"This song," Kurt said in an appalled tone, as the bouncy beat reverberated through the speakers and filled the vehicle as Dave turned onto the freeway. If Dave didn't know any better, it was like the song had personally offended Kurt. "I don't know why, but it just grates on my nerves."

Kurt turned his head towards Dave who had a faint blush on his cheeks as he discreetly mouthed the words to the song under his breath. He chanced a glance at Kurt, taking his eyes off the road for a brief moment to see his boyfriend gaping at him.

"What?" Dave asked defensely, obviously embarrassed.

"Are you serious?" Kurt scoffed as he turned in his seat to face Dave. He raised his eyebrows in amusement before doubling over in laughter. Dave pouted as he tightened his grip on the stearing wheel. "You, Mr. I-Only-Listen-To-AC/DC-And-Metallica, likes this song?"

"Shut up," Dave said as Kurt pretended to wipe a tear away from his eye while sniffing dramatically.

Finally, as Kurt settled down, Dave mumbled in a huffy undertone.

"Hot, shirtless guy mowing a lawn? What more can you ask for?" He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Kurt rolled his eyes, trying to hold back his smile. He couldn't be mad at his boyfriend for being able to admit some random guy in a music video was attractive. He'd come a long way the past year.

"Perhaps something a little less overplayed? It's like I hear this song every time I turn on the radio."

"It's catchy." Dave sulked as he drove on, the only thing being able to cut the awkwardness in the front seat of the car was the bubblegum tune itself.

Kurt sighed, glowering at Dave with mock distaste as he reached out to turn up the volume to the radio as Dave gave him a curious look.

"You're lucky you're cute," Kurt pointed out with a smirk before they simultaneously belted out the lyrics to the song.

"Where you think you're going, baby?" They sang with the windows down and the summer air warming their skin, laughing because and in spite of the strange looks they received as cars passed them on the way home.