Chapter Three

That evening, Rusty stared across the room at Moira from his place on the sofa. She and Basher were spooning on the opposite sofa, looking very much like lovers, or siblings as he so hoped.

It was times like these that had Rusty wishing that he had been the one to meet Moira first. Basher had met her less than a month after she had left her rather cosy training with an unknown thief she refused to identify. To this day, not a single one of their group knew who had trained her, but they had trained her well. She was the most skilled cat burglar and con woman with which he had every worked.

Rusty, on the other hand, had met the now sleeping woman two years after that particular time in her life. At that point, she was still innocent, or at least somewhat naive. She had actually been rather similar to how Linus acted now, save that she was far more confident in her abilities than he.

Perhaps, if he had been the first of their group to meet her, he would not be so conflicted. It could be him there with his arms wrapped around her lithe body.

With a discontented sigh, Rusty closed his eyes and attempted to surrender to sleep. It was not forthcoming.


"Hey, Moira!" Frank called from the door.

"What?" she yelled from her room.

"You comin' or not?"

"Just a minute!"

It was, in fact, only seconds later that Moira emerged and instantly caught the attention of every man in the room. She wore a very short, gold sequin dress that showed off her body in a way that none of them could ignore. Her flaming red hair was covered with a blond wig. At least it was obvious now why she was going for the van purchasing: she could flirt shamelessly like a bimbo.

"All right, Boys. Enough staring. I need to go get the vans," Moira said with a smile and a toss of her blonde wig. She was clearly acting as she turned back from the door and asked, "Coming, Boys?"

The Malloy twins practically ran after her. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at this as she turned to the hallway, hoping her dress was long enough to cover her arse.

"Oi, Frank!" Basher called from the sofa.

"Right," the man said, suddenly remembering that he, too, was required for this.

As she slipped into the passenger seat of the car, she called to the Malloys, "No staring or arguing or I will hurt you. Got it?"

They both nodded vigorously as Frank chuckled. "You always so violent?" he asked as he slid into the driver's seat.

"No. Only with annoying people," she answered with a smirk.

When they reached the dealership, the Malloys instantly began to fool around with one of the white vans in the lot. In the meantime, Moira and Frank walked into the building. A middle aged man noticed them almost immediately and hurried to meet them. "Can I help you?" he asked, sounding very much like the traditional car salesman.

"Yes. What is the price on one of the vans you have out there?" Frank asked instantly.

"Nineteen, five."

"Really? Isn't there some kind of sale?" Moira asked in a sensual voice as she leaned forward. She sounded very much as though she knew nothing about cars in general.

"Yes, certainly. That would bring it down to...uh...eighteen..." the salesman said, staring fixedly at her rather large amount of cleavage showing over the top of the short, gold dress.

She looked up at him through her lashes, stepping forward to touch his chest softly. "Oh, such a strong man! I'm sure such a big boy like you could lower the price anymore?" she asked, seducing him with her voice.

"...Y-yes...uh...seventeen?..." he attempted to say as his bodily reactions halted his thought process.

"Thank you so much!" she said lowly, letting her eyes sparkle as she smiled up at him. She turned to Frank and asked, "You can finish, can't you, Darling?" She ran a hand lightly over Frank's shoulder as she spoke.

"Yeah..." he said, stepping forward to shake hands with the man.

Moira walked out of the building back to the Malloys, swaying her hips as she went and trying to make her disgust less apparent.

"How'd it go?" Turk asked, spotting her.

"I talked him down to seventeen. Frank'll convince him to lower it a little farther, and then we can go back," Moira said bluntly, dropping the persona.

"You look hot," Virgil blurted suddenly.

Moira rolled her eyes and said sardonically, "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to hear right now." Her eyes flashed in anger as she leaned against the car and pulled her skirt down a little.

Only minutes later, Frank walked out with a big smile on his face. "How much?" Moira asked bluntly as he strutted over to them.

"Fifteen apiece, and we can take 'em now," he said happily, walking toward one of the vans.

Virgil hurried to the other van as Moira pushed herself away from the car. Turk walked to her side and asked, "Do you wanna drive back?"

Moira raised one of her eyebrows and said point blank, "I'm British, Mate. We drive on the left side of the street. Do you really think it's such a good idea for me to drive here?"

"Right..." Turk sputtered, hurrying around the car to the driver's seat.

As Moira settled into her seat, she turned to Turk and said, "Wake me when we get back."

"Okay..." Turk said awkwardly.